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Articles Written by Super Lawyers staff

You Cannot Wait to Report After a Work Injury in Alabama

The most important dates and deadlines in a workers’ compensation case

How to Make Post-Divorce Modifications in Arkansas

It’s a solid option if your circumstances change

If There Wasn't Probable Cause or a Warrant, Will I Go Free?

What Kansas law says about evidentiary searches in a criminal case

When Should You Plead the Fifth in Kansas?

And when to ask a criminal defense lawyer for advice

Do I Pay for an Attorney in a Car Accident Case?

The damages you may collect and how injury attorneys are paid in New Hampshire

What to Do if Workers' Compensation Insurance Low-Balls You for a Work Injury

Call a workers’ compensation attorney if they skimp on your benefits

Does Fault Impact Medical Compensation in an Auto Accident?

How expenses and lost wages are sorted in Upstate New York

Who Is Liable in a Utah Trucking Accident?

How to sort out the multiple parties involved in a commercial vehicle crash

When Must You Talk to Police and When Should They Have a Warrant?

We ask an Idaho criminal defense attorney for advice

What If My Business' Bankruptcy Plan is Contested?

How objections are sorted during an Arizona plan confirmation proceeding

Returning to Work After an Injury

What is required in San Diego after a workers’ compensation claim

When Should I Sue Someone for a Dog Bite?

What the law says in Alabama

Under What Circumstances Can I Sue for a Slip and Fall?

What Mississippi law says about premises liability

What Can You Argue in a Breach of Agreement or Contract Case?

Sorting out the hearsay in a Tennessee business lawsuit

4 Things Tennessee Police Must Prove in a DUI

And how to legally challenge the conviction

Defective Product Lawsuits and Alabama Law

How do you establish negligence and/or strict liability for personal injury

When Is Litigation the Best Option in a Business Dispute?

It isn't often, but sometimes it's the only path

What to Do If You Receive a Notice to Appear for Removal Proceedings

What to expect from deportation hearings in Missouri

What Qualifies as Wrongful Termination in Kansas?

Dissecting the law for whistleblower, retaliation, discrimination and more

How Can My Insurance Company Deny a Storm Damage Claim?

What Oklahoma insurers can allege, and how an attorney can help

Do You Need a Lawyer to Transfer/Restructure Business Ownership?

The legal implications for such arrangements in Oklahoma

You Have 3 Years to File a Mesothelioma Lawsuit in Massachusetts

The actions you must take, and when, if you or a loved one fall ill from asbestos

Common Reasons to Create a Trust in Maine

When a simple will simply won't cut it

What to Know About Special Needs and Disability Planning in Connecticut

The reasons why you should have a legal plan for long-term assistance

How to Prepare for the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

What Texans need to know about trademark oppositions and cancellations

What Must Be Proven in a Systematic Discrimination Lawsuit?

And how Texas employers can defend such EEOC claims

Discrimination Lawsuits Have a Short Timeframe in Texas

Statutes of limitation and other deciding factors in an employment case

The Fines and Jail Time Penalties for White Collar Crimes in Texas

What you stand to lose, should you be convicted of one

How Long Do I Have to Contest a Will in Texas?

And on what grounds am I allowed to do so?

How to Defend a Price-Fixing Allegation in Texas

What do you do if you’re facing the Federal Trade Commission?

Can You Record Someone Without Permission in Texas?

Dissecting the state’s one-party consent rule as it relates to privacy

How to Fight Lake Levels Under Michigan Drain Code

An overview of NREPA, Act 188, and other legal tools at your disposal

How to Stop or Slow IRS Penalties in a Tax Controversy

A tax attorney can help if they seek to seize assets, levy fines, or garnish wages

Is Mediation or a Trial Best for My Divorce?

When to go to court in a Michigan family law dispute

An Attorney Can Help You Deal with Michigan Liquor Control Commission

And the same goes for local applications and hearings

What Must a Business Do to Avoid Water Antidegradation Rules?

You don’t want to butt heads with the DNR, PCA and EPA in Minnesota

What is FINRA's Litigation Process?

Plus, legal advice from an attorney who’s been through it

If a U.S. Company is Overseas, Whose Employment Laws Matter?

Sorting out international legal issues for foreign operations

Does My Small Business Need a Lawyer on Retainer?

Why Washington entrepreneurs might want to consider counsel

Do I Need a Lawyer for the Venture Capital Process?

