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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Like Abraham, Craig Watkins asks if we want to destroy the righteous with the wicked

When Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins is asked if he actually likes being interviewed, he takes a deep breath before answering. “I do it at least once a day, so I’m used to it,” he says, while settling into a chair in his office in the Frank Crowley Courts Building. Then he sighs again. “A lot of people still have to get over the fact that I’m the DA. First of all, folks may be still dealing with the fact that I was a defense attorney, with the fact that I am a Democrat, with …

What Becomes a Legend Most?

Arthur Greenberg celebrates Greenberg Glusker's 50th anniversary

At age 81, Arthur Greenberg is still hard at work at the same firm he helped found a half century ago. Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger grew from a small, three-man operation working out of a converted Safeway store on Wilshire Boulevard into one of California's pre-eminent firms, a 90-strong outfit situated in a Century City high-rise. "Yes, I am still working, although I am taking a little more time off these days. A couple of more weeks a year," says Greenberg. "The firm is …

How Anti-Semitism Inspired the Creation of a Los Angeles Institution

Philip Glusker celebrates Greenberg Glusker's 50th year

Philip Glusker can't remember when he retired. "I don't know exactly. Seven, eight years ago? Something like that," he says dismissively. It's not because he's 84 and forgetful. "I just don't do a lot of introspection. I don't sit here and think too much about yesterday. I'm thinking of today and tomorrow." It was, in fact, many yesterdays ago that Glusker helped found what is today Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger. This powerhouse law firm is one of California's leading …

Come, Let Us Reasoner Together

Harry Reasoner has been injecting the law with his good sense for almost half a century

Harry Reasoner first came to work at Houston's Vinson, Elkins, Weems & Searls in 1964, a year before the Astrodome opened. He was still working at the firm when, in 1969, Neil Armstrong phoned home from the moon, proclaiming, "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed." Reasoner's tenure continued through some of the most devastating storms in American history, like 1983's Hurricane Alicia and 2001's Tropical Storm Allison, both of which tried to pummel Houston into submission. …

The Animated Lawyer

Warner Bros.’ John Schulman shares an office with Yakko, Wakko and Dot

Job security at the major Hollywood studios has always been a shaky thing. So it is a small miracle, of sorts, that while studio presidents, CEOs and creative wonders have come and gone, in the last few decades, John Schulman has stayed where he is—as the executive vice president and general counsel of Warner Bros. Studios. For many of today’s Hollywood stars, 1984 is quite literally a lifetime away. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were 3 years old then, and Lindsay Lohan …

Mississippi Learning

Shawn Raymond is poised to revolutionize public service in America

Shawn Raymond is on the verge of nothing less than redefining America's public sector, by co-founding the U.S. Public Service Academy in 2006. His goal for the academy? To bring pride, honor and a true sense of accomplishment and professionalism to the realm of national service. "The idea is to create a four-year undergraduate academy modeled on the five military service academies," says Raymond, a successful litigator for Houston's Susman Godfrey. "In exchange for a free education, candidates …

The Celebrity Who Defends Celebrities

How many lawyers get their own bio on IMDb.com? Howard Weitzman does

If things had gone just a little differently, Howard Weitzman might be looking back on a career in NCAA baseball. He might even be reminiscing as a coach from the dugout at Dedeaux Field. That was the dream, at least, of the young Weitzman when he was playing second base for USC under coach Rod Dado; and after graduating with a degree in physical education, he tried in earnest to start that coaching career. “At the time it was difficult to get a job coaching in the city, and I didn’t know …

Alchemist of the Courtroom

Dick DeGuerin magically transforms losers to winners

Texas breeds eccentricity like cattle, so Dick DeGuerin doesn’t have much time to sit and reflect on his career. “I consider myself fortunate to have had such a varied clientele—to be able to look back and know that it’s been a hell of a ride,” DeGuerin says. Over several decades, DeGuerin has been attached to criminal cases in Texas that ended up being forums for the nation. He enjoys a reputation for being colorful, and it’s not unusual to see him in a Stetson, but he’s serious …

The Survivor

You think lasting a few weeks on an island is tough? Corporate counsel John Schulman has been with Warner Bros. for two decades, and counting

Job security at the major Hollywood studios has always been a shaky thing. So it is a small miracle, of sorts, that while studio presidents, CEOs and creative wonders have come and gone, in the last few decades, John Schulman has stayed where he is—as the executive vice president and general counsel of Warner Bros. Studios.   For many of today’s Hollywood stars, 1984 is quite literally a lifetime away. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were 3 years old then, and Lindsay Lohan hadn’t …

Nothing Scares Luan Tran Anymore

Tran fled war-torn Vietnam and barely survived the boat ride to freedom

At age 35, Luan Tran enjoys the breezy countenance of carefree youth; he seems almost brash or arrogant. He loves traveling the world, thinks saving for a rainy day is overrated, and dresses Esquire-sharp. As this co-founder of Lee & Tran looks out from the 42nd-floor conference room of the Wells Fargo Tower with all of Los Angeles spread below him, he muses that there is nothing in life that scares him.   But Tran isn’t just some cocky naïve kid. His inner life is one of humbleness …

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