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Getting His Goats

When he needed life lessons for his children, Daniel Draisen started getting kids

Confidence & Poise

From angelic singing to javelin tossing, Janet Rhodes has great bar stories

Learning Curve

Unlikely education cases taught Skyler Hutto a thing or two

‘An Adrenaline-Flowing, Intense Moment’

When Andrew Lindemann argued a 10th Amendment case before SCOTUS

From Farm to Negotiation Table

How Rita Bolt Barker tackled pandemic lawsuits to protect vulnerable communities

On Their Own

Four attorneys on how they blazed their solo paths

Veteran Lawyer

The many stories of former JAG officer Joel Collins would fill a book—and they do

Showing Them the Money

Trey Robinson’s gig as an NFL agent

The Greatest Trial in American History

For Keith Munson’s money, it’s Aaron Burr's 1807 treason trial

Letting the Witness Have It

Sam Outten had a plan for cross-examination, then gave it away

Loyalty After Death

Mullins McLeod left no stone unturned when a former mayor was murdered

'I Could Do This All Day'

After working construction, long legal days aren’t so tough for John Crawford

With All Due Respect

The hug-worthy way in which Rick Morgan serves the citizens of Columbia

Something Had to Be Done

How Annie Andrews led reform of the Charleston County Juvenile Detention Center

'It Never Got Old'

Christopher Mills reflects on his clerkship with Justice Clarence Thomas

Taking Them Head On

From Goliath companies to establishment politicians, Marguerite Willis comes ready for battle

Language Barrier

Joseph Dickey Jr. ignored cynics and turned his interest in Japan into a legal niche

Between a Rock and a Hard Case

When employment law litigation gets a little rocky, Cherie Blackburn goes for a climb