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About Erik Lundegaard

Erik Lundegaard has been a senior editor at Super Lawyers since 2005 and its editor in chief since 2013—during which time the magazine has won close to 100 journalism awards around the country. His freelance writing has been published by The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Slate, Salon,, The Christian Science Monitor, The Seattle Times and The Believer, among others. He has a B.A. in English from the University of Minnesota, studied Mandarin Chinese in Taipei, Taiwan, and lives in Seattle, Washington, where he is a long-suffering Seattle Mariners fan. In his spare time, he is working on a book about the movies of James Cagney.

Articles Written by Erik Lundegaard

What Makes a Good Personal Injury Case in Texas?

Injury, liability and someone with the ability to pay

What Rights Do You Have During a Traffic Stop in California?

Talking through probable cause and unwarranted searches with a San Diego civil rights attorney

When Does a Car Qualify As a Lemon in California?

San Diego consumer attorney Richard M. Wirtz clarifies the state’s lemon laws

The Four Pillars of a Good Estate Plan in California

And why a will doesn’t necessarily help you avoid probate court

What Do Lawyers Look For in a Dog-Bite Case in Georgia?

And if you’re a dog-bite victim, why it’s better to contact an attorney sooner rather …

Speed, Unprecedented Speed

Why Ali Awad says social media is the future of the legal business

Overturning Quill

Tax attorney Richard Litwin already had a busy practice; then the U.S. Supreme Court changed the …

What to Know About Dog-Bite Cases in California

Be compassionate, make sure everyone is OK, and carry proper homeowners or renters insurance, says …

Five Months in Jerusalem

Eliza Ghanooni recounts clerking for Israel’s Supreme Court

The Bridge to Armenia

Mhare Mouradian gives back to the country he never knew

What Does It Mean to Have a Public Defender on the U.S. Supreme Court?

Four former PDs on the importance of Ketanji Brown Jackson

Alabama's Medical Marijuana Law Doesn't Apply at Work

Cardholders still may experience repercussions on the job

The Life Lessons of Howell Heflin

How a U.S. senator changed a life and made a lawyer

Is There Leeway in Leases?

Renegotiation, termination and litigation in New York real estate

The Rules Rule

Ariana Tadler on her stint with the Federal Civil Rules Advisory Committee

Burmese Days

A summer among soldiers and refugees forever altered Kellen G. Ressmeyer

How Real is 'The Queen's Gambit'?

Chess champion and IP litigator Philip X. Wang talks Beth, Bobby Fischer, and why he’s never …

Summer Abroad

What Melanie Meneses Palmer learned in Phnom Penh

Wills, and a Way

COVID-19 didn’t stop a pro bono program for first responders; it expanded it

Miss Miracle

Former mentee ShaMiracle J. Rankin pays it forward

'Where Can I Be of Help?'

Amanda Mathis Riedling knows the benefits of pro bono go both ways

Does Your Business Need to Collect Sales and Use Taxes for Other States?

An Atlanta tax attorney walks us through the ramifications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s …

Growing Diversity

Justin Sanders and Reginald Roberts raise scholarship funds and awareness for an African American …

The Wisdom of a Yogi

To Russell Frackman, Berra’s words have meaning in life and law

Divorce Story

Daniel Jaffe on repping Noah Baumbach, learning from Melvin Belli, and hanging a shingle at 82

What are the Advantages to a Subchapter V Bankruptcy?

There’s less red tape and fewer fees, but you have to qualify

'We Are So Screwed'

A Kentucky bankruptcy attorney talks about the COVID-19 fallout

The Floodgates

Charity S. Bird on the rash of closures and Subchapter Vs during the pandemic

'I Can Fix That'

It was a long path to the law for T. McCall Stern; she wouldn’t trade it for anything

Real Estate, Interrupted

Joshua Stein talks about how commercial real estate can survive the COVID-19 pandemic

The Room Where It Isn't Happening

How long can Broadway stay shuttered? A Q&A with entertainment attorney Loren Plotkin

New York State of Mind

Four New York lawyers talk about how the COVID pandemic is affecting real estate, estate planning, …

Regular check-ins, respecting videoconference preferences, and other tips for working from home

Longtime work-from-home attorney Venkat Balasubramani offers best practices and a glimpse into a …

Five Los Angeles attorneys on how COVID-19 is affecting the law

For some, things are simply slower; for others, their entire practice is on hold

What's Protected Speech at Your Workplace?

