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About Jim Walsh

Jim Walsh is an award-winning author, journalist, writer, and songwriter from Minneapolis. An alumnus of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and a John S. Knight fellow at Stanford University, his work has appeared in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and many other publications. He is the author of The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting: An Oral History; Gold Experience: Following Prince in the ’90s; and Bar Yarns and Manic-Depressive Mixtapes: Jim Walsh on Music from Minneapolis to the Outer Limits.

Articles Written by Jim Walsh

Handy at Bandy

Kelly Engebretson keeps it cool on the ice

Leap of Faith

Janet Stellpflug on launching a firm during an unprecedented global pandemic

Their Voice in the System

How Vildan Teske defends the rights of U.S. military service members

The Most Expensive Orchestra Ever

The LA Lawyers Philharmonic measures time by the director’s beat rather than in six-minute …

The King's Castle

James McLaren on overseeing the expansion of Graceland

'Someone Should Just Go Get Her'

Shaimaa Hussein goes the extra mile for refugees and asylum seekers

Cheers to Michael Madigan

How to build a thriving alcohol practice before last call

Fire and Ice

Why John Mancebo cannot not succeed

The Road King

“Motorcycle Mike” Levine’s goal is to educate every biker in New York

Taking the ‘A’ Train

John Mancebo makes a connection on the way to Ice Hockey in Harlem

Traffick Alert

How Karla Vehrs helps the most vulnerable of immigrants

Won’t Back Down

When politicians pick campaign songs, songwriters pick Lawrence Iser

A Golden Age

An oral history of lawyers who began practicing law more than 50 years ago, and are still at it …

Model Lawyer

How Kristi Anderson Wells’ life as a Ford model paved the way to a successful family …

Assistance with Assisted Living

What to ask when moving a parent into a home in New York

Taxing Situations for New Yorkers

What to do if you owe Uncle Sam backtaxes

What You Can and Can't Do with Marijuana in Oregon

It's legal, but there are some limitations

The Counter-Balancing Force

Dan Gustafson doesn’t shy away from representing society’s biggest pariahs

Bring Me Your Poor (nah), Your Tired (please), Your Electrical Engineers (maybe)

Nancy Elkind on the dysfunction of U.S. immigration policy

The Man From Luck

Ardell Skow has spent 50 years taking personal injury cases in northwestern Wisconsin

Is My Personal Injury Worthy of a Case?

Four Missouri attorneys weigh in

Finding the Good

Deborah Ellis defends cops and the people arrested by them

Strength From Loss

Tragedy inspired nonprofit law attorney Karen Leaffer to provide community service and disaster …

Helping Those Who Help Those

Russell Kemp’s pro bono work with Habitat for Humanity

A Hollywood (Hills) Ending

How Gregory L. Bentley and Inner City Law Center helped tenants who didn’t know their rights—or …

O Coach, My Coach

What Lester J. Friedman learned from John Wooden

Too Sexy for My … Job?

Employment defense attorney Samantha N. Hoffman, scion of a surfing clan, on gender-plus …

The Silent Part of the Conversation

It’s just one reason why Marie Stanton thrives as a mediator

A Separation

Nooshin Namazi’s journey from Iran to Long Island

Asking Questions About Shooting First

A New York City primer on Duty to Retreat vs. Stand Your Ground

There’s No “I” in Greene

Legendary Minneapolis litigator Cliff Greene has made teamwork his legacy

The Things He Carries

Stephen J. Meyer’s clients tend to be good people who have screwed up once

Basketball Theory

Med mal attorney Duane M. Fiedler strives to even the playing field—in the courts and on the court

A Better Way

Nancy Zalusky Berg advocates for family law clients and human rights

The Real Deal

How personal injury attorney James Michael Kelley III outwits the experts

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Courtroom

Labe Richman’s monologue benefits the Immigrant Defense Project

The Peaceful Warrior

Windle Turley fights for gun control

The Advocate

Jim Schwebel is in the business of rebuilding lives

Counter Rhythms

Paul F. Cohen hears them in jazz and the law

Professional Calm

Daphne Webb stays level in the emotionally charged area of family law  

The Problem Solver

Brian Kabateck’s grandparents survived the Armenian genocide; now he represents the …

They must be guilty; they can barely speak English!

After seven years and about $2.5 million, Sarah Teachout helps to free two innocent men

How The Soviet Union Helped Make a Great Family Law Attorney

After Marjan Shansab’s harrowing escape from Afghanistan, nothing seemed impossible

The Very Model of a Modern General Litigator

Brian Goodman has fun every summer with Gilbert and Sullivan

Corner Man

Former cop Ed Harness is empathetic and unintimidated

Lennon Law

How Leon Wildes helped John Lennon stay in the city he loved

Just a Closer Walk

After more than $250 million in wins, Ray Thomas found he was missing something—and it …

Three Kings and a $25,000 Pot

Rick Daly found a novel way to finalize the deal—poker

The Republican from Harvard

Don't try to pigeonhole Chris Ward; you're sure to get him wrong

Into Africa

Angela Spivey finds meaning half a world away

I Remember Mamaliga

For Andrei Iancu, the good ol' days are now

America’s Two Favorite Pastimes

Where sports and business intersect, you'll find Adam Klein

The Collector

Robert T. Franklin is a maniac for Baltimore sports memorabilia and die-cast model trucks

Rainy Day Man

Stephen P. Hurley fights ‘the 21st-century version of lynching'


Patriotic clichés are easy to spout. But for three young Los Angeles-area attorneys, …

From Court to Court

Karie Cattanach is still sinking threes as Dane County assistant D.A.

In the Aftermath of Katrina

Two attorneys describe their post-hurricane legal work

Legal Drama

Putting away BTK was just another episode in Nola Tedesco Foulston’s made-for-TV …

Squeezing Terrorists' Bankbooks

Mark Werbner finds a novel way to fight terrorism

Dismantling OKBOMB

Sean Connelly put McVeigh away

When is it Right to Let a Baby Die?

Grappling with the right to life

The Laundryman Cleans Up

Stephen Susman keeps winning and winning and winning

The Deconstructionist

His clients — from Big Tobacco to nuclear weapons plants — aren’t always popular, …

The Gold Standard

Capital One's John Finneran expects the best

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