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Reality? Check.

Alisse C. Camazine tells clients the truth—over and over again

Building Community

Gaye Tibbets has rekindled her love for local theater

An Author Named Kincaid

For Greg Kincaid, writing has brought adventure and success

What She Lives By

The lessons Kayla Jackson-Williams learned as an assistant PD

‘Completely Unplugged’

Chris Benjamin hits the trails 100 miles at a time

The Forever Family Firm

Adoptee Lisa Williams-McCallum knows family comes first

Shelter from the Storm

Humaira Mirza helps victims become survivors

Call of Duty

Patrick A. Lujin talks intellectual property and video games

Local Counsel with Clayton Harper

The Leawood attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood (and beyond)

Discovery with Samara Nazir

Having a bad dad-joke throw down? Samara Nazir is in—as long as she has the exact address in Maps

The GDPR And You

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is not only complex, but it could apply to your Missouri- or Kansas-based practice.

Local Counsel with Sylvia B. Penner

The Wichita attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Discovery with Todd A. Luckman

Beat Todd Luckman at Galaga? Inconceivable!

It’s Complicated

That’s the appeal of immigration law for Russian émigré Mira Mdivan

Keith Mark’s Excellent Adventures

The Mark & Burkhead lawyer’s never-ending hunt for bigger game