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About Steph Weber

Steph Weber is an award-winning journalist specializing in healthcare, business, and law. She has written for Physicians Practice, Medscape, and Rheumatology Network and created content for several other industry publications, companies, and colleges. As a frequent Super Lawyers contributor, she enjoys drilling down complex legal topics into bite-sized, actionable advice for readers and interviewing the nation's leading attorney voices, highlighting their most memorable achievements and lessons learned. She lives in Northern Indiana.

Articles Written by Steph Weber

Legal Tips for Michigan Commercial Liability Insurance

Should you contact an attorney for all liability claims, or just denials?

To Mediate or Arbitrate, That is the Question

How alternatives to litigation can save businesses time, money and more

Can Florida Police Search Your Car in a Traffic Stop?

Maybe—that’s why knowing your rights is key

When Being Treated Differently Crosses a Legal Line

Workplace discrimination law basics in Indiana

The Ins and Outs of a Personal Injury Claim in Indiana

What you need for a successful lawsuit, according to personal injury attorneys

How to Protect Your Most Valuable Assets in an Estate Plan

What Hoosiers need to know about estate planning in Indiana

What to Do If You're Targeted by Discrimination at Work

What workplace discrimination looks like in Massachusetts law

3 Essential Estate Planning Documents Everyone in Massachusetts Needs

Common mistakes people make with their estates and legal documents

When to Call a Tax Attorney Instead of an Accountant

How to navigate the tax labyrinth in New York

Why Your Life Insurance May Have Been Denied in New York

Common reasons for nonpayment and avenues for recovery

Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Michigan

Attorneys suggest solutions for navigating financial troubles

Making Sure Business Contracts Work for You

A contract law primer for Northern California businesses

From Southwestern Indiana to West Point

C. Erik Chickedantz spent the '60s in service to his country

How to Reduce Your Company's Attack Surface

Data-breach advice from attorneys in Northern California

All the Angles

From the minutia to the big picture, Deborah J. Caruso has it covered

Decoding Stephen Reynolds

Stephen Reynolds was a coder before becoming a prominent IP litigator and data security …

Charades in the High Court

And more of Jim Strain’s memories of being a SCOTUS clerk

Leading the Class Action Cavalry

How Richard Shevitz put his class action know-how to use for Holocaust victims

The King of Uphill Battles

Unlikely causes don’t faze personal injury attorney Terry Noffsinger

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