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My Name is My Name

Five Pennsylvania solo acts on why they stepped out alone

A Philadelphia Story

Entertainment law pioneer Lloyd Remick is still evolving at 84 Featuring Lloyd Zane Remick

Fighting for Air

Robert McKinstry Jr. works to tackle climate change Featuring Robert B. McKinstry, Jr.

Come. Sit. Stay.

Visiting Matt Andersen’s dog-friendly beertopia Featuring Matthew B. Andersen


Amy B. Ginensky’s second act Featuring Amy B. Ginensky

Coming to America

Immigrant attorneys share their journeys to, and visions of, America Featuring Ruben Honik, ...

'Everywhere We Went, We Were First'

That’s how it feels to work side-by-side with trailblazer Sherrie Savett Featuring Sherrie R. Savett

Have Immigration Attorney, Will Travel

Dana Imperia helps sports stars get in the game Featuring Dana K. Imperia

The Not-So-Secret Origin of Joe Gushue

Talking comics with the Philly patent lawyer Featuring Joseph P. Gushue

Stopping the Scroll

Salene Mazur Kraemer says in a high-stress field, photography is a saving grace Featuring Salene Mazur Kraemer

Philadelphia Athletics

Renee Hykel Cuddy went from Boathouse Row to the Beijing Olympics, thanks to some good old-fashioned Philly grit Featuring Renee Hykel Cuddy

From Perry Mason to The Good Wife

The decline of civility and rise of bullying in the profession Featuring Francine Friedman Griesing

Shop Talk

For Bernard W. Smalley, it all started in his father’s West Philadelphia barber shop Featuring Bernard W. Smalley, Sr.

Here Come the Millennials

Six lawyers talk about the unique challenges of being young in a profession that prizes age Featuring Priscilla E. Jimenez, ...

'Nobody Wants to Be the Guy That Shuts Down a Hospital'

Yet that's exactly what Gary Samms had to do Featuring Gary M. Samms

Electoral College

Charles Gibbs was involved in politics at an early age; now it’s a niche practice

Featuring Charles M. Gibbs

Our Man in Nicaragua and Guatemala and Germany

Aaron Freiwald wrote his way through the world before taking to the law

Featuring Aaron J. Freiwald

The Unsticking Point

How Miriam Barish arrived at the intersection of law and gender

Featuring Miriam Benton Barish

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