Articles Written by Beth Taylor

First Amendment Fray in San Francisco

Two SF attorneys champion a freelance journalist whose home was raided after he refused to name …

Featuring Thomas R. Burke, …

Legal Community Mourns the Passing of Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte

The Tallahassee lawyer’s legacy includes service as president of the ABA and of FSU, and …


The Survivor

How Aurora McCreary’s life and career prepared her for the CBS reality show

Featuring Aurora McCreary

The Public Defender Bug

Why 19 years in the PD’s office didn’t burn out Lauri Brenner

Featuring Lauri Brenner

Class Action Hastens MLB’s Extension of Safety Netting

Texas attorney Bob Hilliard calls suit ‘the crack in the dam’

Featuring Robert C. Hilliard

Houston’s Mark Lanier Wins $4.7 Billion Verdict in Talcum Case

The largest jury award in the U.S. this year went against Johnson & Johnson 

Featuring Mark Lanier

VW Settlement Money Earmarked to Battle Climate Change

The $1.4 billion comes from a $14.7 billion payout negotiated in 2016 by San Francisco’s …

Featuring Elizabeth J. Cabraser

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Fern Steiner brings her labor law tenacity to two local boards

Featuring Fern M. Steiner

(R)IP Address

What happens to our e-pulse after death? Estate planning Anne Coventry is on the case

Featuring Anne W. Coventry

Ohio Fertility Clinic Hit With Lawsuits Over Destroyed Embryos

Storage tank alarm did not warn of rising temperature

Featuring Stuart E. Scott, …

Custody Battle

Family law attorney Andrew Zashin asks the 6th Circuit to bring consistency to cases involving …

Featuring Andrew A. Zashin

Custody Clarification

Cleveland family law attorney Andrew Zashin gets a 6th Circuit ruling that brings …

Featuring Andrew A. Zashin

Robert Hilliard Cries Foul Against Major League Baseball

The Texas attorney is handling a lawsuit that would force ball clubs to do more to protect …

Featuring Robert C. Hilliard

Policyholders Accuse Insurer of Underpaying Their Claims

San Francisco insurance-coverage lawyer Ivo Labar is spearheading a class action against The …

Featuring Ivo Labar

‘Adopt-a-Nazi’ Program Takes on White Supremacists

San Francisco attorney Cody Harris turned to GoFundMe to counteract a planned extremist rally …

Featuring Cody S. Harris

Steve Berman: Putting the Brakes on Alleged Emissions Cheating

The Seattle heavy-hitter accuses GM of deception similar to that used by Volkswagen

Featuring Steve W. Berman

Legal Community Mourns Attorney Who Helped Shape Seattle

Melody McCutcheon’s  projects ranged from Safeco Field to the Yesler Terrace housing …


Florida Legal Community Mourns 'Brilliant' Plaintiff's Litigator

Coral Gables' Ervin Gonzalez 'understood the human condition'


Hilarie Bass: Hitting the Ground Running

The new ABA president is tackling issues ranging from gender equity to fake news


The Long, Globetrotting Apprenticeship of Jason C. Astle

What becomes a pre-law student most?

Featuring Jason C. Astle

The Riveter

Lisa Sparks opens doors to the law for underprivileged girls

Featuring Lisa D. Sparks

Passing Off Your Passwords When You Pass On

Estate planning in the digital age


Tackling an Epidemic

Cleveland’s Stephen Walters focuses on fighting the opioid crisis

Featuring Stephen E. Walters

You Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee

The rules affecting refugees and asylum seekers in Florida


Future Lawyer of America

Jessica Palvino has come a long way from walking her cows every morning to walking the halls of …

Featuring Jessica Palvino

Uncle Bill

Robert F. Brennan talks ABOUT consumer law ... and UNCLE William J. Brennan Jr.

