Articles Written by Judy Malmon

The Dangers of Dicamba

Farmers have filed lawsuits alleging crop damage and antitrust claims


Does My Landlord Have to Fix My Refrigerator?

Massachusetts rentals may not require all that you think they do


Cohabiting Couples Can Have Protections Similar to Marriage

Legal documentation can protect your property, children and estate in Massachusetts


Designing a Legal Plan for Your Business

One size doesn’t fit all startups


Do You Have a Duty to Prevent Suicide?

Massachusetts May Have Limited Circumstances of College Liability



Workplace Romance in the #MeToo Age

Now, more than ever, your job may be on the line


Could Your SEO Practices Get You in Trouble?

Trademark infringement liability might lurk in Adwords and hashtags


Privacy and Terms of Use Policies Need Regular Updating

Check your website terms or risk legal headaches later


A Notary is Not a Lawyer

Notarization might not mean what you think it means


Busted for Driving High in Oregon?

Legalization of marijuana does not make impaired driving legal


Your DNA Can Be Stolen

Your genetic code is as available as a discarded tissue in Oregon


Oregon Supports Residential Beekeeping

But beware of local nuisance laws


Your DNA Goes Where You Don’t

DNA transfer can erroneously link suspects to crimes


When Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Come Under Attack

A new legal frontier has formed around digital currency fraud, hacking and disputes


Claiming Workers’ Comp for Job-Related Stress

How to seek relief when workplace stress is significant in California


Are You Working After Punching Out?

California wage laws may not recognize federal ‘de minimis’ exception


Can Your DNA Link You to Crimes You Didn’t Commit?

DNA transfer leaves our stuff on things we’ve never touched


Why You Should Work With an Attorney on Surrogacy

The law in Minnesota is mostly silent, so a lawyer is essential


Real Estate Contract Options in Washington

Alternative financing arrangements can have advantages—and disadvantages


Airbnb Fiascos and Other Tales of Short-Term Rental Woe

Proceed with caution before turning your property over to strangers


Digital Spying in Washington State

Our modern world affords new avenues for divorcing spouses


Challenging the Algorithm That Decides Your Fate

Many states are using computerized formulas for bail, sentencing and parole


What is Considered a “Committed Intimate Relationship”?

Rights and protections for unmarried couples in Washington


Freedom of the Press for Students in Washington

New Voices laws give protections against media censorship


Infringing on the Public’s Right to Know

Washington juggles open meeting laws and privacy concerns


Can a Business Provide Your Private Information to ICE?

Yes, and though it’s against the law, illegal immigrants in Washington may still be …


To Victims of Assault: Please Seek Help and Report It

Attorneys overcome bias and understand victim behavior in Washington sexual misconduct …


Are Lactating Employees Afforded Special Accommodations?

Breastfeeding Discrimination Liability in Florida


Whose Fault is a Drug-Induced Homicide?

Death caused by fentanyl can be first-degree murder in Florida


Tips on Managing Your Divorce Lawyer Bill

Hint: Fighting with your ex in court is expensive


The Path to Employment and Citizenship for Foreign Students

An immigration attorney tips to connect skilled students with Pennsylvania employers


Looking for Liability for Opioid Deaths

Doctors, pharmaceutical companies—who can you sue?


How to Seek Academic Advancement for a Special Ed Student

Brighter IDEA: The Supreme Court has clarified standard of free, appropriate public education


Can My Special Needs Student be Suspended or Expelled?

“We shouldn’t punish kids for their disability”


Who’s to Blame for Overdose?

Opioid deaths may be prosecuted as homicide in Pennsylvania


Social Media and Hiring Decisions Are Not a Good Mix

Don’t check that applicant’s Facebook page


Social Media at Work: All Kinds of Ways to Get in Trouble

From slacking to cyberbullying in Arizona


Tax Law Problems in the Gig Economy

Receiving something other than money for services is still income to the IRS


Can You Take Your Paycheck in Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin has some present-day legal uncertainties


What’s a Form 1099-C and Why Was I Sent One?

