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Super Lawyers Health Care Articles

What Is Health Care Law?

Breaking down the immense regulation of the medical care industry

When Your Health Insurance Company Says 'No'

How New Yorkers can fight back against a denied claim

Do I Need a Lawyer for Health Care Licensing or Credentialing?

What the proceedings involve in Maryland

The Types of Joint Ventures in Health Care

A breakdown of the entities and some legal tips for Ohio businesses

How has COVID-19 Affected Laws Regarding Telemedicine?

It's easier to provide and access, but lighter restrictions may not last

How COVID-19 Changes Hospitals Responsibilities Under EMTALA

A Wisconsin healthcare attorney walks through the challenges due to coronavirus

What Are the Physician Gag Laws in Florida?

What doctors can and cannot discuss with patients

How Healthcare Insurance Fraud Cases Are Resolved

And what whistleblowers and insurance companies stand to win

What Constitutes Healthcare Insurance Fraud in California?

An overview of the California Penal Code, self-referrals and kickbacks

How Do I Appeal Denied Veterans' Benefits Claims?

A guide through the VA benefits appeals process in Georgia

How Medical Records Must Document Sexual Assault in Michigan

What physicians and facilities need to do to comply with state law

What the Law Says About Referral Kickbacks in Health Care

An overview of the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law for physicians in Colorado

Does HIPAA Protect My Health Information?

It requires Massachusetts providers have compliance procedures in place

Should I Elect COBRA Coverage?

New York employees should understand the costs and benefits before deciding

Missouri's Physician Gag Law: What Doctors Can't Say

A legal overview for medical professionals

Who Does ERISA Apply To?

Anyone who receives employee benefits from a Texas employer should know

How to Comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule

Who needs to do what in New Jersey

Can I Be Legally Forced to Accept Medical Treatment?

Courts can force minors to undergo medical procedures, but not adults

Should I Get a Health Care Directive/Advance Directive?

For Minnesotans, it’s little effort to ensure important decisions are decided correctly

What You Should Do in an OIG Investigation

A lawyer comes in handy when the Inspector General comes knocking

How Health Care is Complying with Escobar

Seek legal counsel if you want to avoid government investigation and fines

Who Can Make Health Care Decisions for Teens?

Medical consent and confidentiality in Washington

The Legal Restrictions on Abortion

Pennsylvania’s list of laws and penalties

How Does Informed Consent Work?

When and what a physician is legally required to tell you in Georgia

Protecting the Privacy of Your Medical Records

What to do if a hospital or physician improperly discloses your medical info

Fighting Insurance Companies When They Deny Your Medical Treatment

How to file an appeal and bad faith health insurance lawsuit in California

With Liberty and Health Care for All

What legal issues have arisen in the wake of the Affordable Care Act?

An Overview on Social Security Disability Law

How to determine if you qualify for benefits

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