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The Inspired CJG

How the RBG documentary moved CJ Griffin to build a first-of-its-kind public-interest center

Tunnel Vision

How cannabis lawyer Paul Josephson scored a front-row seat to a $13B piece of infrastructure

All the Single Ladies

Five New Jersey solo acts on why they stepped out on their own

Farm System

Mark Berman chases his passion for environmentalism through his pro bono work

Uncommon Conviction

Karol Corbin Walker’s faith-forward approach to life and the law began at home

'A Massive Wave of Death'

Paul da Costa represents victims from the facilities ranking first and second in the country for COVID-19 deaths at veterans homes

Triple Threat

Lauren D. Fraser: lawyer, novelist and theater-production company owner 

Electoral College Dropout

After stymieing Kanye West’s bid to run for president in New Jersey, Scott Salmon wonders, does anybody make real petitions anymore?

Prisons, COVID-19 and the New Definition of Public Safety

As Covid-19 numbers rise in New Jersey, Brian Neary argues for release of pretrial defendants with underlying conditions

Pony Express

Cara Parmigiani pulls the strings of a traditional general practice

The Ties That Bind

Brian Neary came from a 'city of hope' and it hasn’t left him

'One Page'

Ehsan Chowdhry on working collaboratively and changing perceptions

Lights, Camera, Newark

Brooke Barnett gets real—twice

The Wild One

For 20 years, Melinda Singer was the Evel Knievel of family law attorneys

The Day The World Stood Still

Warren Sutnick shares his 9/11 story

Her Brand is Crisis

Got a $2.8 billion-dollar problem? Give Kathleen Einhorn a week

The Storm Kit

After a battle with cancer, John E. Keefe Jr. is using his experience to help protect other lawyers

Squad Goals

Jane Kelsey led her local EMT squad through two major hurricanes