If you settled a debt for less than you owed, you may owe taxes on it


Criminal Risk Assessments in Colorado

Judicial use of algorithms in sentencing and bail-setting has some downsides


How to Protect Yourself if You’re Cohabiting in New Jersey

Certain legal documents can save your property, children and estate


Can You Sue the City for Potholes?

Recovering for damage in New Jersey can be a rough road


What to Do When Employees Claim Stress

Stress-based workers’ comp claims in New Jersey face a higher bar


Planning the Future of the Family Business in New Jersey

Are your kids really the best choice to take over the company?


Your Attorney Must Keep Your Secrets … To a Point

What attorney-client privilege means, and the exceptions to it in New Jersey


You Don’t Need to Avoid Probate in Georgia

State laws make the process easier than you might think


Estate Planning for Blended Families

Contemporary families can have tricky planning issues in Georgia


If Your Spouse or Parent Dies Without a Will

You may not inherit what you think is yours: Georgia’s intestate succession laws


How to Train and Keep Foreign Doctors in the U.S.

J-1 visas and Conrad 30 waivers help, but they’re running out fast


The Immigration Squeeze on Military Recruits

The legal fight to keep the MAVNI program


Delays in the Green Card Process, and How an Attorney Can Help

Employers and foreign workers feel the squeeze on H-1Bs


Employees Can Be Told What to Wear in Georgia

Boss can dictate no-skirt policy for safety reasons


Suing for Pregnancy Discrimination in Georgia

Losing your job due to pregnancy is not allowed, and complications must be accommodated


Accommodations for Breastfeeding Under the PDA

Post-pregnancy worker rights in Georgia


Hey Barter Barter: The Law Swings for Contractors

Employee vs. Contractor is a critical classification in California barter arrangements


Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana in California

Legalization is not a pass to drive stoned


Shared Custody Arrangements for Pets

Illinois law allows judges to make such an order


6 Tips for Opening Your Doors on the Web

Protect yourself when you launch an e-commerce business


Immigration Enforcement Is Trending Upwards

Raids and audits are on the rise


“Gig” Workers in Illinois are Not Always Contractors

State and federal law can bite employers who misclassify their employees


Is a Restaurant Liable for Allergens in Food?

Legal advice, should you have an adverse reaction in Illinois


How Precise is DNA Evidence in a Criminal Case?

It’s not as open-and-shut as you might think


Your Smartphone Can Be Evidence in a Car Accident

If there’s reason to believe it played a part, devices may make or break your case


Covering Your Care Needs in Maryland

As you age, it’s important to plan for Medicaid and/or long-term care


Tax Fraud and Other Games of Chance

If you’re getting audited and haven’t paid your taxes, call a litigator …


Tips for a Family Business Succession Plan

How to get your baby on board in Ohio


Taking Legal Action Against Opioids

Ohio takes the lead on claims against drug producers and distributors


Recovering for a Birth Injury in Ohio

Compensation can provide for extensive care needs


What is Fee-Shifting?

The growing trend among attorneys may save Ohioans a boatload in legal fees


Your RV Has Its Own Warranty—and Legal Issues

Warranties, sales and lease fraud, and deceptive practices in Ohio


Driven to Distraction

The laws and penalties for driving while texting and drowsy driving in Arkansas


Whose Fault is It?

How to determine fault and recover damages in a Tennessee car accident suit


Why You Should Establish a Durable Power of Attorney

Save time and money while preparing for the worst in Massachusetts


Why You Should Establish a Health Care Proxy

Save time and money while preparing for the worst in Massachusetts


Avoiding Vacation Home Havoc

Tips for passing down the summer cottage or beach house in Massachusetts


Making Lemonade from a Car Purchase Gone Wrong

Massachusetts’ Lemon Law protects new and used car buyers


Stand Up to Debt Collectors’ Harassing Calls

Consumer protection law pays you to pursue your rights


Your Options to Catch Up on Student Loan Delinquency

Specialized legal help can cut through the confusion


Employment Discrimination Based on Criminal History

The legal protections relating to background checks in Massachusetts


Sam is Still Your Uncle

Living as an expat does not get you off the U.S. tax hook


Do I Need a Family Lawyer?

