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Lauren Peck is a former editorial assistant and associate editor at Super Lawyers. She currently works at a public relations agency in Minneapolis and frequently writes articles for clients on topics from employee burnout to the opioid epidemic. Her work has been published in Minnesota Parent, Twin Cities Metro Magazine, Minnesota Good Age and more. As a staffer and freelancer for Super Lawyers, Lauren has written stories about attorneys taking on cases against Donald Rumsfeld, Colombian narcotics dealers, Skechers and more.

Articles written by Lauren Peck

A Voice Against Domestic Violence

Ashley Huffstetler Campbell strives to protect victims of abuse

In 2009, Ashley Huffstetler Campbell met a pro bono client who was a highly educated professional at a profitable, well-known corporation. She was accompanied by her two young children. The client was unlike her previous Legal Aid clients, but domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. “Battered women’s syndrome is a real thing, and she was the most afflicted of anyone I ever saw,” Campbell says. In the latest event, the father of the client’s children had attacked her and strangled …

Taking on Donald Rumsfeld

Michael Kanovitz accuses the former secretary of defense of condoning the torture of his clients

Donald Vance thought he was doing the right thing. A U.S. citizen working in Iraq, Vance and a fellow contractor say they alerted U.S. officials to suspected illegal activity by their employer, an Iraqi security company, including alleged payments to Iraqi sheiks and involvement in illegal arms-trading. Far from being praised, the two whistleblowers found themselves held incommunicado in 2006 at a U.S. military prison in Iraq, where they say they were tortured as though they were enemy …

After the Storms

Law student Jennifer Cunha provides relief to legal services organizations post-disaster

After her first semester at the University of Wisconsin Law School, Jennifer Cunha felt disillusioned by her classes, which focused on contracts and torts. “I was always into the social justice thing, and I couldn’t find any relevance for what I wanted to do,” she says.  A trip to New Orleans changed all that.  Cunha joined Legal Assistance for Disaster Relief (then the Student Hurricane Network) in 2009, a group of UW student volunteers who travel to areas affected by natural disasters …

Frozen In Tme

Amy Lorenz-Moser works to free battered women from prison

Carlene Borden and Vicky Williams had each spent more than 30 years in Missouri prison without an end in sight. Both women were serving life sentences without parole for 50 years for murdering their husbands, but their 1970s trials hadn’t admitted crucial evidence: Both were longtime victims of domestic violence. Then Amy Lorenz-Moser and the Missouri Battered Women’s Clemency Coalition got involved. “It seemed like the law had changed; society had changed, [but] these sentences just …

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