Articles Written by Jessica Glynn

Has Class Been Dismissed?

The recent developments in class actions lawsuits


How to Defend a Discrimination Claim

Employment lawyers give their advice


Paul Wedlake

Justice Is Coming

Tina Habas is civil defense’s worst nightmare: a former defense attorney, now …

Featuring Christina M. Habas

Where Are You Safe from Workplace Monitoring?

Where Colorado employment law stands on Big Brother and privacy


Paul Wedlake

The Force of Nature and the Steadying Hand

How Iris Eytan and Dru Nielsen create magic—and not-guilty verdicts

Featuring Dru Nielsen, …

‘Am I Free to Leave, Officer?’

Helpful legal tips should you face police misconduct in Colorado


Outdated Laws: New York City Edition

Some of the most bizarre crimes in NYC


Susan Goddard

The Professional

Kenzo Kawanabe fights to live in a more meritocratic society

Featuring Kenzo Kawanabe

Susan Goddard

The Life of Reilly

Dan Reilly has a simple goal: he wants to put together the greatest trial team in the country

Featuring Daniel M. Reilly

Ray Ng

Normal Genius

Malcolm Wheeler can win a case just by showing up

Featuring Malcolm E. Wheeler

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