The pros and cons of DIY divorce


Don’t Throw Caution to the Wind

Filing an insurance lawsuit in the event of flooding, windstorms and wildfires in Texas


Trademarking Racial Slurs, Swear Words and Swastikas

The disparaging restriction is out. Is the scandalous clause next?


Fence Laws in Oregon

Eight tips to avoid/resolve a neighborly fence dispute


How Mandatory Arbitration Clauses Impact Consumer Rights

The implications of the fine print and latest rule changes for Oregonians


Choosing a Legal Entity for Your Business

Your options and how they’re viewed in Oregon


When a Tree Falls in California …

Your rights and legal responsibilities regarding trees on your property


Taking a Knee on the Job

Can your boss limit what you say while on the clock?


Sick of Dealing with Security Deposits?

Surety bonds are the little-known option that could help


Passing on the Minnesota Family Cabin

Vacation homes can sow generational harmony or havoc


Rules of the Road for Minnesota Bicyclists

Bikes are vehicles in the eyes of the law (with a few exceptions)


Avoiding a Fence Dispute in Minnesota

Some rules to keep in mind


Consent is Complicated

The legal standards to determine sexual consent in Minnesota


Resolving Student Loan Debt in Minnesota

Having a lawyer can help you through the morass


Can I Sue When Someone’s Dog Bites Me?

The laws regarding dog bites in Nevada


You Don’t Have to be Buzzed to Get Busted for DUI in Utah

Utah lowered its tolerance for drinking and driving to .05 BAC


Utah’s Metabolite DUI Law Doesn’t Require Impairment

It prohibits any drug byproduct in a driver’s bloodstream, period


Can I Be Arrested for Swearing at a Police Officer?

Our free speech rights intersect with other laws


Driving Under the Influence of Electronics

Texting while driving laws in Washington state


Don’t Lose to Washington’s Crappy Weather

Be legally prepared in case a flood, wildfire, or earthquake hits home


Sexting Can Land You in Jail

Child pornography and age of consent laws in Washington


Estate Planning for Dementia

Note to self: Do it now, before it’s too late!


Who Can Make Health Care Decisions for Teens?

Medical consent and confidentiality in Washington


Am I an Independent Contractor or Employee?

This classification is Uber-important for many reasons in Florida


Does This Job Make Me Look Old?

How to prove an age discrimination lawsuit in Florida


Getting Out of a Timeshare Can Be Tricky

Legal steps you can take if you’re stuck in a Florida timeshare


Driving a Hard Bargain

Fighting fraud and deception at car dealerships in Florida


When Disaster Strikes Florida

Being a savvy insurance consumer pays in the event of coastal storms and flooding


How to Leave a Charitable Legacy

Charity options as you plan your estate in Florida


How Does Pennsylvania Determine Child Custody?

Judges now consider 16 separate factors


Can My Employer Say Bad Things About Me?

Job references and the law in Pennsylvania


Can You Give a Bad Job Reference?

The legality of saying something negative about an employee in Pennsylvania


Domestic Violence and Custody in Pennsylvania

‘Best interests of the child’ analysis explicitly requires assessment of abuse


Kids Don’t Decide Their Own Custody and Fault Doesn’t Matter

Common misconceptions in Pennsylvania family law


Pass the … DUI?

Virginia’s open container law isn’t a safeguard if you have alcohol in a vehicle


What Happens When You Get a DUI as a Commercial Driver?

