Articles Written by Ross Pfund

“The Collective Failure”

Ropes & Gray attorneys on investigating Larry Nassar

Featuring James P. Dowden, …

When the FBI Comes Calling

What Ken Eichner has learned from years of “playing in the FBI’s sandbox”

Featuring Kenneth F. Eichner

Mom Genes

Tanya Helfand practices family law with family

Featuring Tanya N. Helfand

From AP to IP

The skills Kalpana Srinivasan learned as a reporter help with high-stakes litigation

Featuring Kalpana Srinivasan

Laying the Legal Smackdown

A brief history of Super Lawyers and World Wrestling Entertainment


Hopeful Vigilance for PyeongChang 2018

Anti-doping advocate Bill Bock weighs in Russia’s Olympic ouster

Featuring William Bock, III

Seven Questions With Lloyd Shefsky

The author takes us inside his new book

Featuring Lloyd E. Shefsky

New Game Plus

How Stephen McArthur turned his gaming passion into a niche practice

Featuring Stephen C. McArthur

John Bragg

For the Love of Bloomington

Betsy K. Greene of Greene & Schultz on representing plaintiffs, doing victory dances and …

Featuring Betsy K. Greene

Objective Empathy

Family law attorney Gemma Allen of Ladden & Allen on creative applications of the law, overcoming …

Featuring Gemma B. Allen

Liability, I Choose You!

Legal concerns surrounding Pokémon Go in Illinois


Under the Microscope

How Serial helped C. Justin Brown’s case for Adnan Syed—and how it opened his every legal move …

Featuring C. Justin Brown

Bryce Vickmark

J.D., JD

James “J.D.” Smeallie of Holland & Knight in Boston speaks out on athletic conference …

Featuring James D. (J.D.) Smeallie

Don Ipock

From the Uneven Parallel Bars to the Bar

Anne Schiavone of Holman Schiavone on employment law, working with kids and the study habits she …

Featuring Anne W. Schiavone

Scott Stewart

The Benefits of Raising Your Hand

Scott A. Wolfson of Wolfson Bolton in Troy on bittersweet boom times and how a bankruptcy lawyer …

Featuring Scott A. Wolfson

Turning the Page

A few months before retiring from the state Supreme Court, Justice Alan Page sat down with us to …


Jeff Swensen

Beyond the Front Page

Civil litigator David A. Strassburger of Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky in Pittsburgh on …

Featuring David A. Strassburger

Kip Malone

Hanging on the Telephone

Lorena Olmos, of Modrall Sperling in Albuquerque, on taking cold calls from employment law clients, …

Featuring Lorena Olmos

Stan Kaady

My Case, I Rest

Litigator Steve Farrar of Smith Moore Leatherwood in Greenville speaks about his background in …

Featuring Steven E. Farrar

John Bragg

Known Unknowns

Andy Hull of Hoover Hull Turner on finding antique radios, empathizing with professional liability …

Featuring Andrew W. Hull

Will Crocker

If the Robe Fits …

Lynn Luker returned to her business litigation and civil litigation defense practice in January …

Featuring Lynn Luker

How Dondi West Was Won

The Baltimore lawyer keeps his eyes on the frontiers of technology while helping fellow service …

Featuring Dondi West

Bryce Vickmark

Using All 24

Perpetually busy Providence-based litigator Mark B. Morse never met a practice area he didn’t like

Featuring Mark B. Morse

Don Ipock


Ian Cooper of Tueth, Keeney, Cooper, Mohan & Jackstadt in St. Louis tells us about representing …

Featuring Ian P. Cooper

From the Red River Valley to the Iron Range

Fergus Falls-based attorney and former state bar president Dick Pemberton of Pemberton Law has …


Jeff Swensen

The Grappler

Former collegiate wrestler C. James Zeszutek learned discipline on the mat. Now, as a partner at …

Featuring C. James Zeszutek

Pro Bono vs. Cons

Villanova Law student Vanessa Stine assists immigrants who’ve been victims of notario fraud


When Life Gives You Lemon Law …

How Amy Bennecoff makes lemonade for her clients

Featuring Amy L. Bennecoff Ginsburg

Harold Lee Miller

Building It From Scratch

Elder law solo practitioner Claire E. Lewis on the Affordable Care Act, dealing with end-of-life …

