Articles Written by Jessica Glynn

Paul Wedlake

Justice Is Coming

Tina Habas is civil defense’s worst nightmare: a former defense attorney, now …

Featuring Christina M. Habas

Paul Wedlake

The Force of Nature and the Steadying Hand

How Iris Eytan and Dru Nielsen create magic—and not-guilty verdicts

Featuring Dru Nielsen, …

‘Am I Free to Leave, Officer?’

Helpful legal tips should you face police misconduct in Colorado


Outdated Laws: New York City Edition

Some of the most bizarre crimes in NYC


Susan Goddard

The Professional

Kenzo Kawanabe fights to live in a more meritocratic society

Featuring Kenzo Kawanabe

Susan Goddard

The Life of Reilly

Dan Reilly has a simple goal: he wants to put together the greatest trial team in the country

Featuring Daniel M. Reilly

Ray Ng

Normal Genius

Malcolm Wheeler can win a case just by showing up

Featuring Malcolm E. Wheeler

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