Lesson one: Don’t make your complaints on Facebook or Twitter

Life Feels Different

Steve Sidman on the questions restaurateurs and chefs have during the COVID-19 pandemic

Can Political Campaigns Use Music Without Permission?

IP litigator Lawrence Iser weighs in on the Trump-Prince controversy

Is a Gamer an Artist?

Bryan Freedman attempts to make law in a growing $152 billion industry

Business, Interrupted

Nancy Sher Cohen’s insurance team is reviewing policies and advising businesses in the wake …

John Paul Stevens: Brilliant and Kind

Recollections on one of the U.S. Supreme Court’s longest-serving justices

Found in Translation

In Taiwan, Amy Y. Hsiao translated for kids and presidents

‘Nobody Knew the Danger Yet’

Xiaomin Chen recalls 9/11

'The Trees are Gone'

Lymari Santana returns to Puerto Rico for the first time since Hurricane Maria

Justice Kennedy: Renaissance Man, Decent Person, Mock Trial Enthusiast

How the lawyers of Super Lawyers have seen the court's longtime swing voter over the years

‘A Hole in the Constitution’

Linda Klein on the story behind the 25th Amendment

The Listening Tours

Linda Klein on her year as ABA president

The Mickey Mantle that Never Was

And the secret of the simplified Chinese character

Inside the White House, with Shawn Holley and Kim Kardashian

How the LA attorney and her client helped free Alice Marie Johnson


How the personal became political (and big business) for Rod Kight

Pilot Program

Bronze Star recipient Clinton T. Speegle is using his Iraq War aviation expertise to help …

Another Inconvenient Truth

Victoria Cook’s viral Facebook post helped expose gender bias in documentary filmmaking

Stephen Manning: 'The World is Watching'

Oregon immigration attorney is named top legal innovator of 2017

Ron Meshbesher: ‘I Love Practicing Law’

Remembering a candid Q&A with the legendary Minnesota criminal defense attorney from 2010

The Searcher

IP attorney Robert Cumbow shares his lifelong love of movies

Will Downtown Real Estate Bounce Back After COVID-19?

What real estate attorneys think the road ahead may look like

What the Law Says About Cannabis and the Workplace

Are there employee protections in medical and recreational marijuana states?

'Our Terms Have Changed'

A new strategy from plaintiff’s attorneys may prevent companies from cheating “large …

The Room Where It Happened

How did a bastard orphan go on and on to become a musical phenomenon? Loren Plotkin and Nancy …

Our Cousin Vinny

Move over, Atticus: Lawyers have a new favorite cinematic lawyer

Unlimited License (to Sue)

IP attorney Christopher Seidman protects artists in the digital age

The Three Lessons of Edward Tolley

The prominent Athens trial lawyer talks about what he’d do to change the justice system

500 Hours of Prep for a 30-Minute Argument

If Kathryn Karcher lives in Washington state, why is she president of the California Academy of …

You Messed with the Wrong Marine

How elder abuse litigation attorney Kimberly Valentine transcended a tough upbringing to become a …

How to Make Divorce Faster, Cheaper and Smoother

Getting Divorced in Southern California

Labor Force

Barbara Zack Quindel on east coast sarcasm, the Wisconsin idea, and the last five years for …

An Innocence Man

Barry Scheck talks Louima, Lyons, and whether the state has executed an innocent man

Schroer as in Prayer

Appellate attorney Janet Schroer on repair work, staying in Oregon despite a gubernatorial …

