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Jessica Centers Glynn is a writer and teacher in Denver, Colorado. She earned her journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and her award-winning reporting has also appeared in The Anniston Star and Westword.

Articles written by Jessica Glynn

'Who Did You Rep During the Global Financial Meltdown, Daddy?'

How an all-star line-up of lawyers helped ensure that Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers were bought, and someone, somewhere, cared about Bernie Madoff

They’ve been vilified—even threatened—by a cash-strapped public for their roles defending the accused white-collar crooks and bailout and bonus recipients of Wall Street. But these lawyers in banking, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, and criminal defense have been working at a frantic, often sleepless pace to salvage jobs, stock values and the very institutions the world economy depends on.   H. Rodgin Cohen Sullivan & Cromwell When they finally write the history of the …

Protecting the Insider

Four whistleblower attorneys tell their stories

Times have changed for whistleblowers. Once dismissed as troublemakers who threaten jobs and industries, today's whistleblowers are more often seen as people of conscience who risk career and reputation to expose corporate and government incompetence or corruption. Witness Time magazine naming three whistleblowers—who called out Enron, Worldcom and the FBI—its Persons of the Year for 2002. Still, the court of public opinion is very different from a court of law. Whistleblower law, with its …

The Gentle Giant

Bill Keating represents injured clients with uncommon compassion

Bill Keating is an intimidating presence—on the football field or in the courtroom. The former Denver Bronco turned personal injury lawyer is known for his record-breaking victories in the courtroom. But his winning qualities, according to those who know him, aren't his imposing size or occasional bursts of passion, but his empathy and dedication. And if you ask him about himself or his cases, he'll inevitably turn the subject to his clients, praising their attitudes and resilience. "I think …

We Will Sell No Astrachan Before Its Time

James Astrachan is a "professionally focused attorney" mixed with the "nuttiness of an intuitive ad man"

James Astrachan writes the book on advertising law. Literally. In 2007 his firm, Astrachan Gunst Thomas, took over the internationally published The Law of Advertising, which means Astrachan now spends his weekends reading every meaningful case in his field so he can help produce the three 400-page updates each year. "We took it over from Peter Rosden, who, with his father, was the original author going back to the 1970s," he says. "I've had this book in my library since 1981. All of a sudden, …

Staying Civil After 9/11

Three civil rights lawyers—Michael Ratner, Arthur Eisenberg and Manuel Vargas—and their organizations fight for our most basic rights          

When the order came down in November 2001 giving the U.S. military the power to pick up and detain suspected terrorists anywhere in the world, Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), quickly decided he wanted his organization to represent the first detainees. Convincing the rest of the organization's leadership, however, was a tough sell. The Center was born in 1966 out of the Civil Rights movement. Ratner arrived in 1971, not so much to protect legal principles …

Eminent in Her Domain

Leslie Fields talks about an old book (The Good Earth), her book (Colorado Eminent Domain Practice) and the fundamental nature of owning property

Leslie A. Fields is laughing as she takes the podium before a few dozen people in the Faegre & Benson meeting room on the 32nd floor of the Wells Fargo building. It’s nearing 5 p.m. in early December, and the scene is aglow with the holiday lights of downtown Denver. A colleague watching Fields whispers, “She’s beautiful,” and, indeed, the 50-year-old attorney has always looked years younger than her age. Only those who know the depth of her experience, those who have followed her …

The Supreme Warrior

Why Walter L. Gerash is one of the best lawyers in the whole motherbleeping country

Scattered across Walter Gerash’s otherwise tidy living room are scrapbooks, loose papers and overflowing boxes that the 81-year-old lawyer is trying to organize. These are not depositions or court documents, by the way, but newspaper and magazine clippings, full-page layouts and cover stories about Gerash’s 52 years in law. There has been enough written about the man to literally fill a room. He finds an entire box with articles from the “Father’s Day Massacre” trial in 1992, when he …

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