The potential legal snags involved in Washington startup funding

How Do You Know If Your Insurer Acted in Bad Faith?

When you should sue your insurance company in Washington state

What to Consider in an Entertainment Licensing Deal

Know the legal details in Washington state

Can You Sue a School for How It Deals with Student Misconduct?

The laws Montana schools must follow to avoid a lawsuit

How Negligence & Fault Are Determined in Montana Auto Accidents

What the state’s modified comparative fault system means

What Are Utah?s Water Quality Rules and Regulations?

How to stay within the law when it comes to groundwater

What to Do If You Suspect You're Part of a Class Action

Legal considerations for when you have reason to believe a lawsuit impacts you

Deciding Between Debt or Equity Securities Financing in Oregon

What you need to know about each type of offering

What to Look Out for in an Iowa Lease Agreement

A commercial lease is not to be taken lightly

What Are Post-Grant Patent Proceedings?

And should a holder have an attorney present?

Should I Sue for Breach of Contract?

Advice to resolve contractual disputes in Iowa

Your Legal Responsibilities at Superfund Sites

What federal and Iowa law says about environmental cleanup liabilities

When to Consider Living Will and Medical Directive in Nebraska

The circumstances in which these estate planning tools can help

Ways to End a Nebraska Class Action Lawsuit Early

Exploring motions to dismiss, summary judgment, arbitration, and settlements

How Are Retirement Accounts Split in Divorce in Hawaii?

A family law attorney can guide you through transfers and QDROs in Hawaii

When to Update Employee Handbooks and HR Policies in Iowa

And why to consider an employment attorney when doing so

What to Do If You Suspect Price Fixing or Unfair Competition

Call an attorney to investigate an antitrust violation

What Are Florida Developments of Regional Impact?

And how does that label affect land use and zoning laws?

Prepare and Persevere

Jennifer Oden and Marshall Cole on how the sports world prepared them for the legal world

What to Do in Pennsylvania If Your Child is Attacked by a Dog

Seek medical attention, then legal assistance for compensation

What Evidence Do You Need in a Price-Fixing Lawsuit?

The types of things antitrust attorneys look for

Am I Eligible for Veteran Benefits or Pension?

How veterans and survivors can apply through the VA

How to Avoid Equal Pay Act and FLSA Violations in West Virginia

Determining exempt versus non-exempt status is key for employers

What is the Timeline of an Audit in South Carolina?

What happens and when you need to respond to the DOR and IRS

Where Do I File My Workers' Comp Claim in DC?

When you need to file and seek medical aid in Maryland, Virginia, or DC

How to Resolve a Rail Freight Rate Dispute

When adjustments are allowed and not in a railroad pricing contract

What You Need to Prove Negligence in a Malpractice Claim in New Mexico

How personal injury attorneys approach medical malpractice cases

What Do I Need to Sue Someone for False Advertising?

What the consumer law says in California

What Are Syndrome and Mental Defect Defenses in Criminal Cases?

How they have been argued and applied in federal and California courts

What Restrictive Covenants Aren't Enforceable in New Jersey?

Putting them in contracts doesn’t automatically mean they’re binding

What Happens During an Internal Investigation for Fraud?

A Colorado white collar criminal defense attorney explains

What If You Suspect a Will Was Tampered With?

The process of contesting a will in Georgia

How to Defend an FMCSR Violation After a Trucking Accident

Proving compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in Georgia

Recording Conversations at Work is Illegal in Chicago

Breaking down the Illinois eavesdropping statute and two-party consent rule

What are the Benefits of a Living Trust?

The situations in which Illinois estate planning attorneys would recommend it

How You Prove Bad Faith in a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Legal tips for Californians seeking prompt investigation and payment

What is California's Density Bonus Law?

And what do developers need to do to qualify?

Can an Investment Broker's Record be Expunged in California?

What securities law says about getting rid of petty crimes and complaints

Fighting the Validity of Wills or Trusts in Los Angeles

An overview of undue influence, lack of capacity, breach of fiduciary duty, and more

What You Need to Submit Utility and Design Patent Applications

And whether or not you need expert legal help in Southern California

Does My Student Loan Debt Go Away After Bankruptcy?

Walking You Through the Options in North Carolina

50 for 50

Billy Murphy’s legal career hits the half-century mark

What Does a Real Estate Financing Attorney Do?

And does a Maryland property owner need one?

How Do I Craft Policies for Recruitment, Promotion and Discipline?

