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Going It Alone

Six attorneys share the risks and rewards of a solo practice 

Ed V. Traditional Advertising

How Ed Herman amassed millions of YouTube views

'A Box Seat at the World Series'

Chip Robertson on his stint with Missouri’s highest court

Fully Engaged

Ashley Atwell-Soler’s language skills have put her in high demand

'As Iron Sharpens Iron'

Mike Blumenthal’s journey into the martial arts

Close to Her Heart

Kristine Helen Bridges has helped dozens seek protective orders

Intensity Personified

Robert Haar doesn’t talk for the sake of talking

'When We Fight, We Win'

Lawyer and activist Rod Chapel has lived his father’s lesson

A Lifetime of Service

Former intelligence officer Jane Francis continues to defend the Constitution

A Star in Her Role

Kerensa Cassis honed her competitive edge on the basketball court

Rewriting the Narrative

Five Missouri and Kansas women attorneys recount their life in the law

Long Overdue

How (and why) Mickes O’Toole made diversity its brand

Attorney's Bees

Don’t test Bill Ford—he once shook up 10,000 live bees

The New Kid on the Block

From the Philippines to LA to St. Louis to KC, and now into new digs in midtown, José Bautista brings it all back home

All About that Bass

Charlie Harris can play the other side like a bass guitar

Tales from the Cryptocurrency

Capes Sokol goes all in on blockchain technology

Just Rewards

Bill Beck and Mike Abrams recover financial restitution for the wrongfully convicted