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Matt Amis lives with his wife and two boys in Wilmington, Delaware. He’s contributed to publications like Out & About magazine, the News JournalSuper Lawyers, and Delaware Today magazine.

Articles written by Matt Amis

A Philadelphia Story

Entertainment law pioneer Lloyd Remick is still evolving at 84

When Lloyd Remick’s career as an entrainment lawyer began, he had never heard the term entertainment lawyer before. There’s a slight chance he invented it on the spot—or at least that’s how the story goes around Philly, with an assist from the legendary “Clown Prince of Basketball” Meadowlark Lemon of the Harlem Globetrotters. Back in the 1970s, Remick was making some noise representing Philly rock bands in contracts and deals when Lemon reached out to him for help with negotiating …

In a Strange Land

The resilience of Oana Brooks

As a prosecutor for the City of Baltimore, Oana Brooks witnessed the courage of a 9-year-old girl who took to the witness stand to tell the graphic, horrific story of her abuse at the hands of a family friend. The story was difficult to bear but the girl told it without hesitation. When the case was appealed and a new trial granted, the girl didn’t hesitate to get back on the stand. “I recall some of my supervisors telling me, ‘You’re going to do that again?’” Brooks says. “But it …

Have Immigration Attorney, Will Travel

Dana Imperia helps sports stars get in the game

Though Dana Imperia admits she’s not much of a sports fan—outside of marathon after-school Madden NFL sessions in the ’90s—the Philadelphia attorney is one of the region’s go-to experts in sports immigration, representing major league sports teams, esports gamers and elite athletes. “I always tell people we’re sort of glorified travel agents,” Imperia says. “We’re helping people relocate.”  Imperia coordinates with federal agencies to ensure clients qualify for specific …

Philadelphia Athletics

Renee Hykel Cuddy went from Boathouse Row to the Beijing Olympics, thanks to some good old-fashioned Philly grit

Renee Hykel Cuddy has some advice for anyone attempting to complete law school while training for the Olympics: don’t. “Not a good idea,” she says. “I don’t know why I came up with that plan. “One of my professors pulled me aside and said, ‘You’re late to class every day. You’re a disaster. You’re not going to be a good lawyer.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I know, I’ll work on it.’ Although I wanted to get to class on time, juggling law school and training was very …

Defending the Unpopular

James F. Wyatt III has made a career of it

From his home office in Davidson, months into a historic pandemic and a bruising election season, criminal and civil lawyer James Wyatt recounts one of his favorite stories from another tumultuous time in America. Captain Thomas Preston was an Irish-born British captain who served in Boston in the Province of Massachusetts Bay at the service of King George III. He was in command on March 5, 1770, when a gang of local rabble-rousers cornered some of his armed officers, daring them to start …

Becoming Josh Koskoff

Before he could succeed, the third-generation lawyer had to stop trying to be his father and grandfather 

Josh Koskoff learned early that people contain multitudes.  Growing up in the shadows of his father, Michael Koskoff, and grandfather, Ted Koskoff—Connecticut legal giants—the lesson hit the hardest when the two lawyers brought their work home with them. Josh is a guy who, as a kid, often ate breakfast hand-delivered by Frank “Frankie Cigars” Piccolo, a former mobster and the Gambino crime family’s Connecticut crew boss—a client of Ted’s. “We called him Uncle Frank,” Josh …

Here Come the Millennials

Six lawyers talk about the unique challenges of being young in a profession that prizes age

The millennials are taking over. Or will, shortly. In 10 years, the ABA Journal forecasts 75 percent of law firm staff nationwide will be composed of millennials, or people between the ages of 24 to 39 today. They’re the next-gen class of lawyers who are becoming defined by their diversity, tech-fueled efficiency, and, often, their six-figures worth of college debt.  We chatted with six young lawyers about unique challenges, baby faces and Baby Boomers, and what law school didn’t teach …

'One Page'

Ehsan Chowdhry on working collaboratively and changing perceptions

Criminal defense attorney Ehsan Chowdhry of E F Chowdhry Law Practice has a thing for proving doubters wrong.  Like when his high school friends teased him about his lousy billiards game. “I had my dad get me a pool table and I literally practiced for five, six hours a day,” Chowdhry remembers. “I made it a point to really make them eat their words.”  Before private practice, Chowdhry learned the ropes at various county prosecutors’ offices throughout New Jersey, including a year …

'This Is Going To Be The Craziest Thing You've Ever Heard'

Clients often say that to Jeff Nusinov; they’re often wrong

For someone who focuses on estate, trust, and fiduciary litigation, Jeff Nusinov, managing partner of Nusinov Smith in Baltimore, has had some pretty high-profile cases come his way.   In March, he filed a lawsuit for radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem against Clem’s former employers, Cox Media Group, who Clem says plotted to ruin his career. The lawsuit alleges Cox Media executives leaked a stolen sex tape that involved wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and Clem’s then-wife in his …

Carrying that Weight

Before leading his firm’s independent investigation into the Freddie Gray killing, Jason Downs shattered superior court success-rate averages as a public defender in D.C. 

When he was 8, Jason Downs and a friend were cutting through an apartment complex on their way to school when the cops stopped and frisked them. “There was a report of a theft,” Downs says. “We hadn’t stolen anything. We were terrified of the police and we realized how much power they had over our lives. It was scary to be that young and be patted down by a grown man with a gun.” Today, the Baltimore attorney, who also maintains a D.C. office, and who was part of the team that repped …

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