Featuring Claire E. Lewis

Will Crocker

Fowler Libre

International lawyer George J. Fowler III of Fowler Rodriguez speaks freely on Fidel Castro, …

Featuring George J. Fowler, III

Bryce Vickmark

Looking Beyond Aqualung

Providence-based family law attorney Tim Conlon on computer crime in the ’80s, suing the Roman …

Featuring Timothy J. Conlon

Don Ipock

The Persistence of Mary Anne Sedey

The St. Louis-based employment litigator speaks on pushing through discovery, her voir dire …

Featuring Mary Anne Sedey

Expecting the Unexpected

Duluth-based defense attorney David Keegan of Keegan Law Office on authenticity, courtroom …

Featuring David C. Keegan

Kip Malone

Fast Track

Richard W. Hughes of Rothstein, Donatelli, Hughes, Dahlstrom, Schoenburg & Bienvenu in Santa Fe …

Featuring Richard W. Hughes

Dario Impini

From Bailiff to Bar

Trial lawyer Nathaniel Lee of Lee & Fairman on getting his foot in the door, President Barack Obama …

Featuring Nathaniel Lee

Will Crocker

Fundamental Fairness

Trey McCowan of Kean Miller in Baton Rouge speaks on the role of the judicial system after natural …

Featuring Charles S. (Trey) McCowan, III

Bryce Vickmark

The Code of Law

Former computer programmer Michael A. Albert of Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks has developed one of …

Featuring Michael A. Albert

Scott Stewart

Love of the Deal

Aleksandra “Aleks” Miziolek, the director of Dykema’s automotive industry group, follows the …


Rolf Hagberg

Seeing How The Evidence Comes In

After 45 years as one of Duluth’s busiest—and most successful—trial lawyers, Tom Thibodeau …

Featuring Thomas R. Thibodeau

Philadephia Born and Bred

Workers’ comp attorney Samuel H. Pond, one of the founders of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano, draws …

Featuring Samuel H. Pond

Kip Malone

Ann of All Trades

Over the course of her 27-year career, from construction to employment to insurance to lobbying …

Featuring Ann M. Conway

Dario Impini

The Great Generalist

Jon Laramore of Baker & Daniels on how the lessons he learned working in government—in both civil …

Featuring Jon Laramore

George Long

The Problem Solver

Former IRS attorney Jaye A. Calhoun of McGlinchey Stafford on how tax law can be a bit like the …

Featuring Jaye A. Calhoun

Standing Up to Bullies

Playwright-turned-litigator Hank Bates of Carney Williams Bates Pulliam & Bowman in Little Rock …

Featuring Hank Bates

Bryce Vickmark

Gail McCann Brings People Together

The real estate attorney at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge in Providence facilitates collaboration …

Featuring Gail E. McCann

Mary Daniel Finds Her Voice

How the health care attorney learned to speak up


Scientific inquiry

Sharon M. Woods, of Barris, Sott, Denn & Driker, applies scientific thinking to her business …

Featuring Sharon M. Woods

Larry Marcus

The Quiet Passion of Shamus O’Meara

The Johnson & Condon attorney advocates for those with developmental disabilities

Featuring Shamus P. O'Meara

Team Player

Richard Meneghello promotes collaboration—in court and on the soccer field

Featuring Richard R. Meneghello

Kate of All Trades

Wyoming’s Kate Fox specializes in doing everything, and doing everything well


Trademarks, Dragon Boats and Roberta Jacobs-Meadway

The Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott IP attorney found her strength on the water during her …


Collaboration, Community Building and John Salazar

What the Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin & Robb attorney gets out of his real estate practice

Featuring John P. Salazar

First One In, Last One Out

Michael D. Sirota makes it his business to work harder than the competition

Featuring Michael D. Sirota

Preparation, the High Road and Elliott Levin

The Rubin & Levin partner speaks on bankruptcy law and why he never underprepares for a case

Featuring Elliott D. Levin

Ethics, Dignity and Judy Barrasso

The Barrasso Usdin Kupperman Freeman & Sarver attorney speaks on the importance of details and why …

Featuring Judy Y. Barrasso

Mike McLaren Keeps It Simple

Litigator Mike McLaren of Black McLaren Jones Ryland & Griffee in Memphis boasts a varied practice, …

Featuring Michael G. McLaren

A Q&A with Daniel Papermaster

On hosting the Clinton-Dole debate and working with Joe Lieberman for decades

Featuring Daniel I. Papermaster

Warsaw Pact

While growing up in Poland, St. Louis litigator Zofia A. Garlicka pledged to become a lawyer, just …

Featuring Zofia A. Sowers

Marsh Halberg’s Equal Protection

Criminal defense lawyer Marsh Halberg gives all clients his best, even the questionable ones, so he …

Featuring Marsh J. Halberg

On the Level

Construction lawyer Adam Richins isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves for clients

Featuring Adam J. Richins

Did You Know There Are 22 Tribes in New Mexico?