Tips for Maryland employers to avoid discrimination

The Levels of Eligibility for Ohio Veterans Benefits

The financial assistance vets and survivors can apply for

What Does the Ohio Equine Immunity Statute Mean?

The legal implications for horse owners, businesses and riders

What to Expect When You Face an OSHA Violation Claim

Ohio employers need to prepare for the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

What is Involved in Searching and Clearing Trademarks?

How to effectively make your mark in Ohio

An Estate Plan Can Be a Wealth Preservation Plan in Kentucky

Legal strategies to save your estate, gift, income, and generation-skipping taxes

What Should a Business Tax Plan Include?

Things for Arkansas entrepreneurs to consider

The Compensation Types in a Medical Device Lawsuit

What you're potentially entitled to if you’re successful in an Arkansas mass tort case

What You Can Expect from a False Advertising Lawsuit in Kansas

The state’s consumer protection laws on deceptive business tactics

Here's How You Can Bust Retail Fraud in Missouri

The Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, and federal UDAP laws, protect consumers

Criminal Defenses to Money Laundering in Kansas

Legal advice for federal white-collar crime

What Proves Recklessness or Negligence in a Wrongful Death Case?

How Kansas courts typically define it, and what you stand to gain with a wrongful death …

Who Pays Attorney Fees in an Oklahoma Divorce?

How the finances typically shake out with an Oklahoma divorce lawyer

The Types of Bail in Oklahoma and How to Post It

What will it cost, and how long might you stay in jail?

What Can I Do If My Workers' Comp Claim is Denied?

New Yorkers still have the ability to challenge it

What Private Land is Considered Public Use in Texas?

How Texas defines it for government entities seeking to acquire via eminent domain

The Elements of a Legally Enforceable Contract in Texas

What basics do you need for a solid contractual agreement?

How Do I Know If My Baby's Injury Was Due to Negligence?

What Texas attorneys look for in medical malpractice cases

How Do I Know If My Insurance Underpaid Me?

How Texas defines bad faith insurance claims, and when to pursue one

The Types of Compensation in a Dog Bite Lawsuit

From medical bills to mental anguish, and who is liable for it, in Texas

What You Need to Argue Unfair Competition in Connecticut

How the state’s intellectual property laws define it

How Are IP Issues Sorted Out in a Business Transaction?

What happens to pieces of intellectual property when a business changes hands

Human Trafficking; What Are U-Visas and T-Visas?

And how you secure one in Rhode Island

When Should I Hire an Internal Investigator?

Tips for Massachusetts businesses when an employment law conflict arises

What Are the Open Meeting Laws in Minnesota?

How a town, city or village council must post their public meetings

How Do I Know If a Medical Device is Defective or Harmful?

Establishing liability for an injury lawsuit in Washington state

Valid Defenses to Workplace Sex Discrimination

How a Washington business might fight an employment lawsuit

How to Fight Drug Conspiracy Charges in North Dakota

A breakdown of the four types, the penalties, and how to defend against them

The Valid Defenses to Wrongful Termination in Nebraska

What a business needs to prove in employment litigation

Is My Assault a Misdemeanor or Felony in Alaska?

How state laws define it, and how an attorney may be able to help

If I Make a Will with an Online Template, Is it Legal?

What you need for a valid will in South Dakota

Can I Get Money If a Dog Bites Me?

In North Dakota, if certain facts are in your favor, yes

What to Expect When You're Expected in Tax Court

What you need, and need to know, if you’re seeing a judge in Fresno or San Francisco

How Do I Sponsor an Employee for an H-1B Visa?

Filing, renewing, and extending petitions for specialty workers in Northern California

What the California Environmental Quality Act Requires

And how it may affect your real estate project

Your Options for Selling Assets in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

What California law says if you’re looking to liquidate or reorganize

Can You File an Insurance Claim for a Data Security Breach?

How to protect and defend your data in Oregon

What Constitutes Excessive Force by Oregon Police?

How it's defined, and how to protect your civil rights

Do I Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Adoption?

We ask an Oregon attorney about the risks

Why Did the Insurance Company Close My Workers' Comp Claim?

Rating evaluations and filing appeals in Nevada

What Are the Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust?

How and why to have an estate planning attorney set one up in Utah

How Does Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Report in Nevada?