Holders of CDL face tough consequences in Arizona


Common Law Marriage in Real Life

The legal myths and facts about a persistently misunderstood concept


Same-Sex Common Law Marriage in Colorado

Marriage may be retroactive—even before it was considered legal


Driving While Distracted

Texting while driving laws in Colorado


Drug Screening in the Era of Legalized Marijuana

Can my employer fire me for legal activities while not at work?


Five Employment Law Facts You Might Not Know

The state and federal laws that come into play if you work in New Jersey


Pay Secrecy Policies: That’s a No-No!

Federal and New Jersey laws protect your right to compare paychecks


Driving Home the Dangers of Distractions

New Jersey takes distracted driving very seriously


Planning for Long-Term Care in New Jersey

Things to consider include: Medicaid, LTC insurance and a trustworthy attorney


Half a Loaf: Better Than None Indeed

The Medicaid planning technique can allow for family gifts in New Jersey


Avoiding Trouble at Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Entering a life care community requires some legal advice


Caring for an Elderly Parent in Their Home

You might be able to keep the family home and qualify for Medicaid


What is a Romeo and Juliet Law?

This and other sexual consent rules in New Jersey


What a Nuisance!

What to expect if you challenge a neighbor under Georgia’s nuisance law


The Advantages of a Special Needs Trust

SNTs and Pooled SNTs allow loved ones to gift money to those on government benefits


Look Out Georgia Left-Lane Drivers!

Driving the speed limit could get you a ticket


Should I Register My Trademark?

It’s not required, but there are advantages for Georgians


REAs Can Make or Break a Development Deal

Reciprocal Easement Agreements are crucial for commercial planning in Georgia


The Effect of Moving on Child Custody in California

Move-away disputes can be among the most wrenching parents—and courts—face


Can My Boss Make Me Wear That?

The laws for dress and grooming policies in California


Should I Consider a Short Sale?

This option may be a good one for a foreclosure in California, but proceed with caution


What is a 529 Plan?

Tax advantages help maximize savings for college


College Plans That Save Headaches as Well as Money

These estate planning vehicles may help


Home is Burning

Fighting insurance denial in the event of an earthquake, landslide or wildfire in California


How Will My Bankruptcy Affect My Spouse?

California law creates some unique considerations


Protecting Yourself Against Corporate Espionage

It may sound like James Bond, but really, it’s just stealing


Data Breaches Happen

It’s not always someone’s fault when private information goes rogue


I Received a Notice of Foreclosure. Now What?

Illinois law provides several options to defend your home


Gestational Surrogacy Laws in Illinois

The state’s a legally supportive stance on the family arrangement


Revenge Porn and the Law

Illinois has made it a Class 4 felony


What is a Hardship License?

If your license is suspended in Louisiana, you might still be able to drive for special …


Security Deposit Law in Maryland

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, protect your rights


What is a Public Benefit Corporation?

Maryland allows social enterprises to pursue legal designation


How to Change Your Name

The legal ins and outs in Maryland


Gray Divorce in Maryland

Considerations for divorces after 50


How a Guardianship Works

How Ohio courts assign decision-making authorities when an elder can no longer tend to their …


What is Birdnesting?

An innovative approach to child custody in Kentucky


What is Lien Stripping?

The Chapter 13 process might help you save your home from foreclosure in Ohio


Protecting Your Invention

Should Ohioans file a provisional application for a patent?


Fighting Off Debt Collection Abuse

Five tips for Ohioans dealing with collectors


When is a Collector of Debt Not a ‘Debt Collector’?

U.S. Supreme Court rules that purchasers of bad debts are not subject to FDCPA


How Much Can I Get in My Personal Injury Case?

Ohio unfortunately caps damages in personal injury lawsuits


Host with the Most … Liability

Hosting underage drinking is a bad idea in Ohio


Considering a Land Installment Contract in Ohio

Alternative financing arrangements can have advantages—and disadvantages


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