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Practical Applications in New York

Handy legal technologies

Published in 2016 New York Metro Super Lawyers magazine

Google Apps for Work

iOS, Android and Windows
$5 per month, or $10 with unlimited storage

It’s a great platform for lawyers to use with all the different tools that are available. It helps make you more responsive, more on top of things. Google provides my number. If you call me and I’m at my desk, then your phone call appears on my computer. And if I’m not at my desk, it goes to my cellphone. Google Calendar is very useful to me. When I’m in court, I make a notation on my phone on the calendar, and I’ll put in my client’s information as an invitee. We never have an issue of when court is. 

Sofia Balile
The Law Office of
Sofia Balile; New York;
Family Law, Consumer Law

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

iOS, Android and Windows (web and mobile)
$14.99 per month

For anything that I need in terms of organizing documents, motion preparation, preparing discovery—the list goes on and on and on. It’s an extremely versatile program. If I need to get a specific document to somebody in a format that I know they’re going to be able to recognize and open without any hitches, I use that. If I am doing invoicing, I will very often use Adobe to attach a cover letter to the invoice and then send out everything as one gigantic package. You have to use PDF files for e-filing, so I certainly use it for that. I use it in so many different ways.

Elan E. Weinreb
Managing Member,
The Weinreb Law Firm;
Garden City;
Civil Litigation: Defense



I help clients develop data strategy and mitigate privacy risk for the apps they develop. For this, my favorite app is Apple’s TestFlight, which lets my clients share their own apps with me before they hit the app store—allowing me to provide advice pre-release. Basically, it helps developers run private beta-testing programs. So a client will send an invitation to me for legal review and general feedback; I get the invitation via email and from the TestFlight app itself on my iPhone. If I accept, it downloads the developer’s app to my phone. It then runs like any other app. All of this happens outside the app store.

Mason A. Weisz
Counsel, ZwillGen;
New York;
Technology Transaction

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