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Rochester’s “Candid Talk Women” Duo Share Their Top 10 Takeaways

Bernadette Catalana and Kelly Odorisi have a singular mission: empower women lawyers to opt in

Super Lawyers online-exclusive

BFFs Bernadette Catalana (Lavin O’Neill) and Kelly Odorisi (Law Office of Kelly Odorisi) noticed something disturbing a few years ago—too many young, promising women attorneys leaving the law. A conversation between the friends about what has afforded them staying power inspired a traveling CLE-certified chat-fest tailored toward women and the law. “Candid Talk Women” has presented across the country, and Catalana and Odorisi have a book in the works, too. Here, they share their Top 10 Candid Talk Women Takeaways.

Their story was also featured in the 2018 issue of Upstate New York Super Lawyers.

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