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Using Her Elbows

Runner Haley Krug carries her competitiveness into the legal arena


Natasha Hazlett—lawyer, author, influencer

Featuring Natasha Hazlett

The Long Commute

For David Nevin, the miles between Boise and Guantánamo Bay are secondary to justice for high-profile client Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Featuring David Z. Nevin

Into the (Idaho) Wild

Environmental attorney Murray Feldman on the book that anthologizes the state’s natural history

Featuring Murray D. Feldman

Always on Trial

Lawyers are constantly being judged, and not just from the bench 

Featuring D. Duff McKee

This Property Was Condemned

Idaho land use lawyer JoAnn Butler talks sprawl, zoning and seeing the future Featuring JoAnn C. Butler

Then and Now

Being a journalist wasn’t working for Trudy Hanson Fouser. Being a lawyer? Different story Featuring Trudy Hanson Fouser

Trial Lawyers Care

Idaho attorney Bill Mauk relocated his practice to New York City for six months to be a part of the biggest pro bono effort in history

Featuring William L. Mauk

The Right Track

Dana Herberholz’s interest in science makes him a perfect match for IP law Featuring Dana M. Herberholz

On the Level

Construction lawyer Adam Richins isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves for clients Featuring

The Trailblazer

Jean Uranga took the LSAT on a dare and became one of the first female attorneys in Idaho Featuring

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Jeffrey Fereday makes environmentalists and businesses play nice


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