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New York Super Lawyers Articles

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Lady Justice

Ellen Makofsky came to the law late but to elder law early Featuring Ellen G. Makofsky

The Public Service Call

Jeh Johnson keeps giving back to his country Featuring Jeh C. Johnson

For Lust of the Game

Dan Lust talks sports law like a sports fan Featuring Daniel E. Lust

Joining the BLOHARDS

Evan Spelfogel reflects on a lifetime of Red Sox rooting Featuring Evan J. Spelfogel

Tragedy Plus Time

How Joshua Gropper’s brother inspired his career path Featuring Joshua D. Gropper

Safe in Traffic

The children of Sheldon Flanzig rep injured cyclists Featuring Daniel Flanzig, ...

Press Briefing

Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma loved being a reporter; he just wanted a deeper dive Featuring Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma

Miracles on 29th and 42nd Streets

Michael Hiller’s battles to preserve historic landmarks Featuring Michael S. Hiller

Tomb-Sweeping Day

How Pauline Yeung-Ha got the Chinese community to talk about death and disability Featuring Pauline Yeung-Ha

Nobody Puts Davida in a Corner

Discovery with Davida Perry Featuring Davida S. Perry

The Most Popular Guy in the Neighborhood

How Jim Hacker became the Beyoncé of the New York Bar Featuring James E. Hacker

From the Ground Up

Raysheea Turner works to help others build generational wealth Featuring Raysheea Turner

Act Global

Claudia Salomon’s rise to the top of the International Court of Arbitration Featuring Claudia T. Salomon

Stronger in the Broken Places

LeRoi C. Johnson on the childhood accident that helped forge a career Featuring LeRoi C. Johnson

Three Buffalo Lawyers Walk Into a Bar …

… and the rest is “weird history” Featuring V. Christopher Potenza, ...

Barry Berke Sees the Bullets

The famed litigator on trial prep, controlling the witness, and those impeachment hearings Featuring Barry H. Berke

'We Need to Tell Other Stories'

Lisa E. Davis’ decades-long battle for inclusion in entertainment and law Featuring Lisa E. Davis

'It's a Fraud, It's All a Fraud'

Ira Lee Sorkin and Marc Litt on the Bernie Madoff case Featuring Ira Lee Sorkin, ...

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