Balasubramani, Offline

Internet attorney Venkat Balasubramani loves talking about tech matters and legal theory, less so …

Right Way for Right-of-Way

Eminent domain attorney and Expo Line advocate Bradford B. Kuhn on why the easiest way from Point A …

Mind the Gap

Why W. Lewis Garrison Jr. has been accused of turning Alabama into ‘tort hell’

Playing With the Interplay

Nancy Crow on the giant puzzle of tax law and the special joy of the Windsor decision

When a Cemetery is Not a Cemetery

And other tales from Oliver Maner’s Patrick T. O’Connor

The Golbert Report

Traveling the world and buying Chagalls with international tax attorney Albert S. Golbert

The Man in the Gray Hat

The formerly controversial Gene Iredale embraces nuance and theft

Trial Dog

In an age of settlements, clients with must-try cases are relying on experienced lawyers like J. …

The Defining Civil Rights Issue of This Century

David Boies, Ted Olson, and the federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage

Debt and Taxes

Tax and estate planning attorney Deborah Weber talks eggshell audits, offers in compromise, and why …

Keep It Simple, Stupid

That’s what Steve W. Berman has always done, in class action lawsuits against Jack in the Box, …

The Young and the Restless

PI plaintiff’s attorney Robert T. Simon hung a shingle at 29, but it’s his pretrial ritual …

The Dream Team

Theodore B. Olson, David Boies, and the federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage

Real People, Real Problems and a Chance to Help

Three reasons why the law appeals to real estate attorney Willis Carpenter

GC of the GA GOP

Republican lawyer Anne W. Lewis talks voter ID laws, the state’s political racial divide, and …

Grounded in Aviation Law

Former pilot Ronald L. M. Goldman represents air crash victims, but one of his first clients was …

Contamination Counselor

Environmental law attorney Andrew L. Kolesar on the consequences of toxic decisions

Life, Death and the Green Bay Packers

Real estate attorney Benjamin S. Stern, of Chernov, Stern & Krings, talks about the global …


Before taking up entertainment law, Marilyn G. Haft worked for the ACLU, Bella Abzug, the White …

To Dream a Dream of Family Law

Michael Maguire won a Tony for leading a failed revolution in the original Broadway production …

What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Age Discrimination?

Seven local attorneys try to bring light to a murky issue

The General


Land Useful

Land use attorney Sarah M. Rockwell, of Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell, grew up hearing dinner-table …

One Rogue Solicitor

In 2009, Mark Lewis was working from home and selling assets; within two years, he helped …

Doing the Dozens

Professional liability defense lawyer Christine L. Mast juggles dozens of cases—including, …

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar

John Quinn and David Quinto, of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, general counsel and …

Maryland Law & Politics

Timothy F. Maloney talks ’70s politics, civility among lawyers, and having a gun pointed at his …

Buting for the Defense

Cancer survivor Jerome Buting on fallibility, prejudgment and the deterioration of criminal law

The Four Lanes of Alphonso E. Tindall Jr.

As a child he walked the precincts for the first African-American running for mayor of New Haven; …

Paramount Duty

Thomas Ahearne wins one for public education

Faer, Focused

Laura Faer, statewide education director at Public Counsel, knew what she wanted to do in high …

Collaborative Art

How an expertise in poisoning led Alexandra Kwoka to family law

Lone Ranger

Jean Dubofsky, the first female justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, and the appellate lawyer who …

Cochran’s Man in Atlanta

Hezekiah Sistrunk Jr. sees lawyering as a service job

Wanted: Shades of Gray

IP and business litigator Adrian Pruetz, whose eponymous firm merged with Glaser Weil Fink Jacobs …

Insurance Exchange

Jeffrey A. Wothers, managing partner of Niles, Barton & Wilmer, talks insurance, Lloyd’s …