Featuring Robert F. Brennan

Games Over

Bankruptcy lawyer Laura Day DelCotto isn’t playing around when it comes to protecting her clients

Featuring Laura Day DelCotto

Phillip Parker

A Tale Worth Telling

To Nashville litigator Gail Ashworth, every case is a page-turner

Featuring Gail Vaughn Ashworth

The Accidental Lawyer

Carl Roth has racked up $2.4 billion worth of patent cases—and championed a heroic burn victim …

Featuring Carl R. Roth

Flip the Script

When Luke Ellis gets a case, the first thing he does is tear it apart

Featuring Luke Ellis

‘America’s Lawyer’

Mike Papantonio, law partner of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., says trial lawyers without some rage in …

Featuring Mike Papantonio


The Spokane litigator is all about protecting liberties

Featuring Kevin J. Curtis

Stan Kaady

She Speaks the Language

Kimberly Bessiere Martin could have been a spy but she became fascinated with products liability

Featuring Kimberly Bessiere Martin

The No-Comfort Zone

McCathern business lawyer Jesse Hoffman likes to tackle questions that haven’t already been …

Featuring Jesse Hoffman

The Atticus of Attica

From rioting prisoners to Black Panthers to animal-rights defenders, Michael E. Deutsch has been on …

Featuring Michael E. Deutsch

From the Barre to the Bar

Rebecca A. Nitkin traded in her pointe shoes for a criminal defense practice


Roger Mastroianni

The Candy Man’s Lawyer

John R. Climaco helped Sammy Davis Jr. battle financial failures, negotiated with Cesar Chavez on …

Featuring John R. Climaco

Anything You Can Do, She Can Do Better

Vicki L. Gilliam holds her own fighting for clients like Brandy Nicole Williams and the Ramapough …

Featuring Vicki L. Gilliam

Shane Bevel

Lawyer, Heal Thy Doctor

Oklahoma City’s Linda Scoggins is just what the doctor ordered for her health-care industry …

Featuring Linda G. Scoggins

A Damon Runyon Kind of Practice

Judd Burstein is mum on Fox News, but not on the mob or Don King

Featuring Judd Burstein

The Real Lyon

Mesquite personal injury lawyer Ted Lyon has set his sights on the Koch brothers, the Texas prison …

Featuring Ted Lyon

Roads to Resolution

Victor Schachter on launching mediation centers in emerging democracies around the world


Chaos Theory

How Kurt Melchior, who escaped Nazi Germany at 13, metamorphosed into a business litigator

Featuring Kurt W. Melchior

The Good Foot Soldier

David Goodnight’s client list ranges from Amazon to Monsanto to a Napa Valley vineyard—and in …

Featuring David R. Goodnight

Kay Wolf: ‘It’s the People’

The Orlando employment defense attorney spends her spare time bringing educational opportunities to …

Featuring Kay L. Wolf

How Taj Clayton Got Book-Smart and Street-Smart

The Fish & Richardson partner reflects on humble pie, hard work and comparisons to President Obama

Featuring Taj Jamar Clayton

Larry R. Rogers Sr. on Personal (and Corporate) Responsibility

The Chicago attorney says everyone makes mistakes—but there’s a time for accountability

Featuring Larry R. Rogers

Phillip Parker

The People-Pleaser

When everyone gets up from the table smiling, it’s a good day for Nashville transactional …

Featuring Darlene T. Marsh

Saving Mao’s Last Dancer

Charles C. Foster marshaled the force of the entire U.S. government to help a Chinese ballet artist …

Featuring Charles C. Foster

Pioneer Spirit

When the Hon. Daniel Weinstein started out in mediation, people thought it was …

Featuring Daniel H. Weinstein

Stew Cogan Takes Sides

The Seattle mediator and arbitrator is a natural at helping people work things out

Featuring Stew Cogan

Matt May

The Right Medicine

Why Tampa’s Bennie Lazzara Jr. put aside criminal defense work to champion injured nursing-home …

Featuring Bennie Lazzara, Jr.