The ways in which a Nevada bankruptcy filing will follow you later

Working With a Utah Municipality on Zoning Changes

A guide to variances, conditional uses, and nonconforming uses

Reckless Driving Versus DUI in Nevada

The penalties for each conviction, and why plea bargaining down might be advantageous

Does Florida Have Laws for Licensing Music?

What musicians can do to legally protect their songs

What Constitutes Intellectual Property Infringement?

What Delaware and federal courts say regarding patents and copyrights

What to Expect and How to Defend an ERISA Lawsuit

An attorney’s advice when a Pennsylvania business faces a suit

Was I a Victim of Police Brutality or Misconduct?

When Pennsylvania police are observing due process, and when they violate civil rights

How to Protect Your Spouse in Medicaid Planning

Federal and Pennsylvania rules to shelter assets from nursing home costs

What Do I Want Covered in an Environmental Insurance Policy?

What a Pennsylvania company should look for to protect itself

Divorce From Bed and Board or Divorce From the Bond of Matrimony?

Why to consider one over the other in Virginia

Can I Claim Workers' Comp Even If I Was at Fault?

It's a no-fault process when it comes to accidents

How Partnerships Are Taxed in South Carolina

The filing considerations for business owners

Living Trust vs. Will: Which is Better?

How to decide when a revocable living trust might be better for you

When Can I Reopen My Closed Workers' Comp Case?

What state law dictates in South Carolina

What to Do If You Face Charges of Rioting in DC

Legal advice for charges related to protesting in Washington, D.C.

When is Debt Collection Considered Abuse?

What Arizona laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act say about collection harassment

When to Consider Legal Separation vs. Divorce

Know all your options in a New Mexico family law case

What You Need for a Proxy Marriage in California

Your stand-in must have a power of attorney (POA)

How Do You Investigate Nursing Home Abuse?

A San Diego elder law attorney's tips if you suspect elder abuse or neglect

What You Need for a Cannabis Business in San Diego

Tips to be in full compliance with California law

Who Pays Attorney's Fees in Eminent Domain Cases?

Some costs are recoverable in Colorado, if certain criteria are met

Consumers' Rights When They Visit an Auto Mechanic

Defining deceptive and unlawful repair practices in New Jersey

A Business Settling Out of Court Doesn't Mean Admission of Guilt

When to litigate and when to mediate a commercial lawsuit in Colorado

Can a Prescription Medication Error Be Medical Malpractice?

Yes, and here is what you can do to seek a lawsuit in New Jersey

How Do You Maintain a Trademark?

And is it worth hiring a Colorado attorney to help you do so?

How to Get a Record Expunged in Indiana

How the Indiana Second Chance Law works for criminal matters

How Does Indiana Define Negligence in an Injury Case?

It's a crucial element to the state’s personal injury lawsuits

How Can I Recover My Domain Name?

What can be done in Georgia when cybersquatters and infringers get your URL

How Do You Prove Financial Harm in Legal Malpractice?

What Georgia law says, and how it might impact your case

Should We Do a Corporate Internal Investigation or Notify the Government?

How Indiana businesses should respond to suspected wrongdoing

What is Involved in Patent Portfolio Management?

And do Georgia businesses really need an attorney to do it for them?

When Is a Georgia Pet Owner Liable for Injuries?

The state standards when a dog, cat, snake or livestock lashes out

The Laws That Govern International Business Transactions

What Illinois companies need to know if they merge, expand, or invest abroad

How Can a Mechanics Lien Help a Contractor Get Paid?

It’s a legal remedy to ensure you’re compensated for completed work in Illinois

What Does Defamation Mean?

Defining defamation-of-character laws and when it’s appropriate to sue

What Happens If I'm Part of a Defective Product Lawsuit?

How these consumer class action suits are resolved in North Carolina

What if My Work Injury Gets Worse After My Workers' Comp Claim?

The circumstances under which you can reopen your case in North Carolina

The Aggravating Factors in a North Carolina DWI

What they are and how they are used to punish offenders

Don't Represent Yourself in a North Carolina DWI

The legal and social consequences may be dire

What Are the Time Limit Restrictions for Medical Malpractice?

The strict limits California courts place on injury lawsuits

Your Options When You Receive a Settlement Notice

If it’s early enough, you can accept, opt out or object to the terms

Applying for a Variance or Conditional Use Permit in SoCal

An overview of common zoning requirements and how to get them

Lawyer Up Before Signing Sponsorship or Licensing Agreements

How a California attorney can protect athletes from future problems

How Do You Terminate Birth Parents' Rights?

