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Super Lawyers International Articles

What Is International Law?

The laws that govern the dealings between nations

If a U.S. Company is Overseas, Whose Employment Laws Matter?

Sorting out international legal issues for foreign operations

Can I Have Uniform Employment Policies in Multiple Countries?

An international business attorney’s advice on HR policies

Can I Unofficially Expand My Illinois Business Into a New Country?

An international business attorney weighs in on the do's and don'ts of testing a market

How to Navigate International Business Contracts and Laws

Tips to understand the legal, cultural and language barriers of partnerships abroad

The Laws That Govern International Business Transactions

What Illinois companies need to know if they merge, expand, or invest abroad

Testing the Waters of International Family Law

There’s no “one answer” when multiple countries are involved

The Do?s and Don?ts of International Business Contracts

A California attorney’s advice to draft better cross-border agreements

Preparing to Do Business in Other Countries

A California attorney’s tips on how to avoid disputes in business without borders

Can a PAC Accept Contributions From Foreign Citizens?

Washington, D.C. PACs must be cautious with potential foreign involvement

How to Enter Canada With a Prior Conviction

Legal tips for Americans hoping to visit the Great White North with a criminal record

What Do I Do If I?m Arrested in Canada?

Legal advice for Americans detained over the border

Traveling to Cuba: What to Know

Legal restrictions have eased, but aren't gone

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