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Katrina Styx was an editorial assistant and writer at Super Lawyers. She attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where she earned a degree in English-Literature and a minor in journalism.

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'The Best Lap'

Despite the danger, Kyle Fox is hooked on motorcycle racing

“Anybody who does this and says they’re not afraid is probably lying.”  Yet for Kyle Fox, spending his weekends reaching speeds up to 165 mph on his 2019 Yamaha R6—leaning deep into corners, surrounded by the whine of 20-30 engines on a racetrack—is too much fun to quit. “Way, way too much fun,” he says. “You cannot come away from a weekend without a smile on your face and thinking that that’s the best thing you can do, possibly in your life.”  He says it’s more than the …

What to Know If You're Considering a Pet Trust in New York

Planning for the care of your pet when you're no longer able

Across the U.S., nearly 85 million households are home to a pet. For many, it’s a family member. “We take care of them while we’re alive, and then there’s always that concern of, ‘What would happen to my pet if something happens to me?’” says Laura E. Cowan, who runs her own estate planning practice in Midtown Manhattan. Owners can relieve some of those anxieties by setting up a pet trust. In most states, pets are considered property, which means they can’t inherit money …

Lawyer by Day, Mayor Also by Day

Kathy Martin is a leader in law and in local government

For 35 years, commercial real estate attorney Kathy Martin has had a hand in major projects like the Mall of America, Target Field and the redevelopment and preservation of the State Theatre and its surrounding block. She’s been chair of the American Bar Association’s Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section. But her time in public office is a more recent development. “My interest in politics goes back quite some time,” she says. “But my actual desire to run for office came very …

'Knowledge Is Power'

Siria Gutiérrez’s volunteer work is all about helping others succeed through education

Siria Gutiérrez had never met a lawyer until her first week of law school. “Latino students, in particular, are often first-generation, and they’re not going to have the same access that a lot of our peers may have,” she says. That’s why, in 2008, she helped found Huellas, a mentorship program run by La Voz, a student organization at William S. Boyd School of Law. The program brings together high schoolers, undergrads and law students with practicing attorneys and judges, giving …

When Pedestrians Collide With Cars

Tips for maximizing your recovery if you’ve been hit by a vehicle

In San Francisco, roughly three pedestrians are injured every day in a traffic incident. The aftermath of being struck by a vehicle can be both physically and emotionally damaging.  The first step recommended by injury attorneys: seek medical care immediately. “Adrenaline is very good at hiding severe injuries,” says Tanya Gomerman, who has an eponymous firm in San Francisco. And when you get to the hospital, attorney Arsen Sarapinian says you should seek a specialist: “General …

'I Was So Ill I Didn't Know I Was Ill'

Ira Leesfield’s battle with COVID-19 gave him new perspective

Ira Leesfield works out four times a week, minds his nutrition and takes care of himself. He had never been hospitalized. Until last year. In June, after a family Father’s Day event, he lost his sense of taste and smell, and stopped eating and sleeping. He didn’t really notice, but his wife and his longtime doctor did. On July 7, they admitted him to Baptist Health’s South Miami Hospital with COVID-19. “There’s a cognitive side of this [disease],” says Leesfield, a plaintiff’s …

When Should You Contest a Will in Georgia?

Considerations before challenging a will in court

There a several reasons why someone might want to contest a loved one’s last will and testament. In the Georgia probate process, a will can be challenged if the decedent was a victim of undue influence, if they lacked capacity when they signed the will, if the will itself is fraudulent or unlawfully altered, or if the will was executed improperly. But there are other factors to consider before embarking on the difficult process of contesting a will in court. If you question the validity of …

Understanding Oregon's Measure 110

Oregonians still face penalties for violations under the new drug policy

In 2020, Oregon voters approved Measure 110, a new law that decriminalizes possession of small amounts of certain “street drugs.” It is the first state to take steps on drug decriminalization. The law went into effect Feb. 1, 2021, but that doesn’t mean these drugs are completely legal. “It is still illegal to possess any controlled substances in Oregon under federal law,” says Bryan Boender, a criminal defense attorney in Eugene. “Only Oregon state law has legalized marijuana for …

Can I Give Family and Friends a Home Mortgage Loan?

Maryland's mortgage lender licensing law has narrow exemptions

If you’re a first-time homebuyer looking at personal finances, you know you’ll probably need a mortgage. Typically, you will get a mortgage from a bank, credit union, or other licensed mortgage lender. But what if you know an individual, such as a close friend or family member, who wants to offer you that mortgage loan? Generally, these types of private mortgages from family and friends occur when: A lender has money they want to put to work, and they know someone in need of a mortgage …

Bridging the Gap

Yaser Ali helps clients integrate Islamic law into their estate plans

If it weren’t for Islamic inheritance law, math would not be what it is today. The “father of algebra,” a 9th century Muslim mathematician, wrote the book that gave algebra its name. He did so to solve complex Islamic inheritance law problems.  “Islamic law regulates the way you earn your wealth and the way you invest that wealth, and then upon death … there’s a set of rules that function like an intestacy scheme that govern the distribution of the decedent’s estate,” explains …

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