The Organizational Genius of Dara Hegar

The young Houston lawyer’s trial-prep proficiency landed her the role of managing attorney for …

Featuring Dara Hegar

The 'Good Divorce' Lawyer

Miles N. Beermann, with Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove, teaches splitting spouses how to be …

Featuring Miles N. Beermann

Joseph P. Thomas’ Patient Approach

The class action defender at Ulmer & Berne in Cincinnati changes perceptions about big …

Featuring Joseph P. Thomas


Memphis lawyer Arnold Perl on the shift from ‘workers’ to ‘human resources’

Featuring Arnold E. Perl

Don Ipock

The Good Seed

Don Downing grew up around Missouri cotton, soy and rice farms. So when a genetically modified …

Featuring Don M. Downing

Craig Mitchelldyer

Her Own Way

Judy Snyder tells how the Civil Rights Act of 1991 transformed the nation—and her practice

Featuring Judy D. Snyder

B. Gerald Johnson: Civic Booster

The co-founder of Pacifica Law Group helped shape Seattle

Featuring B. Gerald Johnson

Stuart Z. Grossman V. Curacao

Bank of America, BP, and possibly the Netherlands are also on notice from the Coral Gables personal …

Featuring Stuart Z. Grossman

Engineering Solutions

Richard H. Steen’s mix of strengths makes him a powerhouse at the negotiating table

Featuring Richard H. Steen

When a Click Is More Than Just a Click

In the world of click-fraud investigations, Dean Gresham’s name is at the top of any search engine

Featuring R. Dean Gresham

Michael T. Reagan Makes His Case

The Ottawa appellate attorney is all about the details

Featuring Michael T. Reagan

Ross Van Pelt

The Fixer

Nothing makes estate lawyer Ruth I. Rounding madder than witnessing injustice. Colleagues at Kohnen …


Act 10, Scene 1

Lester Pines and Tamara Packard were ringside during the Madison protests

Featuring Lester A. Pines, …

David Tyra: Supreme Challenge

How this employment defense attorney with Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard helped save …

Featuring David W. Tyra

Michael Jones

Man of Science

From Coast Guard icebreakers to hydroelectric projects, Don Haagensen, with Cable Huston Benedict …

Featuring Donald A. Haagensen

Adam Auel

Bill Axselle: At Your Service

After 16 years as a legislator, the government law attorney at Williams Mullen lobbies for change …


Mr. Hopeful

John Hempelmann was there for Camelot, nearly became a U.S. congressman, and is still shaping …

Featuring John W. Hempelmann

Matt May

Q&A: Benjamin H. Hill III

Whether a fellow lawyer is in a sticky situation or a civic group needs help, people tend to turn …

Featuring Benjamin H. Hill, III

Michael S. Berger: For the People

Q&A with a medical malpractice attorney—and activist at heart

Featuring Michael S. Berger

How David C. Hilliard Got the Jacksonville Jaguars to Change Their Logo

The intellectual property lawyer at Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson is not …

Featuring David C. Hilliard

Building Excitement

It’s not quite Disneyland, but Dayton real estate attorney Alan B. Schaeffer’s current project …

Featuring Alan B. Schaeffer

Kathleen Evans

The 2010 president of the state bar practices estate law out of a charming old house in Salem with …

Featuring Kathleen A. Evans

One Lawyer, Broad Horizons

David Allen is involved with everything from corporate finance to hunger awareness


‘If You Run Big, Dangerous Things, You Have an Obligation to Run Them Safely’

The philosophy of Constellation Energy’s Charles Berardesco


Manhattan Transfer

Real estate lawyer David Alan Richards transfers everything from Kipling books to air

Featuring David Alan Richards

The Ride of a Lifetime

Through nearly four decades of litigation, Jon Muth says it’s the people along the way who count


Dianne Jay Weaver, Weaver & Weaver, P.A., Jacksonville

How Weaver went from being called “The Skirt” to landing nearly twenty $1 million-plus …

Featuring Dianne J. Weaver

Q&A With Charlie Wiggins, Wiggins & Masters, Bainbridge Island

How a ‘military brat’ ended up setting his sights on the state Supreme Court


Rx for Hospitals: Q&A with Robert P. Roth

Robert P. Roth practices medical malpractice defense at Portnoy & Roth in Bloomfield Hills. He …

Featuring Robert P. Roth

Q&A: Charles Pillans III

Bedell, Dittmar, DeVault, Pillans & Coxe, Jacksonville

Featuring Charles P. Pillans, III

Q&A: Robert K. Dawson, DawsonBrown, Seattle

The 55-year-old litigator is hooked on adrenaline—whether it be in the courtroom or hurtling …

Featuring Bob Dawson

Q&A: Barnes Ellis, Stoel Rives, Portland

Ellis reflects on 44 distinguished years in law. Though his practice tends toward the …


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