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Good Behavior

Beth Hutchens’ behavioral therapy background brings depth to her immigration practice

In Their Corner

With an expanding civil rights case load, Alex Heroy embraces litigation as a change agent

Seeing it Through

Adam Doerr led the charge to get COVID relief to overlooked families in need

Solo Success

Six attorneys share the ups and downs of building their own practice

Working Within

In a polarized world, Michael Greene finds his way by focusing on the facts

Full MacGyver

Lance Williams fought in the Cold War and the Gulf War, and was called into the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 

Bourbon Legend

How Melinda Morris Zanoni helped bring an Ava Gardner signature drink line to life

'Attorney, Artist, Activist'

Preetha Suresh Rini lives her Twitter bio out loud

Objects of Obsession

From prized bottles of wine to vintage wheels, Allie Petrova advises on high-value collections

Changing the System

Starling Underwood works behind the screen to improve access to justice

Defending the Unpopular

James F. Wyatt III has made a career of it

Called Up

Ariel Roberson went from pro soccer player to business litigator and children’s book publisher

Keeping the Conversation Going

Leto Copeley and Valerie Johnson started a #MeToo podcast before #MeToo hit

Puzzling it Out

Joan Davis on the art of pre-eminent law

Dive Bar

Tony Scheer loved working in the boat and scuba biz; that’s why he stopped doing it

Shedding Light (without the spotlight)

If you’ve never read about Valecia McDowell’s work, she’s doing it right

The Reconstruction of David Rudolf

The verdict in the Michael Peterson case shook his very foundation. Now, thanks to Netflix, he’s on a new mission: fixing the criminal justice system