Articles Written by Jessica Glynn

Vindicating Victims

Why did Trump supporter Douglas H. Wigdor take on Fox News? The same reason he’s sued …

Tales Out of School

Timothy J. Mullins represents school districts and their myriad legal issues

Antiques Homeshow

How Arthur Saito came to steward an Asian art collection

Get Back Up

No matter how many times he’s been knocked down, Michael Burg always rises

Has Class Been Dismissed?

The recent developments in class actions lawsuits

How to Defend a Discrimination Claim

Employment lawyers give their advice

Justice Is Coming

Tina Habas is civil defense’s worst nightmare: a former defense attorney, now …

Where Are You Safe from Workplace Monitoring?

Where Colorado employment law stands on Big Brother and privacy

The Force of Nature and the Steadying Hand

How Iris Eytan and Dru Nielsen create magic—and not-guilty verdicts

‘Am I Free to Leave, Officer?’

Helpful legal tips should you face police misconduct in Colorado

Surviving Divorce in Colorado

Keeping as much of your time, money and dignity intact as possible

Outdated Laws: New York City Edition

Some of the most bizarre crimes in NYC

Cynthia Ciancio Speaks Her Mind

The family law lawyer fights escalation before seeking annihilation

She Could Do Without the Death Threats

Pamela Robillard Mackey talks prosecutors, system failure and Kobe

The Professional

Kenzo Kawanabe fights to live in a more meritocratic society

The Life of Reilly

Dan Reilly has a simple goal: he wants to put together the greatest trial team in the country

Normal Genius

Malcolm Wheeler can win a case just by showing up

Lane v. U.S.

Whether defending death row inmates or Balloon Boy’s dad, David Lane strives to keep …

Wartime Consigliere

How Richard Baer, accidental general counsel and wannabe cop, helped Qwest survive a $3 billion …

‘Who Did You Rep During the Global Financial Meltdown, Daddy?’

How an all-star line-up of lawyers helped ensure that Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers were …

Protecting the Insider

Four whistleblower attorneys tell their stories

The Gentle Giant

Bill Keating represents injured clients with uncommon compassion

We Will Sell No Astrachan Before Its Time

James Astrachan is a "professionally focused attorney" mixed with the "nuttiness of …

Staying Civil After 9/11

Three civil rights lawyers—Michael Ratner, Arthur Eisenberg and Manuel Vargas—and …

The Supreme Warrior

Why Walter L. Gerash is one of the best lawyers in the whole motherbleeping country

Eminent in Her Domain

Leslie Fields talks about an old book (The Good Earth), her book (Colorado Eminent …

The Wartime Consigliere

Richard Baer helps Qwest survive a $3 billion accounting scandal

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