It's a necessary step in the process for stepparents to adopt

What Do Louisiana Courts Look for in a Reorganization Plan?

How the state looks at Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings

What Happens in the Louisiana Probate Process?

And should I avoid it, if possible?

How Can Minors Get an American Green Card?

Exploring the laws and process for youths coming to Louisiana

Am I Subject to Maritime Laws When I'm Injured on My Cruise?

The statutes that come into play when you’re vacationing at sea

Was My Attorney Negligent?

Defining legal malpractice in Maryland, and what to do if you’re a victim of it

What Are Trademark Agreements and How Do They Work?

A breakdown of consent, concurrent use, and coexistence agreements

What are Arrest and Attachment Proceedings?

How the laws work in Maryland admiralty and maritime cases

The Deciding Factors for a Business Interruption Insurance Claim

How Maryland law sorts through contract and policy phrasings

The Types of Joint Ventures in Health Care

A breakdown of the entities and some legal tips for Ohio businesses

Defending a Municipality from Section 1983 Lawsuits

How these civil rights claims proceed in Ohio

Who Is Responsible in a Commercial Trucking Accident?

How liability is decided in Ohio if property damage or a physical injury takes place

Tips for Licensing Your Intellectual Property

What the laws say in Ohio when you want to grant the use of your idea

If I'm Released for Light Duty, Do I Still Receive Workers' Comp Benefits?

What happens when a doctor clears you in a Kansas workers’ compensation claim

What Kansas Courts Want in a Parenting Plan

A family law attorney’s tips for a solid child custody arrangement

Can I Sue for Deception or False Advertising in Missouri?

How attorneys and the Merchandising Practices Act protect consumers

What 'Stand Your Ground' Laws Mean in Missouri

How Senate Bill 656 affects gun owners’ carrying, usage and defending of themselves

What You Need to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Business License in Missouri

Legal tips if you’re opening a dispensary, grow operation—or otherwise

Can You Get a DUI in a Boat Without a Large Motor?

This and other Wisconsin laws related to boating while intoxicated

Can I Apply for a Loan If I File for Bankruptcy in Mississippi?

How Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy impacts your credit options and rating

Can a Bank Work with a Cannabis Business Legally?

How to comply federally under the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering regulations

What is a Shareholder Derivative Action?

How a class action lawsuit can help Massachusetts investors

What Laws Govern Charitable Solicitation in Massachusetts?

The state and federal regulations a nonprofit must follow when seeking funds

Can a Breath or Blood Test Be Wrong?

Their validity can be legally challenged in Massachusetts

Real Estate Guidelines for Massachusetts Cannabis Businesses

The laws you need to know when you start a marijuana operation

What Are the Business Regulations for Cannabis in Massachusetts?

The rules you need to prepare in the marijuana, hemp, and CBD space

How Does a Private Investment in Public Equity Work?

A legal overview of the discount investment purchase methodA legal overview of the discount …

What Are Investment Visas and How Do They Work?

An overview of E-2 and EB-5 visas for U.S. business investors

What is a Debtor in Possession in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

What an Oklahoma business should do after filing a Plan of Reorganization

How Do I Protect a Trademark or Copyright Internationally?

Domestic legal advice when looking abroad for your intellectual property

How Medical Records Must Document Sexual Assault in Michigan

What physicians and facilities need to do to comply with state law

What to Do When the IRS Audits You

Don’t panic; call a Texas tax attorney

Was My Baby?s Injury Due to Medical Negligence?

What a lawsuit needs to establish in a Texas birth injury case

Suing Your Home Builder for Shoddy Workmanship?

Construction liability when weather causes damage based on defects

Benefits for Elderly Veterans and How to Get Them

Navigating aid and attendance, medical, geriatrics, and long-term care in Texas

Am I Forced to Use My Company’s Doctor in a Worker's Compensation Claim?

What to know about choosing a physician in a Minnesota workers’ compensation case

How to Appeal a Denied Workers' Comp Claim

Act fast and seek a worker's compensation attorney in Minnesota

How to Obtain an OLCC Marijuana License in Oregon

A legal overview of the four types businesses can apply for

What I Need to Open a Dispensary in Minnesota

The state rules and regulations to enter medical cannabis retail

What Can You Do If You’re Victim to Elder Financial Abuse?

An attorney can protect you from scamming caregivers, loved ones, and more in California

Can I Sue for Damages in a Vehicle Recall or Defect?

