Articles Written by Super Lawyers staff

Why to Consider Title Insurance in Pennsylvania

Protecting against title failure and other financial risks in a real estate deal


If You’re Uninsured and Get in an Accident in Virginia

An attorney can protect your rights and help you settle the case


What If You Get in an Accident With an Uninsured Driver?

In South Carolina, an attorney can help you seek compensation through your own policy


How to Seek Asylum in Ohio

What the laws say and how an immigration attorney can help


Missouri’s Physician Gag Law: What Doctors Can’t Say

A legal overview for medical professionals


Choosing Chapter 128 Reorganization or Bankruptcy?

Unlike a bankruptcy filing, this Wisconsin statute gets you out of debt without a courtroom


Breach of Contract vs. Bad Faith: What is the Difference?

How these insurance lawsuits differ in Pennsylvania


Can They Take My Car After a DUI in New Mexico?

The strict penalties for being convicted of a DUI in New Mexico


How and Why to Opt Out of a Class Action Suit

File the paperwork, then your own lawsuit, perhaps with an Ohio attorney’s help


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