Lynn Slade does and has made it his life’s work to understand Indian law

Featuring Lynn H. Slade

In Pat Robertson’s Orbit

Lou Isakoff went from the Christian Broadcast Network to Regent University


Q&A With James Knauer

Over the course of his career, James Knauer of Kroger, Gardis & Regas has served as federal …

Featuring James A. Knauer

Q&A: William Massey

Memphis-based Bill Massey of Massey McCluskey is one of Tennessee’s top criminal defense and …

Featuring William D. Massey

Q&A With Paul Sugarman

The co-founder of Sugarman & Sugarman with his brother Neil, Paul Sugarman has, over the course of …

Featuring Paul R. Sugarman

Download This Story

John Browning sticks up for the average guy against the recording industry

Featuring John G. Browning

Mr. Wagoner Goes to Columbus

Ohio State Rep. Mark Wagoner is both lawyer and lawmaker

Featuring Mark Wagoner

He Oughta Be an English Teacher

Peter Hahn grades the essays kids actually want to write

Featuring Peter W. Hahn

Who Wants to be Dan Blonsky?

He gave Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? a shot

Featuring Daniel F. Blonsky

Fishing for Dollars

The Bilzin Sumberg trial attorney put his passion to good use

Featuring Mitchell E. Widom

The Soul of a Poet

How he became a lawyer is stranger than fiction


Fever Pitcher

David T. Mitrou takes his throwing arm to the big screen, courtesy of the Farrelly …

Featuring David T. Mitrou

Furcal's Pinch Hitter

Thanks in large part to William Head, the Braves were able to eke out game two of the National …

Featuring William C. Head

Flying With the Hawk

Cheryl Leb protects the legacy of Ben Hogan

Featuring Cheryl P. Leb

From JD to DJ

David K. Greer charms both juries and radio listeners

Featuring David K. Greer

Out to the Ballgame

Talmage Boston’s new book explores baseball’s most important year

Featuring Talmage Boston

Steve Stodghill, Master Thespian

Steve Stodghill steals the show from Luke Wilson as his lawyer in The Wendell Baker Story

Featuring Steven H. Stodghill

Breaking the Code of Bureaucracy

George Parker Jr. (left) helped World War II veteran Teddy Draper Sr. finally get the benefits …


The Life Aquatic

Since Fanning and his wife Carolyn made their yacht a permanent home in 2001, they have …


Does That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave?

A tearful Julie Wotasik receives the battle flag from Parris honoring her deceased son

Featuring R. Rex Parris

Curb Your Prosecution

Todd Melnik tracked down the Curb Your Enthusiasm footage that proved Juan Catalan’s …


Surprise, You’re Aleutian!

An unexpected phone call puts Tom Weathers on a new path in life

Featuring Thomas Weathers

Super Idealist

Jeff Selbin with partner Laurel Fletcher and their daughter Aiden

Featuring Jeffrey Selbin

Mr. Lewis Goes to Washington

John Lewis’ pro bono case lands him in rare company

Featuring John Q. Lewis

Bock in the Saddle Again

In court or the arena, Bock takes challenges in stride


Oh, Oh, It's Magic

Beckman can turn a Barbie doll into a living, breathing human being


The Pen is Mightier

Panatier likes making trouble across party lines

Featuring Christopher J. Panatier

The King of Pro Bono

Pro bono work gives Blum the chance to get out of the office and into the courtroom

Featuring Jonathan S. Blum

The Lawyer as Swinger

Doug Clapp scores low on the golf course and high in his law practice

Featuring Douglas W. Clapp

Video Games Will Rot Your Brain

For Damon Watson, playing games is serious business


The Long Road to Justice

More than 50 years ago, the government withheld financial reparations from the families of three …


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