How California laws deal with product personal injury claims

Can You Get a DUI on a Scooter in California?

Yes. Here’s how the state defines a vehicle in its drunk driving laws

What Constitutes Healthcare Insurance Fraud in California?

An overview of the California Penal Code, self-referrals and kickbacks

What Does It Mean to be the Lead Plaintiff or Class Representative?

The role of a named party in a Washington class action suit

How Much Would It Cost to Open a Dispensary in Nevada?

An overview of the licensing, application, legal fees, and more

What Do I Need to Apply for a Nevada Marijuana License?

A business plan, access to funding, and a location … to start

The Rules to Legally Prescribing Medical Marijuana and CBD

What medical professionals in Florida must do to comply with regulations

How to Seek Zoning Approval for Marijuana in Florida

The legal process to seek cannabis real estate

What Are the Physician Gag Laws in Florida?

What doctors can and cannot discuss with patients

Why to Consider Title Insurance in Pennsylvania

Protecting against title failure and other financial risks in a real estate deal

How is a Class Certified in Pennsylvania?

A legal breakdown of an important step in a class action

What is Considered Tampering with Evidence?

How Delaware defines and penalizes it

Should My Company Consider a Debt Offering?

An overview of this restructuring or refinancing method

Ways to Prevent Liability as a Pennsylvania Cannabis Business

How to comply with state laws and regulations

What a Gestational Carrier Arrangement Should Cover

Considerations for engaging in surrogacy or other assisted reproduction in Washington, D.C.

Taking a Second Mortgage vs. Filing for Bankruptcy

How a Chapter 13 filing could help your home equity credit in Washington, D.C.

What Are the Defenses to Removal Proceedings?

How they work and the potential for relief in Washington, DC

Damages: What They Are and How They'e Calculated

What you stand to gain in a Washington, D.C., personal injury case

Does a Nonprofit Need a Lawyer for IRS 990 Forms?

What’s tricky or dangerous for the tax-exempt organizations that are required to submit them

What You Need to be Eligible for Arizona Long Term Care System?

Breaking down income limits, resource requirements, and medical criteria for ALTCS

If You're Uninsured and Get in an Accident in Virginia

An attorney can protect your rights and help you settle the case

Can I Get Visitation Rights If I’m Not a Parent?

How Virginia law views grandparent and other third-party child custody issues

What is Considered Excessive Force by an Officer?

How Virginia defines police misconduct, and how to seek justice

How to Secure Historic Restoration Tax Credits in Virginia

What you need to satisfy for local and federal development incentives

What If You Get in an Accident With an Uninsured Driver in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, an attorney can help you seek compensation through your own policy

What Does a Company Need for an IPO?

How to prepare your company for a launch into the stock market

When Arbitration and Mediation Meet Personal Injury

What to know if your case goes to alternative dispute resolution in Colorado

How to Limit Injury Liability If You Work With Horses

New Jersey equine laws can protect you from financial risks

Trade Dress: What It Is and How to Protect Yours

An overview of what New Jersey and federal trademark laws say

Do I Pay the Attorneys as a Member of a Class Action?

How are lawyer fees and litigation costs settled in a New Jersey mass torts claim?

Is My Noncompete Preventing Me From Accepting a Job?

Determining the enforceability of your noncompete agreement in New Jersey

What You Need to Apply for a Cannabis License in New Jersey

What you need to comply with the laws and regulations

How to Sue an Insurance Company for Denying Coverage

Legal tips for arguing insurance bad faith or breach of contract in Georgia

How Do I Appeal Denied Veterans' Benefits Claims?

A guide through the VA benefits appeals process in Georgia

How Do You Win a Failure to Diagnose Case?

What must be established in Indiana medical negligence suits

What Documents Do I File for Workers' Compensation in Indiana?

The appropriate info to file, and before their deadlines

Can a Contract be Valid Without a Signature?

What dictates the enforceability of business agreements in Indiana

What is the Medicaid Income Cap Trust?

How it works and pays for Californians’ health care expenses

Can I Reopen an Old Workers' Comp Claim?

If you need new treatment or severity has increased, it’s allowed in California

Legal Ways to Lower Your Tax Burden in Illinois

Write-offs, exemptions, deferrals, credits, transfers, and other attorney advice

Heart Balm Torts: What They Are and How They Work

What the laws say in North Carolina

Can I Sue for Abuse in Prison or Jail?

