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Illinois Super Lawyers Articles

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Protecting the Unprotected

Joe Monahan’s ongoing campaign for mental health and people with disabilities Featuring Joseph T. Monahan

Courtroom Drama

Richard Hanus’ deportation case went from the courtroom to the stage to the screen Featuring Richard Hanus

‘The Best of Both Worlds’

Esther Joy Schwartz brought her passion for music to the stage Featuring Esther Joy Schwartz

‘This Is a Calling’

The many organizations where Annemarie Kill has volunteered Featuring Annemarie E. Kill

Not Turning a Blind Eye

Danya Shakfeh helps elevate the spiritual abuse conversation with In Shaykh’s Clothing Featuring Danya Shakfeh

From the Barn to the Bar

Mitch Gilfillan went from playing Division I basketball to repping coaches and ADs Featuring Mitch Gilfillan

Faster, Harder, Stronger

Jeanne Gills honors her father in name, intellect and determination to uplift others Featuring Jeanne M. Gills

Nearly Parole Officer for a Devil Incarnate

Before family law, Umberto Davi was there for the John Wayne Gacy trial Featuring Umberto S. Davi

Living Proof

How Victor Pioli and Ramses Jalalpour won a case after losing two key witnesses Featuring Victor J. Pioli, ...

Numbers Don't Lie

Stephanie Scharf asks tough questions about gender and race in law, then finds answers Featuring Stephanie A. Scharf

Icing on the Cake

How Cynthia Hyndman won before the highest court in the land Featuring Cynthia H. Hyndman

Salt in His Veins

If not a lawyer, Steve Levin might have been an oceanographer or marine biologist Featuring Steven R. Levin

The Fight Isn't Over

In 50 years, Flint Taylor has battled Nazis, the KKK, police and the FBI, and he’s still standing Featuring Flint Taylor

Not Scott Turow's Last Trial

After 14 books and 40 years in the law, the bestselling author is still going strong Featuring

Cutting Through the Darkness

How education attorney Darcy Kriha helped a blind immigrant gain citizenship Featuring Darcy L. Kriha

All's Fair in Love and Divorce

Or it is when Sherby Scurto is one of the attorneys Featuring Sherby D. Scurto

Attorney of Records

DJ Alan S. King remains vital to Chicago’s house music scene Featuring Alan S. King

The Face of a Lawyer

An oral history of trailblazing women in Illinois law Featuring Gemma B. Allen, ...

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