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Beth Taylor has been a senior editor for Super Lawyers since 2003, and has won dozens of awards for headline-writing and editing throughout her career. Previously, she was an editor and covered courts for The Orlando Sentinel. She also worked for go2net and KIRO-TV in Seattle, where she wrote for and edited their websites. In addition, Beth edited The Kitsap Business Journal and Media Inc. Beth has written travel books, including Around Seattle With Kids for Fodor’s and Seattle Day By Day for Frommer’s, and online travel guides for Google. Her travel writing has appeared in publications including the Chicago Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle. Beth has a B.A. in communications/journalism and a master’s degree in political science.

Articles written by Beth Taylor

Can Ukrainian Refugees Come to the U.S.?

Columbus, Ohio, attorney Dmitriy Borshchak sheds light on the situation

The Ukrainian refugee crisis is personal for Columbus, Ohio, attorney Dmitriy Borshchak, who was born in Lviv and whose biological father—who still lives there—told his son last week that he was signing up to join the fight against invading Russian forces. “I’m constantly watching the news,” says Borshchak, who practices family law at the Law Offices of Dmitriy Borshchak. “He’s got an iPhone that I got for him, but I’m constantly checking his location: Where is he, what is he …

Settlements Reached in Collapse of South Florida Condo

Coral Gables attorney Stuart Z. Grossman says the Surfside tragedy has drawn attention to the condition of older buildings

Eight months after Champlain Towers South, a 13-story South Florida condo building, partially collapsed and killed 98 people, several settlements have been reached in lawsuits filed in the wake of the tragedy. Stuart Z. Grossman, a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney with Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen in Coral Gables, is representing five families with loved ones who died in the collapse of the Surfside condominium. “They range from people who were just visitors that night,” he says of the …

Putting Anti-Black Racism in Focus

Seattle attorney Jeffery Robinson’s award-winning film explores the legacy of white supremacy in the U.S.

Jeffery Robinson has been defending people accused of crimes for more than four decades. But recently, the Seattle attorney’s focus has shifted more to combatting racism through his nonprofit organization The Who We Are Project, which led to the 2021 release by Sony Pictures Classics of his documentary film Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America, being shown in select cities. The film, which tells the sobering story of anti-Black racism in the U.S., has won an array of awards, including …

Writing Wills and Trusts in Ohio 101

Ohio attorney Susan E. Wheatley covers the basics you should get to sooner rather than later

Writing a will: It’s a chore many people plan to get around to “someday.” It’s not necessarily the most appealing task, and the terminology can seem daunting. Wills, probate, trusts—what exactly do they all mean?   What a Will Does A will is fairly straightforward. “It’s a written declaration in which you direct how your property is to be disposed upon your death,” explains Susan E. Wheatley, an estate planning and probate attorney at Taft Stettinius & Hollister in …

Complicated Family Dynamics

Gabrielle Vidal is often involved in high-drama estate litigation but won’t name names

A quick Google search reveals that Gabrielle Vidal’s trust and estate clients have included Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, in a dispute over her son’s estate; Michael Crichton’s widow, Sherri, in a clash over his will; Sumner Redstone in a case confirming his ability to execute his estate plan; and Carol Burnett, in a guardianship case. Just don’t ask her to name names.  “They are people who are going through a really hard time, and their privacy is very important,” …

When Should You Settle a Personal Injury Case?

Why a jury trial isn't always the best way to go in Texas

Most people’s idea of a personal injury case probably includes a courtroom with attorneys doing battle, grilling witnesses and competing to sway the jury. But that’s not the way it usually goes. “Most personal injury cases settle before trial,” says plaintiff’s personal injury attorney Charla Aldous with Aldous Walker in Dallas. But, she adds, “It usually takes the threat of an upcoming trial to get a fair settlement.” Benefits of Settling a Personal Injury Claim Why do the vast …

Should You Join a Class Action in Texas?

Houston attorney Kevin Parker explains how they work

You go out to your mailbox and come back with a letter inviting you to join a class action lawsuit. What exactly is that, and how did they even get your name? If you’ve ever filled out a warranty card on, say, an appliance that, months or years down the road, develops issues serious enough for people to sue the manufacturer, the class action lawyers handling the suit will ask the courts to compel the company to reveal the names of customers who purchased the item. That’s one way they can …

The Washington Cares Act: How Will It Work for Me?

Seattle attorney Tamara Roe offers a primer on the state’s new long-term care plan

The good news: Washington is the first state in the country to offer long-term care insurance for its aging residents. The bad news: As with most brand-new ideas, there are a few kinks in the system. What the Washington Cares Act does is provide long-term care benefits—including home care—of up to a lifetime maximum of $36,500 per person. That amount will increase with inflation. However, notes Seattle attorney Tamara Roe, “This is an earned benefit program—only those who contribute …

Should You Join a Class Action in California?

San Francisco attorney Mark E. Burton explains the ins and outs of signing on for a large lawsuit

You see an ad on TV, or get a letter in your mailbox, asking if you’d like to join a class action lawsuit. Should you do it? What’s a Class Action? First, here’s what class action means. It’s a situation in which multiple people are included in one lawsuit. “The class all share a common complaint against the defendant and have similar damages,” says Mark E. Burton, who practices class action/mass torts law at Audet & Partners in San Francisco. Plaintiff’s attorneys are …

Interstate Divorce

Ohio attorney Dalma Grandjean says complications may arise when soon-to-be-exes live in different states

Divorce laws covering child support, custody and other issues can vary greatly from state to state. And if the divorcing spouses live in different states, it is sometimes difficult to even decide which state has jurisdiction. “If there is a dispute, the courts will decide,” says Dalma C. Grandjean, a family law attorney who practices at Buckley King in Dayton, Ohio. “First, the court must find that at least one of the spouses meets the [six-month] residency requirement. As long as the …

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