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About Doug Mentes, Esq.

Douglas Mentes is an alum of Drake University with a degree in journalism, who has covered news in Washington, D.C., Minneapolis and Salt Lake City. He has a law degree from William Mitchell College of Law and ran his own law firm for more than 10 years in St. Paul, Minnesota, earning designation as a Super Lawyers Rising Star. He practiced in the areas of family law, real estate and probate, handling several successful appeals. He currently covers bankruptcy law for Thomson Reuters.

Articles Written by Doug Mentes, Esq.

How Do I Get My Property Listed on the National Register?

It’s a lengthy process for Minnesota property owners

Does My Neighbor Have a Prescriptive Easement?

A legal overview of adverse possession for Kansas property owners

Consider a Mediator Over a DIY Divorce

Wisconsin allows mediators to draft all court documents for disputing parties

Do Domestic Abusers Keep Their Guns?

Tennessee has taken steps to require surrender of an abuser’s guns

Can I Deduct Alimony Payments from My Income?

Due to the federal tax overhaul, maybe not

How to Save Assets and Qualify for Medicaid

In Massachusetts, pooled trusts help

Can I Claim the Child Care Expenses in My Taxes?

For unmarried parents, only one parent can claim this income tax benefit in Connecticut

How Do Employers Determine Prevailing Wage?

A Massachusetts attorney can help

How Do I Get an H-1B Visa?

It’s a simple process that requires a lot of luck

How to Get a Visa to Study in the U.S.

Foreign students looking to study in Massachusetts shouldn’t overlook the requirements

How Do I Form a PAC?

In Massachusetts, the process is simple

Does HIPAA Protect My Health Information?

It requires Massachusetts providers have compliance procedures in place

Can Bankruptcy Get Rid of Student Loan Debt?

Yes, but those with student loans in Massachusetts will be in a for a battle

Is There an Alternative to Applying for Tax-Exempt Status?

Smaller New York nonprofits should consider finding a fiscal sponsor

What Does It Mean If Marijuana is Decriminalized?

It’s now a less-serious offense to possess marijuana in New York City

Should I Elect COBRA Coverage?

New York employees should understand the costs and benefits before deciding

What Asset Transfers Must I Report?

New York bankruptcy filers must disclose all asset transfers

What to Do If You Find Errors in a Credit Report

More than one in five Texans have them, but here’s where to seek help

Should I take Early, Full or Delayed Social Security?

When Texas retirees should draw and the effect on their benefit amount

When Credit Bureaus Have the Wrong Info

What Texans should do when a company gives credit reporting agencies incorrect data

How Long Does it Take to Get Adverse Possession in Texas?

It varies depending on the trespasser’s actions 

What is the Process for Hiring H-2B Workers?

It has strict requirements, but it could be a solution for Texas employers struggling to find …

Common Pitfalls for Employers Hiring H-2B Visa Holders

H-2B employers must be extra cautious in era of increased enforcement

How Do Employers Assess Temporary Need for H-2B Visas?

The burden is on the employer to prove the need is truly temporary

Brokers and Advisors Have Different Standards of Care

Texas investors must understand the difference when weighing investment advice

Who Does ERISA Apply To?

Anyone who receives employee benefits from a Texas employer should know

Will Medicaid Pay for Nursing Home Care?

Navigating the complex laws of Medicaid in Oregon

Shareholder Rights in a Private Corporation

If a corporation doesn’t protect them, Oregon law will

Should I Pay Debts Before Bankruptcy?

Oregon debtors must weigh their options before making these difficult decisions

What Are the Options for DACA Recipients?

The legal options for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals who are subject to political whim

What Property Can I Keep When Applying for Medicaid?

California seniors, and those assisting them, need to plan ahead

Steps to Take Before a Nonprofit Applies for Tax-Exempt Status

California nonprofits have major decisions to make before filing the application

Filing the IRS Form 1023-EZ?

It’s less work for California nonprofits, but does not assure tax-exempt compliance

Is Your Nonprofit Eligible for Tax-Exempt Status?

California nonprofits must determine problematic issues before filing

How Do I Terminate Parental Rights?

Here’s how it works in Minnesota, but it’s quite difficult

How Do I Get Out of Home Ownership with My Ex-Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

For unmarried partners living together in Minnesota, it’s best to plan ahead

A Loved One Passed Away Without a Will. Now What?

The survivors are left with some difficult probate decisions

Tips to Minimize the Cost of Divorce or Child Custody Matters

Minnesota’s ECM and ENE programs have been recognized for quick resolutions and lower costs …

Make Sure You Trust Your Attorney-in-Fact

Executing a Power of Attorney form is simple in Minnesota, so long as you trust that person

Who Gets to Choose the Kids' School if the Parents are Unmarried?

