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Super Lawyers Wage & Hour Laws Articles

Can You Collect a Pension and Still Work Full-Time?

In many cases, you can return to work and still collect a pension, but be aware of exceptions

Is it Illegal to Make Employees Work 'Off the Clock'?

Working off the clock is often illegal

Can You Be Forced to Work Overtime? Is it Legal?

Know your options with overtime work

Can I Legally Opt-Out or Refuse To Pay Union Dues?

Understand your employee rights and union requirements

Can Your Boss Legally Cut Hours Without Notice?

Understand when employers can and cannot reduce your hours or pay

Do I Need to Pay My Caregiver Overtime?

If you’re in Illinois, yes

Who Isn't Entitled to Overtime Pay?

The compensation exemptions for overtime in Illinois

Can Workers Sue for Theft of Wages in Wisconsin?

How to pursue a suit against an employer when banding together is difficult

Negotiating Employment Contracts in Georgia

Wage-and-hour lawsuits may be a thing of the past

Are You Working After Punching Out?

California wage laws may not recognize federal ‘de minimis’ exception

Wage Theft in Minnesota

A glaring problem, and a solution

Overtime Rules in Washington State

Can an employer mandate overtime hours?

What is Wage and Hour Law?

Understanding the federal laws that deal with how employees are compensated

Employees May Not Get Paid If a Business Temporarily Closes

If a natural disaster closes doors, employers may also close wages

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