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Candice Dyer’s writing has appeared in Men’s Journal, Country Living, HGTV online, Georgia Trend, Garden & Gun, Paste, and other publications, and she was a staff writer at Atlanta magazine. Her book Street Singers, Soul Shakers, and Rebels With a Cause: Music from Macon was published by Indigo Press.

Articles written by Candice Dyer

Reputation Restoration

Mickey Williams went from Army Ranger to repping vets

In 2022, a chief warrant officer in the U.S. Army, Tiffany Kitarogers, was being investigated for harassment and toxic leadership. “She hired us to get her through the investigation,” says Mickey Williams, a military trial attorney at Capovilla & Williams in Woodstock. “We learned that the person who made the allegations had a personal bias against Tiffany for some petty issue that was never fully revealed. Furthermore, we learned that the accuser had cornered and tried to intimidate …

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

George Koenig comes to the aid of his country

“I’ve heard it said that we do best in crisis what we do in our day-to-day jobs,” says George Koenig. “If you are a helicopter pilot, that is what you do in a crisis. If you are a logistician, that is what you do in a crisis.” Koenig has been an altar boy, an Eagle Scout, and a lawyer, but it was his background as a logistics officer with the U.S. Marines that proved particularly useful during the country’s biggest crisis this century. In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, he became …

The Pursuit of Adrenaline and Speed

How personal injury attorney Mark Issa wound up driving for Ferrari

Fewer than 100 people in the world know how to drive a Ferrari 488 GT3 Challenge vehicle. Mark Issa is one of them. In 2019, taking the wheel for Ferrari for the first time, the personal injury and criminal defense attorney handily won the Ferrari Challenge Coppa Shell series—establishing himself out of the gate as a force in the world of top-tier sportscar racing and Formula One. “I was turning 40,” he says. “I thought it was now or never.”  Since then, racing in cities from …

Mind of a Businesswoman, Heart of a Grandmother

Estate planner Mary Burns Galardi sees people at their best and worst

The woman in Boston was hoping for a windfall inheritance from a long-lost relative. Her second cousin in Buckhead had lived into her 80s, with no siblings and no children, but she did have a nicely appointed condo with a baby grand piano—along with a healthy bank balance. “My client knew her family tree,” says estate planning attorney Mary Burns Galardi, who was hired by the woman in Boston. “I warned her that we might turn up a closer relative. Sure enough, there was a first cousin in …

'I Couldn't Get My Kids Out of the Courtroom'

Tom and Jonathan Pope carry on the legal legacy of their famous father

When Tom and Jonathan Pope were boys, they played hide and seek with some unwitting playmates. Their father was Judge Marion T. Pope, and when visiting him in his chambers at the Cherokee County Courthouse, the boys would often scamper around the courtroom, peep out of the jury box and pester the bailiffs. The jail was on the third floor, and a frequent goal was to see how high up the stairs they could make it without getting stopped. “The higher you got, the more thrilling it was,” Tom …

Believe Her

Debra Schwartz started fighting inequality at age 12 and never stopped

It was 1997, and the term “marriage equality” was a long way from entering the lexicon.  That summer, as Robin Shahar worked in the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, she and her girlfriend wanted to hold a Jewish “commitment ceremony” to launch this new phase of their lives. There was a lot to celebrate. For one, Robin had been offered a regular job at the AG’s office, to take effect upon graduation from law school. After they sent out commitment ceremony invitations, however, …

Heeding the Call

Why Joe Whitley was tapped to become the first general counsel at the Department of Homeland Security

Early that morning, in a North Carolina hotel room, Joe Whitley received the phone call he had been dreading.  “My wife told me my father had just died,” he recalls. “He was a big influence on my life, and he had been suffering badly from Alzheimer’s.” Despite his grief, Whitley collected himself, squared his shoulders and embarked on his work that day—representing a witness in a court martial at Camp Lejeune.  But his day didn’t get any better.  “Someone had wheeled in a …

A Handshake Lawyer From LaFayette

Zahra Karinshak speaks Arabic with a strong Southern accent

One day as the millennium dawned, Gov. Roy Barnes dropped a bombshell on his staff: He wanted to change the state flag.  “We all said, ‘You’ll lose the election,’” recalls Zahra Karinshak, who was his deputy executive counsel. “He said, ‘I know, but it’s the right thing to do.’” “There were a lot of misperceptions about it,” Gov. Barnes says today. “Many people believed [the flag] had always looked that way.”  In fact, the Confederate imagery was added in 1956, as …

Miss Nina

Behind the scenes of Jenna Bedsole’s documentary on an Alabama legal pioneer who braved porch bombs and burning crosses

In 2011, the Alabama State Bar Leadership Forum asked its alumni to create a three-minute video on an inductee into the Alabama Lawyers’ Hall of Fame, and the one that intrigued Jenna Bedsole was Nina Miglionico. “I started researching her, and soon I found I couldn’t stop,” says Bedsole, who chairs the labor and employment group at Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz in Birmingham. “Three minutes just wasn’t enough time to tell her story.” So three minutes turned …

Hell Out of Dodge

Jennifer Auer Jordan brings a touch of South Georgia to Atlanta

With each answer from a potential juror, Jennifer Auer Jordan’s manicured nails flitted across her iPad: question, answer, tap; question, answer, tap. A founding partner at Shamp Speed Jordan Woodward in Atlanta, Jordan was using an app called JuryStrike, which she helped develop and which facilitates the voir dire process. On this day, Jordan was looking for jurors who combined empathy with a respect for rules. “I was looking for folks who do volunteer work, folks who care,” she says. …

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