What warrants legal action, what to prove, and how to pursue it in Illinois

What Civil Rights Laws Protect People with Disabilities?

An overview of disability rights in Maryland, and what to do to protect them

How to Seek Asylum in Ohio

What the laws say and how an immigration attorney can help

What is Considered "Operating" in a Drunk Driving Case in Ohio?

How does Ohio define operating a vehicle while under the influence (OVI)

Think of Chapter 11 as a Restructuring Plan, Not a Bankruptcy

An overview of the process for a Kentucky business to get a fresh start

The Types of Reports to Submit to Securities Regulators

What is required by federal and state law in Ohio

What Can I Do to Get My License Reinstated in Ohio?

Legal advice when your driver's license has been suspended

Missouri's Physician Gag Law: What Doctors Can't Say

A legal overview for medical professionals

Choosing Chapter 128 Reorganization or Bankruptcy?

Unlike a bankruptcy filing, this Wisconsin statute gets you out of debt without a courtroom

Breach of Contract vs. Bad Faith: What is the Difference?

How these insurance coverage lawsuits differ in Pennsylvania

Can They Take My Car After a DUI in New Mexico?

The strict penalties for being convicted of a DUI in New Mexico

How and Why to Opt Out of a Class Action Suit

File the paperwork, then your own lawsuit, perhaps with an Ohio attorney’s help

Practical Applications in New Jersey

Handy legal apps used by fellow attorneys

Practical Applications in Texas

Handy technologies fellow attorneys are using

Practical Applications in Georgia

Handy legal technologies

What Is Animal Bite Liability Law?

Victims injured by animals have legal options available

What Is Bankruptcy Law?

Understanding the essentials and positioning yourself for growth

What Is Business Litigation Law?

Understand your business's roles and responsibilities

An Overview on Adoption Law

Understanding the legal process

What Is Civil Rights Law?

How to evaluate whether or not you have a case

What Is Criminal Law?

How a criminal charge makes its way through the courts

An Overview on Brain Injury Law

Should you, or can you, pursue legal action?

An Overview on Asbestos Law

Understanding asbestos and your legal options

An Overview on Assault & Battery Law

The basics of assault and battery in criminal cases and civil cases

An Overview on Bad Faith Insurance Law

Evaluating whether or not you have a bad faith insurance case

What Is Business Organizations Law?

Common types of business structures and what each option offers

An Overview on Construction Accident Law

Common claims and legal options

An Overview on Contract Law

Understanding contracts and possible remedies for breach

What Is Custody & Visitation Law?

Understanding your right to see your child

An Overview on Disability Law

Common areas of legal protection

An Overview on Discrimination Law

Understanding common legal issues and questions

What Is Divorce Law?

Issues that may arise at the end of your marriage

What Is Drug & Alcohol Law?

Federal drug scheduling and potential charges

What Is DUI / DWI Law?

Criminal charges and the tests officers use

What Is Elder Law?

A starting point for planning for the future

What Is Employment Law for Employees?

What employees should expect of their employers

What Is Employment Law for Employers?

Common considerations in the employment relationship

What Is Estate Planning Law?

How to resolve legal questions and provide for your loved ones in your absence

An Overview on Family Law

A first look at common legal topics and guiding principles

An Overview on Father's Rights Law

Your paternal rights and how to enforce them

What Is Immigration Law?

Navigating one of the most complicated areas of law

What Is Insurance Law?

When and how claims can be filed and paid

What Is Intellectual Property Law?

How the law protects 'creations of the mind'

What Is Labor Union Law?

A look at unions and collective bargaining

What Is Landlord-Tenant Law?

Understanding your rights and whether you have a legal issue

An Overview on Mediation and Collaborative Law

Processes, parties involved and what happens when an agreement cannot be reached

An Overview on Medical Malpractice Law

Your legal options when your doctor makes a mistake

An Overview on Motor Vehicle Accident Law

Types of cases that can result from a car accident

An Overview on Nursing Home Law

Understanding resident rights and signs of mistreatment

What Is Patent Law?

This area of intellectual property law comes with its own set of complex challenges

What Is Personal Injury Law?

Learning about one of the most prevalent areas of tort law

An Overview on Premises Liability Law

What you need to prove when you are injured on someone's property

An Overview on Probate and Estate Administration Law

Distributing property with and without a will

What Is Real Estate Law?

