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Super Lawyers Bankruptcy Articles

What Are the Types of Business Bankruptcy?

Understanding your options for dealing with business debt

When Should My Business File for Bankruptcy?

Weighing when to seek bankruptcy protection

How Do I Keep My Property in a Bankruptcy?

Understand your state’s bankruptcy exemption rules

Are There Alternatives to Bankruptcy?

Understanding debt relief alternatives to bankruptcy

When and How to File Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy law is designed to give individuals a fresh start

What to Know About Business Bankruptcy in California

And the alternatives to consider first

What If My Business' Bankruptcy Plan is Contested?

How objections are sorted during an Arizona plan confirmation proceeding

You Don't Lose Everything in a New York Bankruptcy

Clearing up misconceptions on how personal bankruptcy affects your family

Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Michigan

Attorneys suggest solutions for navigating financial troubles

When and How to Declare Bankruptcy

California lawyer Michael Malter explains your options

Does My Student Loan Debt Go Away After Bankruptcy?

Walking You Through the Options in North Carolina

What Happens If You Miss a Payment in a Chapter 13?

Breaking down the law in Indiana

Your Options for Selling Assets in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

What California law says if you’re looking to liquidate or reorganize

What Happens to Your Property When You File for Bankruptcy?

Breaking down New York personal filings

What are the Advantages to a Subchapter V Bankruptcy?

There’s less red tape and fewer fees, but you have to qualify

How Does Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Report?

The ways in which a Nevada bankruptcy filing will follow you later

What Do Louisiana Courts Look for in a Reorganization Plan?

How the state looks at Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings

What is the Process of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

How filing works in Colorado

What is a Debtor in Possession in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

What an Oklahoma business should do after filing a Plan of Reorganization

Think of Chapter 11 as a Restructuring Plan, Not a Bankruptcy

An overview of the process for a Kentucky business to get a fresh start

Can I Apply for a Loan If I File for Bankruptcy?

How Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy impacts your credit options and rating

Taking a Second Mortgage vs. Filing for Bankruptcy

How a Chapter 13 filing could help your home equity credit in Washington, D.C.

How to Prepare for Business Bankruptcy

Georgia attorneys give their advice

What Are the Bankruptcy Exemptions in Texas?

Automotive, livestock, unlimited homestead and other debtor options

Choosing Chapter 128 Reorganization or Bankruptcy?

Unlike a bankruptcy filing, this Wisconsin statute gets you out of debt without a courtroom

Should I Choose a Chapter 11 or 12 Bankruptcy?

An overview of these filings and reorganizations for Florida businesses

The First Meeting With a Bankruptcy Attorney

What gets discussed during the initial interaction?

Filing Chapter 7: Good News and Bad News

Weighing the pros and cons of this form of bankruptcy in Illinois

Filing for Commercial Bankruptcy in Colorado

You can’t control the economy

What Asset Transfers Must I Report?

New York bankruptcy filers must disclose all asset transfers

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