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Super Lawyers White Collar Crime Articles

What Is White Collar Crime?

The penalties can be harsher than you might expect

What Happens During an Internal Investigation for Fraud?

A Colorado white collar criminal defense attorney explains

The Fines and Jail Time Penalties for White Collar Crimes in Texas

What you stand to lose, should you be convicted of one

Should We Do a Corporate Internal Investigation or Notify the Government?

How Indiana businesses should respond to suspected wrongdoing

Criminal Defenses to Money Laundering in Kansas

Legal advice for federal white-collar crime

What is Considered Tampering with Evidence?

How Delaware defines and penalizes it

How Does the IRS Determine Tax Evasion in Washington DC?

Do I need a tax fraud attorney or was it a simple mistake?

Soft vs. Hard Insurance Fraud in New Jersey

What a white-collar criminal could face for committing it

A Presidential Pardon Primer

How do I get a pardon from the president?

How to Fight Fraud Charges in Maryland

First, know the laws at play. Second, call a Maryland Criminal Fraud Lawyer

An Overview on Federal Criminal Law

What you should know when facing a federal charge

When the Feds Overstep Your Privacy

It might be because more data is open to government scrutiny, but opponents say some should be off-limits

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