Legal considerations regarding commercial and residential property

An Overview on Subchapter S Corporations Law

Pros and cons of choosing this legal structure for your business

What Is Securities Law?

How federal law regulates the sale of securities

What Is Sex Offense Law?

A look at types of offenses and the offender registry

An Overview on Sexual Abuse Law

Understanding types of abuse and your legal options

An Overview on Sexual Harassment Law

State and federal laws protect employees from unlawful discrimination at work

An Overview on Social Security Disability Law

How to determine if you qualify for benefits

What Is Tax Law?

Understanding taxes and when you may want to talk to a lawyer

What Is Trademark Law?

Brush up on the federal and state laws that govern branding

An Overview on Traffic Violations Law

A look at common violations and possible consequences

An Overview on Trucking Accidents Law

When semitrucks and cars collide, the law offers some options

An Overview on Trusts Law

Benefits and drawbacks when property is held for the benefit of another

An Overview on Wage and Hour Law

Understanding the federal laws that deal with how employees are compensated

An Overview on Wills Law

Understanding how this document controls your property after death

What Is Product Liability Law?

When do you have a case, and what kinds of cases are there?

What Is Workers' Compensation Law?

How to know when this law applies

An Overview on Wrongful Death Law

If criminal charges fail, a civil case may be possible

An Overview on Toxic Torts Law

When injury was caused by exposure to dangerous chemicals

What Are Federal Crimes and How Are They Punished?

What you should know when facing a federal charge

An Overview on Admiralty and Maritime Law

Common scenarios that involve offenses on navigable waters

An Overview on Entertainment, Sports and Leisure Law

Identifying key issues in this broad area of law

An Overview on Birth Injury Law

Common questions you might consider if your baby is injured during birth

An Overview on Eminent Domain Law

Understanding the government’s power to take private land for public use

An Overview on Education Law

U.S. law requires that every child be given access to an education

An Overview on Medical Devices Law

Learn the basics of recalls and lawsuits

An Overview on Wrongful Termination Law

When can you sue your former employer over job loss?

An Overview on State, Local and Municipal Litigation Law

Government missteps can be addressed in the legal system

An Overview on Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Things to consider when beginning your merger or acquisition

What Is Land Use and Zoning Law?

Real property owners should be aware of the applicable land use and zoning requirements

An Overview on Defamation Law

When your reputation is harmed by someone else's false statement

An Overview on Construction Litigation Law

Potential causes of legal actions and how litigation proceeds

An Overview on Aviation Accident Law

Several types of personal injury claims may apply 

An Overview on Closely Held Business Law

Understand the benefits and drawbacks of this business structure

An Overview on Collections Law

Knowing the process and your rights can help you protect your assets

An Overview on Legal Malpractice Law

Proving and defending a legal malpractice claim

The Legal Difference Between Libel and Slander

How laws define them, and when you might want to sue

How to Report Sexual Harassment

An overview of employee rights and options if you were a victim

What is Employment Law?

What employees and employers need to know about the federal guidelines

What is Labor Law?

Employers’ and employees’ rights and responsibilities at work

What Is Animal Law?

An overview of one of the more dynamic areas of the legal field

What Is Antitrust Litigation Law?

A contentious area of law that maintains fairness for consumers

What Is Business & Corporate Law?

A deep and complex area of law to suit the many needs of today's business world

What Is Cannabis Law?

Everything there is to know about an emerging area of law

What Are Class Action and Mass Torts Law?

Two similar areas of the law with some key distinctions

What Is Consumer Law?

Keeping the marketplace for consumers

What Is Estate and Trust Litigation Law?

Resolving disputes when a decedent leaves behind property

What Is Environmental Law?

Understanding regulation at both the federal and state levels

What Is Employment Litigation?

The law pertaining to employer-employee disputes

What Is International Law?

The laws that govern the dealings between nations

What Is Health Care Law?

Breaking down the immense regulation of the medical care industry

What Is Professional Liability Law?

The rules and regulations around malpractice claims

What Is Transportation & Maritime Law?

An area of law with a lot of moving parts

What Is White Collar Crime?

The penalties can be harsher than you might expect

What Is General Litigation?

Attorneys working in general litigation can help in resolving a variety of legal disputes

How to Report a Wrongful Termination Claim

An overview of the options if an employee was a victim

Practical Applications in New York

Handy legal technologies

Practical Applications in Texas

Handy legal apps fellow Texas lawyers are using

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