War Stories

Dennis P. Coffey on the war on drugs, law schools, and how overlegislated we are

The Rabbi’s Son

Bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman on tough cases, humorous deal toys, and how to handle power …

James Lobsenz Rewrites the Rules

How a Seattle appellate lawyer helped end 'don’t ask, don’t tell'


Sara Azari fled Khomeini-era Iran, practiced law in Rio and defends the worst of the worst

Long-Term Care

Estate planning and probate attorney Carol Kao talks with her clients about the two certainties of …

Swimming, Not Sinking

Denver native Lawrence Litvak talks cases, judges and his ‘sink or swim’ philosophy

C. Neal Pope’s Door-to-Door Advocacy

The class action attorney from Pope, McGlamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison & Norwood on the best mentoring …

‘Take Your Violin and Go Back to Vienna!’

Entertainment lawyer Eric Weissmann, of Weissmann Wolff Bergman Coleman Grodin & Evall, on …

Rifkin, Not Ripken

Alan Rifkin has represented Maryland’s Senate, governor, jockey club, and, yes, its baseball team

Sympathy for the Defendant

Tracey Wood is energetic, optimistic, and represents ‘the most hated’ defendants

Being Dan Monnat

What the criminal defense lawyer has learned from Gerry Spence, Grace Wu … and the Lone Ranger

It Came From Hollywood

NATO (the other one) turns to former TV screenwriter Gary Klein as its legal counsel

The Fourth Lesson of Joe Flom

It has something to do with liquidity

A Serious Man

Ron Meshbesher talks about his legendary career and what it’s like being name-checked in a Coen …

Remembering the St. Louis

Robert Rubin has made protecting civil liberties his life’s work

Uncle Sam Wanted Him

How Peter Greenspun, a table-pad manufacturer’s son from Philadelphia, wound up …

The Storyteller

Trial legend Gerry Spence on fear, honesty and the value of knowing one’s story

Foreign Service

How Robert Mautino, of Mautino & Mautino, learned nine languages, snuck a Filipino war veteran into …

In-House at the White House

Cheryl Stanton talks about working as a counsel and special assistant to President George W. Bush

Defending Goliath

Kenzo Kawanabe of Davis Graham & Stubbs on what ultimately influences jurors

Veteran’s Day in Court

Natalie Brown of Leventhal, Brown & Puga soldiers on for a soldier

Q&A With Gary B. Blum

The time and expense of the Rocky Flats case didn’t lead Gary Blum to consider alternative …

Q&A With Nagendra “Nick” Setty

How Nagendra Setty dropped out (of med school), turned on (to patent law) and set up Fish & …

A Bit of a Rebel with a Bit of a Cause

Schuyler Moore’s life would make a great movie; but would he watch it?

Q&A With Thomas Geoghegan

How the labor lawyer at Despres, Schwartz and Geoghegan almost broke the Watergate scandal

Q&A With Ward B. Coe III

The Gallagher Evelius & Jones attorney talks about taking on country clubs, S&Ls—and skunks

The Pugilist (Not) At Rest

Michael Tarnoff of the Warshafsky Law Firm is boxing again—after 50 years

Mr. Schpak, The Next Generation

How Andrew Schpak is helping save Hollywood … the theater

Q&A With Murray Schwartz

Murray Schwartz of Schwartz & Perry has been practicing for 60 years. He currently focuses …

Sullivan’s Travels

What happened when Wyoming's Michael J. Sullivan returned to the land of his forebears

Windows of Opportunity

In 1978, Bill Neukom helped launch Microsoft. Now he's going after a small thing called world …

Q&A with Edna Ruth Vincent

Edna Ruth Vincent, a family law attorney with Colten Cummins Watson & Vincent in Fairfax, Va., was …

Grilling George Foreman

How Henry Holmes helped create one of the most successful product introductions of the …

A Safer Chicago

How Ron Safer and his team took down the Gangster Disciples

Political Lawyers

Patrick Oxford and Boe Martin

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