Articles Written by Andrew Brandt

Motorcycle Man

Anthony Castelli tries to make the riding easier for Cincinnati riders

Featuring Anthony D. Castelli

The Tie That Binds

Stephen Hayes tried the first traditional surrogacy case in Wisconsin, then helped write the law …

Featuring Stephen W. Hayes

Trademarked in Tennessee

How musical acts in Nashville can claim and defend their names


To the Bootheel

Robert Rachlin on defending low-income clients in Missouri and Arkansas

Featuring Robert D. Rachlin

Hallowed Ground

Renato Matos helps religious organizations survive through real estate

Featuring Renato N. Matos

Making the Pieces Fit

Three attorneys’ tips for setting up an estate plan in New York City


The Risks of Being a Rideshare Driver in NYC

It's uber-complicated, so be sure you're informed


What to Know About Listing Your Apt on Airbnb

Considerations before you decide in NYC


Adjusting for Alzheimer's

Legal tips for moving forward after a diagnosis


There's Something Happening Here

How to avoid running afoul of the law while protesting in NYC


Their Greatest Gift

What Amy Tripp’s grandparents taught her about life and elder law

Featuring Amy R. Tripp

Carrying With Common Sense

Where licensed gun owners can and cannot bring their gun in Texas


Lost in Translation

Notarios take advantage of Texas’ immigrant communities


Immigrants Always Have the Right to an Attorney

Your rights in Texas, should you face deportation


Busy in Buffalo

Joe Hanna is the hardest-working person in the room

Featuring Joseph Hanna

What Can You Do to Protect Your Data from ISPs?

Internet service providers can sell your personal information, so shield yourself  


Into the (Idaho) Wild

Environmental attorney Murray Feldman on the book that anthologizes the state’s natural …

Featuring Murray D. Feldman

Where the Wild Things Are

David Bates combats career stress with wildlife photography

Featuring David G. Bates

The Twenty-Seven Years’ War

Two Berger & Montague attorneys on Rocky Flats, one of the longest cases in U.S. …

Featuring David F. Sorensen, …

Defending the Fourth Estate

Jay Bender has a sense of duty to protect the First Amendment

Featuring Jay Bender

Advice for Addicts

Briggs Cheney on how he got sober

Featuring Briggs F. Cheney

Mr. Keep It Clean

Bill Bock helps keep the Olympic playing field level

Featuring William Bock, III

Creating Families

Evie Jeang takes international divorce and surrogacy to the next level

Featuring Evie P. Jeang

The Second-Happiest Place on Earth

Fred Schenk is the magic behind the San Diego County Fair

Featuring Frederick Schenk

It Gets Better

Meet a couple of re-married divorce attorneys

Featuring Jason Sposeep, …

How to Crowdfund Equity for a Business

Tips from the lawyer who wrote Illinois’ bill on it


Thrillers Gotta Thrill

Three local attorneys have second lives as historical thriller authors

Featuring Michael H. Rubin, …

The Music Man

Steve Elville helps tune up local music programs

Featuring Stephen R. Elville

What Happens to Inheritance in a Maryland Divorce?

It may—or may not—be divided


Where There’s Smoke, There’s John V. McCoy

Following fires and finding who’s at fault

Featuring John V. McCoy

Setting the Bar

How Niki Cung became the first Vietnamese-American attorney in Arkansas

Featuring Niki T. Cung

A Conservationist’s Close Up

National Geographic-published photographer John Rollins on how he doesn’t let …

Featuring John Rollins

Keith Mark’s Excellent Adventures

The Mark & Burkhead lawyer’s never-ending hunt for bigger game

Featuring Keith Mark

Let's Talk: The First Step of Divorce

Missouri and Kansas attorneys say communication is key


Holding for Carl Albert

When J. Angela Ables worked for the ‘Little Giant from Little Dixie’

Featuring J. Angela Ables

Bringing Public and Private Together

Leslie V. Batchelor makes economic development partnerships happen

Featuring Leslie V. Batchelor

The Patriot

Wesley E. Wright tells how he ended up riding a horse and bringing our 1st president to life

Featuring Wesley E. Wright

‘Pretty Damn Obvious’

How Doug Donnell and John Anding busted Huntington National Bank

Featuring Douglas A. Donnell, …

Horse Sense

Julie I. Fershtman brings legal knowledge to the equine industry

Featuring Julie I. Fershtman

Towne & Another Country

Building schools and clinics in Kenya with Jim Towne

Featuring James T. Towne, Jr.

A Solid Foundation

How Jeffrey W. Coleman built a construction law career out of an engineering degree

Featuring Jeffrey W. Coleman

The J.D. from PNB

Before he cracked cases, business litigator Charles E. Newton was dancing in The Nutcracker

Featuring Charles E. Newton

Uphill Battle

Sean Summers of Summers Nagy shares his memories of arguing Snyder v. Phelps before the …

Featuring Sean E. Summers

A South Carolina Attorney in Kosovo’s Court

How an email sent Thomas H. Pope III to law universities
all over Eastern Europe

Featuring Thomas H. Pope, III

The Art of Advice

David Wm. Engelman on what he’s learned after 40 years of law and a lifetime of helping …

Featuring David Wm. Engelman

Raising the Bar

Maureen Reidy Witt stands up for a student’s rights

Featuring Maureen Reidy Witt

The ‘Criminalization of Immigration’

‘Destined for death’ in Cambodia, Socheat Chea now helps immigrants make new lives …

Featuring Socheat Chea

A Lawyer Like You

Vanessa López Aguilera isn’t afraid to take family law cases to court

Featuring Vanessa López Aguilera

Digital Media Matters

Charles Marshall works to build a digital dynasty 

Featuring Charles F. Marshall, III

Amendment Done

Amy Richardson fights for same-sex rights in North Carolina

Featuring Amy E. Richardson

Troll Roads

Stephen Korniczky conquered a patent troll—and then made it pay

Featuring Stephen S. Korniczky

The Long Recovery

Ron Karp is still fighting for the victims of the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombing in Kenya

Featuring Ronald A. Karp

Taking on Trolls

How Stephen C. Hall helps inventor-clients overcome nuisance suits

Featuring Stephen C. Hall

Board Games

Lance Trollop on the challenges facing education in Wisconsin

Featuring Lance Trollop

The Long and Winding Road

Bob Gegios’s six-year battle to try his case

Featuring Robert L. Gegios

Grooming Little Rock

The Arkansas real estate attorney has been through his town’s bust and is working hard on its boom

Featuring Timothy W. Grooms

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