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Increasing Client Accessibility

Practical Apps with Benjamin Feld

Published in 2021 Southern California Super Lawyers magazine

“We’re always looking for ways to better communicate with our clients. And in the glacially paced workers’ compensation system, case status may not change for months—or even years—so the last thing we want is for a client to feel forgotten when they need us most. Add to that the COVID-19 pandemic, which essentially prohibits us from in-person meetings with clients, and we seem even further removed. 

So we were looking for a way to be more accessible.

“We stumbled across the Case Status solution by chance. This app is a portal where clients can see the current stage of their case through a progress bar. More importantly, our clients can text us directly using the app on their phone or computer, or even just communicate via their normal text message stream. We can respond, send them documents to sign and set automatic reminders for doctors’ appointments or court appearances. If our case is dependent on a client action, we simply update the checklist of what we are seeking and place their Case Status app on hold, flashing red, to let the client know that action is needed. 

“Case Status is also a great referral source. Throughout, clients are asked to tell us how we’re doing and we respond. The goal is that by the time the case is complete, we’ll have addressed any issues that may have arisen and wind up with a happy client who can then give us a good review—through the app.”

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