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Canaan Suitt received his J.D. from William & Mary Law School. After serving as a senior editor for the law school’s comparative law blog, he was a staff member of the William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review (ELPR). As a legal intern at the National Center for State Courts, he assisted in international rule of law projects and policy review; as a research assistant, he studied political dynamics in the U.S. federal judiciary. His articles on law and philosophy have been published in the ELPR as well as the academic journal Dewey Studies. He loves using his background in research and writing to make legal information accessible. Canaan currently writes for SuperLawyers.com. In his free time, he enjoys reading, travel, and being a cat dad.

Articles written by Canaan Suitt, J.D.

Managing and Involving Employees in Your M&A Deal

Employee risk management in the mergers and acquisitions process

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, a merger or acquisition deal is a defining moment in the life of your business. It’s also a significant event for your employees, who face potential changes in their workplace and terms of employment. Part of successfully navigating any M&A deal is managing your company’s human capital through the process—keeping employees informed, assuaging concerns, and leveraging their knowledge at key points. Make a Plan to Inform Employees About the M&A …

Make Your Company’s M&A Deal Succeed with Legal Due Diligence

Ensure your business knows what it’s acquiring

Due diligence is an essential step in any big purchase. It's basically verifying the facts about what you're seeking to acquire. Say you’re looking to buy a used car, for example. You have a pretty good idea of the style and price range you want. After some initial research, you find a used car that seems to meet your criteria. At this point, what do you do? Since it’s a significant purchase, you probably want to take the car for a test drive or have a trusted mechanic look it over before …

When to Hire a Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney

Business owners and entrepreneurs should seek legal advice early in the M&A process

If you’re the owner of a company buying or selling a business, an M&A transaction is a defining event in the life of your business. A strategic M&A deal can reap multiple benefits for your small or midsize business, including: Economic growth and capital gains Geographic expansion and improving economies of scale Diversification of business partners and workforce talent Improving your competitive advantage and increasing efficiency But with these potential rewards come risks. There …

Can You Sell Cannabis Products Across State Lines?

Restrictions on transporting cannabis out of state severely limit direct-to-consumer e-commerce

As of March 2023, 21 states plus Washington, D.C., have enacted full marijuana legalization. Many other states have decriminalized recreational use or allowed some form of medical marijuana. Eric D. Shevin, a cannabis law attorney, remembers the sense of excitement when California legalized recreational cannabis in 2015, becoming only the fifth state to do so.  Despite the state-level movement toward cannabis legalization, it remains a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law. In …

Cannabis and Taxes: What Cannabis Business Owners Need to Know

You have to pay cannabis taxes without getting tax benefits

If you are a cannabis business owner or an investor seeking opportunities in the cannabis industry, you’re in for a tough time when it comes to taxes.  Though many states have either fully legalized or decriminalized cannabis, it remains federally illegal. As a result, cannabis businesses aren't entitled to any business tax deductions or benefits. But even in states where cannabis is legalized, taxes for the industry are onerous.   Potential cannabis entrepreneurs and investors …

Open Meeting Laws and Your Local Government

Understanding the public’s right to access meetings of public bodies

“A central idea in the United States is that we are a government by the people,” says Ian T. Baxter, a state & local government law attorney in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  "We are governed by our peers. And the expectation is that you, as a citizen, have access to the government. Every single citizen and person has access."  How is the ideal of government transparency put into practice? One important way is through open meeting laws.  "Open meeting laws are geared toward …

Can I Sue My Local or State Government?

What to know about bringing personal injury lawsuits against the government

In most cases involving personal injury or property damage, private parties such as individuals or businesses are at fault. The person who suffered injuries can bring a lawsuit against them for compensation.  But what happens if the responsible party isn’t another individual or business but a government entity? Can you sue your state or local government?   The short answer to this question is: Yes. The full answer is more complicated.   Historically, thanks to a legal …

What Types of Compensation Can I Get in a Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit?

Understanding damages in a bad faith insurance lawsuit

Insurance provides financial protection for losses resulting from illness, accidents, or other unfortunate events. Common types of insurance include:  Auto insurance  Homeowners’ insurance   Health insurance   In each type of insurance, you have an insurable interest in something–for example, your car or house–for which the insurance company promises to indemnify or compensate you in the event of damage or loss.   This means that as a policyholder, …

Tips for Reviewing a Sports Contract 

Making sure your sports contract is a win-win

Professional and student-athletes have to sign various legal documents throughout their career, including employment contracts and endorsement agreements. These documents set the terms and conditions of the player’s employment and the use of their name and image in merchandising.  If you are a student or professional athlete presented with a contract, it's wise to get an experienced sports law attorney to review the document. If there's an issue with the terms of the contract, the lawyer …

How Do I Prove a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

Understanding how to challenge a bad faith claim denial

Insurance exists to cover your financial or economic losses in the event of personal injury or property damage.   Whether it's auto insurance, homeowners' insurance, or health insurance, you regularly pay a certain amount in premiums to the insurance company. In return, the insurance company promises that if you are involved in an accident or become sick, they will reimburse you for your expenses under the terms of the insurance agreement.   But what happens if you are in a …

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