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Super Lawyers Business Litigation Articles

Types of Business Lawsuits

Understand the lawsuits that could involve your company

What Does a Business Litigation Lawyer Do?

Understand how a lawyer can represent your business’s legal needs

How To Protect Your Business From a Lawsuit

Understand best practices to avoid a lawsuit for your business

How to File a Lawsuit Against a Company

Understand the steps to suing a company

How to Find the Best Attorney for Your Business

Get excellent legal representation for your business

What Is Business Litigation?

Understanding the complexity of business litigation

What Can You Argue in a Breach of Agreement or Contract Case?

Sorting out the hearsay in a Tennessee business lawsuit

What to Expect When You Face an OSHA Violation Claim

Ohio employers need to prepare for the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

How Does a Firm Decide to Take a Case Pro Bono in Illinois?

And other frequently asked questions about discount legal assistance

What is FINRA's Litigation Process?

Plus, legal advice from an attorney who’s been through it

Ways to End a Nebraska Class Action Lawsuit Early

Exploring motions to dismiss, summary judgment, arbitration, and settlements

When Is Litigation the Best Option in a Business Dispute?

It isn't often, but sometimes it's the only path

Conflicts Checks, Red Flags and Communicating Specifics

What business litigation clients should expect from—and provide for—their attorneys

A Business Settling Out of Court Doesn't Mean Admission of Guilt

When to litigate and when to mediate a commercial lawsuit in Colorado

What Does Defamation Mean?

Defining defamation-of-character laws and when it’s appropriate to sue

Legal Steps to Take When a New York Company is Hacked

NYC cybersecurity attorneys weigh in

What Should Georgia Companies Do to Prevent Cyberattacks?

Advice from business/corporate legal professionals

How to Hold a Business Owner Personally Liable

Creditors can pierce the corporate veil of shady New Jersey businesses

How to Collect on Debts for Your Business

The legal steps to consider taking in Georgia

What to Do When Mobile Apps Breach Customer Data

How California businesses and consumers can protect their information

Can I Sue for a Data Security Breach?

Legal remedies for a New York business victimized by data theft

What Happens to the Family Business in a Divorce?

It depends if both parties are willing to reasonably negotiate

Could Your SEO Practices Get You in Trouble?

Trademark infringement liability might lurk in Adwords and hashtags

Help Your Online Startup Business Dodge Legal Landmines

Hoping for the best and planning for the worst in Florida

What is Business Litigation Law?

Understand your business's roles and responsibilities

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