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Super Lawyers Tax Articles

When You Need a Tax Attorney in Georgia

Sometimes a CPA isn't enough

When Is an Accountant Not Enough?

The situations in which a tax attorney may benefit your business

What is the Timeline of an Audit in South Carolina?

What happens and when you need to respond to the DOR and IRS

Does Your Business Need to Collect Sales and Use Taxes for Other States?

An Atlanta tax attorney walks us through the ramifications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Wayfair decision

When Does Taxation Need Legal Representation?

When a business needs a tax attorney

When Are Corporate Acquisitions & Divestitures Taxable vs. Tax-Free?

Diving in with a North Carolina tax attorney

When to Call a Tax Attorney Instead of an Accountant

How to navigate the tax labyrinth in New York

When an Accountant Isn't Enough, Call a Tax Attorney

When things get off track with the IRS in Michigan

How to Stop or Slow IRS Penalties in a Tax Controversy

A tax attorney can help if they seek to seize assets, levy fines, or garnish wages

Planning Around State and Local Tax Issues in Utah

How a legal professional can help businesses comply and still thrive

Taxpayer Options to Make Peace with the IRS

From amended returns to audits in New York

How Partnerships Are Taxed in South Carolina

The filing considerations for business owners

What Should a Business Tax Plan Include?

Things for Arkansas entrepreneurs to consider

What to Expect When You're Expected in Tax Court

What you need, and need to know, if you’re seeing a judge in Fresno or San Francisco

When Do You Call a Tax Attorney Versus an Accountant?

What each can do to get you square with the IRS

How to Secure Historic Restoration Tax Credits in Virginia

What you need to satisfy for local and federal development incentives

What to Do When the IRS Audits You

Don’t panic; call a Texas tax attorney

Legal Ways to Lower Your Tax Burden in Illinois

Write-offs, exemptions, deferrals, credits, transfers, and other attorney advice

Seniors Can Stop Paying Property Taxes in Texas

What happens if a 65+ homeowner doesn’t pay them? (Hint: They don’t go away.)

When You Hit the Jackpot, So Does the IRS

The tax implications when you win and lose gambling in Vegas

Working With the IRS When You Can’t Pay Your Taxes in Full

The collection process, payment options, compromises, and how an attorney can help

How to Do Your Taxes in the Gig Economy

'Keep meticulous records' and other legal tips in New York

What to Know About Trust Fund Taxes

A legal guide for Pennsylvania business owners

Do I Need a Tax Attorney in New Jersey?

What business owners, and others, need to know about when to call a tax lawyer

Looking to Capitalize on Tax Reforms?

You may want to speak with a New Jersey attorney first

Trouble With Business Taxes? An Attorney Can Help

New Jersey businesses can rely on them for the most up-to-date compliance knowledge

Will the IRS Take My House for Owing Back Taxes?

Your options for exemptions in Georgia

The Penalties for Severe Tax Crimes in Colorado

What happens when they go unpaid, evaded or are fraudulent?

Offshore Tax-Penalty Forgiveness Program Closes in 2018

What if citizens outside the U.S. haven’t filed their taxes?

Do I Need a Tax Attorney When I Have an Accountant?

What Floridians should do when they’re at odds with the IRS

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