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Super Lawyers Collections Articles

What Do Fraudulent and Abusive Debt-Collection Practices Look Like?

Your first line of defense against debt-collection scams is knowing your debt top to bottom 

When is Debt Collection Considered Abuse?

What Arizona laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act say about collection harassment

What to Do With Harassing and/or Scam Debt Collectors

Illegal collection happens more than you think; Missouri and Kansas attorneys offer their advice

Debt Collectors Won?t Stop Calling Me

What to do in Illinois if your phone won’t stop ringing

Resolving Student Loan Debt in Minnesota

Having a lawyer can help you through the repayment questions

Stand Up to Debt Collectors' Harassing Calls

Consumer protection law pays you to pursue your rights

When is a Collector of Debt Not a 'Debt Collector'?

U.S. Supreme Court rules that purchasers of bad debts are not subject to FDCPA

Fighting Off Debt Collection Abuse

Five tips for Ohioans dealing with collectors

An Overview on Collections Law

Knowing the process and your rights can help you protect your assets

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