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Discovery with Elizabeth Adekunle

Elizabeth Adekunle: Offline and in living color

Published in 2018 New Jersey Super Lawyers magazine

I can’t go a day without … black tea. It used to be coffee, until I realized I was addicted to it.

If you were in my office … you’d marvel at how well organized it is.

When I was a newbie lawyer … I only wore gray and black suits; then I began to desperately miss color.

The lawyer I admire most … There are too many to name, but in my field, for the purposes of being succinct (and in no particular order): Frank Muoio, Manuel Gonzalez and Esther Omoloyin. 

The qualities I most like in a lawyer … are honesty and forthrightness. I appreciate people I can trust, even when I am fighting with them.

My career high point (so far) … has been joining Goldberg Segalla. I could not have asked for a better firm to call home at this moment in my career, and I enjoy looking ahead to future successes here.

If I weren’t a lawyer … I’d be working for the United Nations, fighting to educate young women around the world.

My favorite Twitter feed is … I don’t have one. Except for email and LinkedIn, I am totally offline.  

My fictional hero is … Wonder Woman. 

My real-life heroes are … my family members.

The talent I wish I had … is singing angelically.  

I get angry … when I’m hungry. 

On my worst day … I remind myself that my problems are small compared to the daily struggles and indignities that countless others face.  

My motto is … to be the most authentic version of myself every day.

The book I just don’t get is … The Old Man and the Sea.

I’m inspired by … goodness, in all of its forms.

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