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The Voice of New Orleans

André Mouledoux’s journey from DJ to J.D.

New Frontier

Four immigrant attorneys talk about their paths to law

First Mate, J.D.

Amanda Butler Schley got her firm off the ground while sailing on the water

Direct Connection

How Jerry Glas develops his rapport with juries

Perfect Fit

How Isabel Bonilla-Mathé ended up exactly where she needed to be

Past to Present

D’Ann Penner’s journey from history to the law

Attached to the Sea

Whether he’s putting oysters or cases to bed, Rob Popich puts the hours in

Critical Save

‘Pro Bono Paladin’ Mark Surprenant lives up to the moniker 

The Right Battles

How Sharonda Williams helped save the mayor and overhaul the NOLA police department

A Conversation on the COVID-19 Pandemic with Carole Cukell Neff

A Q&A about the state of her firm and estate planning/elder law practice

And in This Corner

Annie McBride knows how to throw a punch—and how to take one

Not Everything Is a Pearl

Charles Stern on a hard lesson learned at the U.S. Supreme Court

Class in Court

Educating law students—and juries—sharpens Ed Walters’ courtroom skills