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Online Conduct Unbecoming

Carrie Goldberg is still fighting psychos, stalkers, pervs and trolls—and Amazon

He Represents Them Well in the Chelsea Hotel

Samuel Himmelstein’s tenants rights practice includes the NYC landmark

Rumble in the Bronx

Nicole Aldridge-Henry coaches the next generation on more than just law

Fox and Not-Quite Friends

Stephen Shackelford co-led the Dominion team that took down Fox News

‘If We Divorce, I Get Elena’

Why Elena Karabatos is the family lawyer for 95% of the human race

The Deal of the Art

The problematic past (stolen antiquities) and problematic future (AI) of art law

‘Where It’s Been, Where It’s Heading’

A talk with rising stars who will take the legal profession into the 2050s

Wakatta Forever

The lessons Matthew Draper learned in Japan influence his arbitration practice


How Ankit Kapoor went from cop to family lawyer

'You Can Be Anything You Want to Be'

Attorneys tell their stories of immigrating to the U.S.

William Altreuter tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Walking through his favorite Buffalo haunts

The Art of Law

Corinne Smith’s work has bridged her two passions

The Public Service Call

Jeh Johnson keeps giving back to his country

Nobody Puts Davida in a Corner

Discovery with Davida Perry

Tragedy Plus Time

How Joshua Gropper’s brother inspired his career path

For Lust of the Game

Dan Lust talks sports law like a sports fan

Miracles on 29th and 42nd Streets

Michael Hiller’s battles to preserve historic landmarks

Press Briefing

Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma loved being a reporter; he just wanted a deeper dive