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California legal resources

Trademarking Your Business in California

IP lawyers say you should with a business name, but make sure you do it right

What to Know About Business Bankruptcy in California

And the alternatives to consider first

To Mediate or Arbitrate, That is the Question

How alternatives to litigation can save businesses time, money and more

Returning to Work After an Injury

What is required in San Diego after a workers’ compensation claim

The Four Pillars of a Good Estate Plan in California

And why a will doesn’t necessarily help you avoid probate court

When Does a Car Qualify As a Lemon in California?

San Diego consumer attorney Richard M. Wirtz clarifies the state’s lemon laws

What to Know About Dog-Bite Cases in California

Be compassionate, make sure everyone is OK, and carry proper homeowners or renters insurance, says an animal law expert

What Rights Do You Have During a Traffic Stop in California?

Talking through probable cause and unwarranted searches with a San Diego civil rights attorney

What You Need to Submit Utility and Design Patent Applications

And whether or not you need expert legal help in Southern California

What Constitutes Overbilling in California?

When a fee dispute becomes a breach

Should You Join a Class Action in California?

San Francisco attorney Mark E. Burton explains the ins and outs of signing on for a large lawsuit

Fighting the Validity of Wills or Trusts in Los Angeles

An overview of undue influence, lack of capacity, breach of fiduciary duty, and more

What Are Syndrome and Mental Defect Defenses in Criminal Cases?

How they have been argued and applied in federal and California courts

Can an Investment Broker's Record be Expunged in California?

What securities law says about getting rid of petty crimes and complaints

What is California's Density Bonus Law?

And what do developers need to do to qualify?

When Pedestrians Collide With Cars

Tips for maximizing your recovery if you’ve been hit by a vehicle

Can You Get Out of a Lease Agreement?

Yes, but there are some caveats in Northern California

The Care and Feeding of Nonprofits

Nonprofit business attorneys give their legal advice

Making Sure Business Contracts Work for You

A contract law primer for Northern California businesses

When and How to Declare Bankruptcy

California lawyer Michael Malter explains your options

What to Do If You Suspect Price Fixing or Unfair Competition

Call an attorney to investigate an antitrust violation

What Do I Need to Sue Someone for False Advertising?

What the consumer law says in California

How You Prove Bad Faith in a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Legal tips for Californians seeking prompt investigation and payment

Conflicts Checks, Red Flags and Communicating Specifics

What business litigation clients should expect from—and provide for—their attorneys

Your Options for Selling Assets in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

What California law says if you’re looking to liquidate or reorganize

How Do You Terminate Birth Parents' Rights?

It's a necessary step in the process for stepparents to adopt

Is My Personal Injury Attorney Right for Me?

Comfort and communication are keys

What the California Environmental Quality Act Requires

And how it may affect your real estate project

When the Government Needs Your Land

Northern California property owners are in a good bargaining position for eminent domain cases

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Conservation Easement?

And how much time and money will it take?

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