It’s a difficult decision for the court to make with joint custody in Minnesota

Should I Get My Custody Agreement Signed By a Judge?

Unmarried parents with non-binding custody agreements put themselves at risk

How to Sell Your House Without an Agent

Consider hiring a real estate attorney instead

Finding a Minnesota Family Law Attorney You Can Trust

The questions to ask as you try to select a competent and honest lawyer

Do I Need an Order of Protection or Harassment Restraining Order?

Victims of domestic violence in Minnesota need to know

Minnesota Courts Can Take Domestic Abusers’ Guns

An order for protection or misdemeanor conviction can be grounds to bar owning firearms

How to Save a Pet from an Abusive Household

Minnesota courts and shelters offer protection

Should I Get a Health Care Directive/Advance Directive?

For Minnesotans, it’s little effort to ensure important decisions are decided correctly

Which Divorced Parent Gets to Claim the Kids in Minnesota Taxes?

The federal rules on dependent exemptions for parents doing their tax returns

Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Better Than Chapter 7?

For some Minnesota debtors, Chapter 13 might be the only option

How to Respond to a Rent Escrow Action

Minnesota landlords should ensure their properties aren’t at risk

What to Do If You Suspect Housing Discrimination

Minnesota tenants facing housing discrimination must act fast to protect their rights

Can I Keep a Tenant’s Security Deposit?

Minnesota landlords face steep penalties if not cautious

What Laws Do Minnesota Airbnb Hosts Need to Follow?

Minnesota real property owners must understand several layers of regulation

The Most Important Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Minnesota accident victims should seek help quickly to understand the process

What Auto Insurance Coverage Should I Purchase in Minnesota?

Minnesotans must protect themselves from underinsured drivers

How Do I Evict a Tenant in Minnesota?

Understanding the legal requirements is key for residential and commercial landlords

How to Exercise Your Right to Vote in Iowa

Even with accommodating voting laws, Iowans should understand their rights

Do You Need Workers' Comp Coverage for Your Employees?

With few exceptions, Florida employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance

What Can You Get for an Inaccurate Credit Report Lawsuit?

The damages Washington consumers can expect for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Seeking Damages for Background Check or Credit Reporting Errors

A Florida attorney can help you secure punitive awards against consumer reporting agencies

Gifting and Transferring Assets to Qualify for Medicaid

What Florida seniors are allowed to do with their assets

Losing Your House to Medicaid Estate Recovery

With planning, heirs may be able to keep the family home

There's an Error in My Credit Report

Washingtonians can fix errors with the FCRA

Should My Nonprofit Startup Incorporate?

It’s an easy process to start but involves some complicated decisions for Floridians

What You Need to Vote in Florida Elections

Early registration, identification and provisional ballots in Florida

What Are Employees? Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act?

Florida workers should know the FMLA’s significant benefits

The End of Alimony Deductions in Utah

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act eliminates the long-standing tax deduction for alimony payers

At What Age Should I Draw from Social Security?

It’s not an easy decision to make when planning retirement in Pennsylvania

How to Get a Fianc

The process is simple, but not a permanent solution

Determining Reasonable Compensation for a Nonprofit Job

The IRS guidelines for organizations in Pennsylvania

How is Compensation Enforced for Nonprofits?

The scrutiny that Pennsylvania nonprofits face from the IRS

How Much Can Nonprofit Founders Pay Themselves?

Donors serve as the ultimate check on Pennsylvania nonprofits

Can a PAC Accept Contributions From Foreign Citizens?

Washington, D.C. PACs must be cautious with potential foreign involvement

Wrong Information Reported to the CRAs?

Virginians must keep an eye on their credit reports

Legal Advice to Enter the U.S. and Seek Asylum

Asylum-seekers must understand the policy changes under the Trump administration

How to Get an Employment Green Card in San Diego

If you have an advanced degree in a STEM field, it will help

How to Sponsor an Employee for Permanent Residence

Employers must be willing to put in the time, effort and funds to obtain their critical worker

Can I Dispute Information in My Credit Report?

Colorado consumers must start with understanding the credit bureaus’ legal requirements

Does My Business Need Bylaws?

Drafting rules that make Colorado corporations run smoothly 

An Election Law Primer for Coloradoans

Voters can protect their civil right by understanding the law

Make Sure Your Employer Follows the Law for Background Checks

What employees in New Jersey need to know about their records

Should I Choose an S or C Corporation for My Small Business?

It’s a critical decision for New Jersey startup owners

How to Hold a Business Owner Personally Liable

Creditors can pierce the corporate veil of shady New Jersey businesses

Why Choose to Form Your Business as an LLC?

