Articles Written by Marisa Bowe

Not After the Big Part

Anne Vladeck and her family have been taking on big, fat firms for 70 years

When to Protect an Idea with a Patent, Copyright or Trademark

If you have a big idea in the Big Apple, here's what to do

‘You Dream of Crosses Like This’

The four attorneys who helped acquit Abacus bank

Does Your Case Belong in Civil or Criminal Court?

Sometimes it's both. Here's a helpful guide to know for sure

What Do I Do If I'm Being Cyberstalked?

Attorneys' advice on putting a stop to online bullies

Conscience Coupling

Husband-and-wife team Randolph McLaughlin and Debra Cohen are building a new kind of civil …

The Dog Days of Litigation

Legal issues surrounding dog bites in New York City

If You Haven't Written a Will, New York State Has

Where there's a will, there's a way

The Zonin’ Lobels

Richard Lobel follows in the footsteps of his father, Sheldon, who followed in the …

Accidents Will Happen

Here’s what to do, just in case, in New York 

Neighbor Rights During Construction in New York City

What to know and do if your use of property is interfered with

Untangling New York’s Super-Confusing Rent Regulations

It’s complicated, so let the experts tell you

Pirates of the Arabian

Lawrence Rutkowski on negotiating with men holding AK-47s

The Eagle Scout

Bankruptcy lawyer Deryck Palmer is nice 98 percent of the time    

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