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Local Counsel with Theodora McCormick

Princeton’s Theodora McCormick tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Published in 2017 New Jersey Super Lawyers magazine

BEST PLACE TO TAKE A CLIENT  –  Witherspoon Grill.

FAVORITE WATERING HOLE  –  The Alchemist & Barrister. 

FAVORITE BUILDING  –  Princeton University Chapel—gorgeous!

BEST RESTAURANT​​​​​​​  –  Agricola. Delicious farm-to-table offerings and artisanal cocktails. Try the Peter’s Piper’s Pickled Peppers—easier to drink than to say. 

FAVORITE HISTORICAL SITE​​​​​​​  –  Quaker Meeting House, the first house of worship in Princeton (1726). Richard Stockton, one of New Jersey’s signers of the Declaration of Independence, is buried in the small graveyard.  

FAVORITE CITY EVENT​​​​​​​  –  Pi Day celebrates Albert Einstein’s birthday with a pie-eating contest, Einstein look-alike contest and other events. 

FAVORITE HISTORICAL RESIDENT​​​​​​​  –  Paul Robeson, an African-American Princeton native who went to Rutgers and became a famous athlete, actor and social/political activist. An amazing guy who pretty much did everything—and did it all well.  

WHERE TO GO AFTER A WIN​​​​​​​  –  Blue Point Grille.

WHERE TO GO AFTER A LOSS​​​​​​​  –  Triumph Brewing Company. My personal favorite: the Robust Porter. 

FAVORITE BREAKFAST SPOT​​​​​​​  –  Jammin Crepes. 

FAVORITE PARK​​​​​​​  –  Herrontown Woods Arboretum. 

MOST FAMOUS RESIDENT​​​​​​​  –  Albert Einstein.

GO-TO ARTS VENUE​​​​​​​  –  McCarter Theatre.

BEST SAMMIE​​​​​​​  –  Hoagie Haven makes the best cheesesteaks in the universe—no lie.

FAVORITE COFFEE SHOP​​​​​​​  –  Small World Coffee. 

FAVORITE PIZZA JOINT​​​​​​​  –  Nomad Pizza. A BYOB spot with delicious pizza made in wood-burning ovens. Fresh, organic ingredients. The fig and prosciutto pizza is amazing. 

BEST LOCAL FOLKLORE​​​​​​​  –  The ghost of Aaron Burr is supposed to haunt Princeton University. I have not personally seen him, fortunately.

BEST PLACE TO REFLECT​​​​​​​  –  Any of the three yoga studios in town—Yoga Stream, Rise Power Yoga or Gratitude Yoga. No better place to align your chakras or get your zen on.  

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  –  Palmer Square. I love sitting on a bench and watching the world go by. It’s literally the world—people from all over congregate there and you’ll hear any number of languages.

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