It’s the best choice for some New Jersey businesses, but owners must compare all options

Contemplating Divorce? If Alimony is an Issue, You Better Hurry

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ends alimony deduction in Georgia

Should I Take Early or Delayed Social Security?

There are pros and cons for Texas seniors

How is Georgia Child Custody Decided?

Unmarried and divorced parents must understand Georgia law

The Laws Dictating Child Support in Georgia

Although the method to calculate is common, the Georgia state laws aren’t

Can Georgia 14 year-olds Choose Which Parent to Live With?

Kids have a say, but the system aims to ensure the choice is legitimate

Can a Georgia Nonprofit Increase its Lobbying?

Taking the 501(h) election typically gives nonprofits more opportunity to lobby

How Do I Maintain Tax-Exempt Status?

For Georgia’s nonprofits, compliance is simple, but penalties are significant

What Corporate Records Are Shareholders Entitled To?

A limited amount for most in Georgia, unless they can show a purpose for more

How to Prove Your Car is a Lemon

Indiana vehicle owners must meet strict requirements or risk losing out on relief

Filing an Automotive Breach of Warranty Lawsuit

Indiana car owners can sue a manufacturer if their vehicle is still under warranty

How Does a Court Decide Child Custody Cases in Indiana?

The eight factors that a judge analyzes before awarding custody

How Do I Determine Child Support in Indiana?

It’s a complicated task for unmarried or divorced parents in Indiana

Should I Hire an Attorney for My Child Support Case?

Indiana parents risk unfair support obligations due to complex state laws

PACs Can Solicit Campaign Contributions from Employees

But businesses in Indiana must ensure contributions are voluntary

Disputing a Furnisher in a Credit Information Suit

California consumers should know the laws and obligations that protect them

Can Nonprofits Endorse Politicians in California?

501(c)(3) organizations can’t, but there is room for election involvement

When is a Nonprofit Lobbying?

In California, excessive lobbying could lead to loss of tax-exempt status

How Can I Legally Smoke Marijuana in California?

Residents and tourists must understand the California laws to avoid arrest

Can You Discharge Student Loans in California?

Bankruptcy courts make it difficult, but some student loan holders will qualify

Frustrated with a Vehicle Purchase?

Many Illinois automobile owners aren’t aware they may qualify for relief

Is Your Vehicle a Lemon or Not Lived Up to its Warranty?

Illinois car owners should know the vehicle maker informal dispute resolution process

Financial Planning for Medicaid in Illinois

How to navigate the laws and ensure that nursing home care will be covered

Who Claims the Kids on Their Tax Return?

Illinois parents should review the IRS rules for claiming the dependent care exemption before …

How Is Child Custody Determined in Illinois?

Parents must understand the significant recent changes made to the law

How Much Child Support Will I Pay in Illinois?

A change in the law could make a significant difference in support payments

What Illinois Requires in Parenting Plans for Child Custody

How to draft a parenting plan to appease the Illinois state courts

What Happens If I Make a Mistake on Immigration Documents?

The result may be that you’re seen as unlawfully in the country

Will USCIS Deport for Unlawful Status?

A shift in policy means anyone with unlawful status will be put into removal proceedings

Must Investment Brokers Disclose Conflicts of Interest?

New rules proposed by the SEC could assist Illinois investors

Can Police Take Guns from My Abusive Partner?

Louisiana does little to enforce the law

Will I Pay Taxes on Alimony Payments?

For Louisianans, they can’t be deducted from income for those divorced in 2019 or after

Do I Have to Consent to a Police Search of My Car in Louisiana?

No, but state law offers police officers other ways into your vehicle

What If You Find Mistakes in Your Credit Report?

Get to know the laws consumer reporting agencies must follow

Can I Transfer Assets Prior to Bankruptcy in Maryland?

In Maryland, transfers to avoid creditors risk being set aside by a trustee

Which Creditors Can I Pay Before Bankruptcy?

Maryland debtors should be cautious prior to filing

When Should I Start Receiving Social Security?

For Maryland seniors, age affects benefits

What?s the H-1B Labor Condition Application Process?

There are differences Maryland employers should understand

Can I Get a Green Card Through Employment?

Yes, but it could be a lengthy process

How to Form a Super PAC

In Maryland, registration is simple but compliance is complex

Which Parent Claims the Child Care Tax Credit?

Unmarried parents: Don’t overlook this benefit in Ohio

How to Get Temporary Labor Certification for Foreign Workers

Before bringing in non-professional employees, Ohio employers must get certified

Should My Small Business Incorporate?

In Ohio, this will depend on a few factors

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