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A Gun in the Courtroom and the Attorney Who Sounded the Alarm

Talking with Lauren Varnado about the much-publicized ordeal Featuring Lauren Varnado

Bonkers Thus Far: The Impact of Minnesota’s New THC Law

A Q&A with Jason Tarasek, a cannabis lawyer who helped launch the bill, reflects on its unlikely passage and what it means for the future Featuring Jason C. Tarasek

Billionaire Loses Bid to Build Huge Palm Beach Mansion

Attorney Joanne O’Connor explains why the town turned him down Featuring Joanne M. O'Connor

Can Ukrainian Refugees Come to the U.S.?

Columbus, Ohio, attorney Dmitriy Borshchak sheds light on the situation Featuring Dmitriy Borshchak

Paula Greisen Discusses 303 Creative v. Elenis

The civil rights lawyer on what makes it different from the Masterpiece cases and how SCOTUS may rule on it

Settlements Reached in Collapse of South Florida Condo

Coral Gables attorney Stuart Z. Grossman says the Surfside tragedy has drawn attention to the condition of older buildings Featuring Stuart Z. Grossman

Putting Anti-Black Racism in Focus

Seattle attorney Jeffery Robinson’s award-winning film explores the legacy of white supremacy in the U.S. Featuring Jeffery P. Robinson

Why Figure Skater Kalina Valieva Will Continue Competing

Sports lawyer Bill Bock weighs in on the controversy at the Olympics Featuring William Bock, III

What Does It Mean to Have a Public Defender on the U.S. Supreme Court?

Four former PDs on the importance of Ketanji Brown Jackson Featuring Jennifer L. Keller, ...

Speaking for Survivors

Richard Schulte and Michael Wright represent sexual-abuse victims of former OSU physician Richard Strauss Featuring Richard W. Schulte, ...

Broadening the Scope

Inside Equip for Equality’s efforts to serve and protect people with disabilities Featuring Amanda C. Antholt, ...

Prospering in a Pandemic

Culture is key for Albany law firm Featuring Mackenzie C. Monaco, ...

Talking Shatner with Jason Abraham

How the stars aligned for the icon to become a spokesperson for Hupy & Abraham Featuring Jason F. Abraham

Hooray for Bollywood

Nitasha Khanna lists her favorite films from India Featuring Nitasha Khanna

Discrimination Suit Can Proceed Against Contra Costa DA's Office

San Francisco firms Nichols Law and Ratner Molineaux are representing 5 women deputy DAs Featuring Sarah Nichols

Woman Settles With State of Washington Over Foster Abuse

She was assaulted for many years by the man in whose care she was placed Featuring Nathan P. Roberts, ...

Dominion Voting Systems Employee Sues Trump Supporters for Defamation

Texas lawyer Steve Skarnulis says his client is in hiding after death threats Featuring Steve Skarnulis

John Beach's Personal Film Fest

If he had reign over The Nick’s projectors in Columbia, here’s what he’d screen Featuring John F. Beach

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