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What is a Shareholder Derivative Action?

How a class action lawsuit can help Massachusetts investors


What Laws Govern Charitable Solicitation in Massachusetts?

The state and federal regulations a nonprofit must follow when seeking funds


How Medical Records Must Document Sexual Assault in Michigan

What physicians and facilities need to do to comply with state law


What to Do When the IRS Audits You

Don’t panic; call a Texas tax attorney


Was My Baby’s Injury Due to Medical Negligence?

What a lawsuit needs to establish in a Texas birth injury case


Am I Forced to Use My Company’s Doctor?

What to know about choosing a physician in a Minnesota workers’ compensation claim


Can I Appeal If My Workers’ Comp Claim is Denied?

Yes, but act fast and seek legal representation in Minnesota


What Can You Do If You’re Victim to Elder Financial Abuse?

An attorney can protect you from scamming caregivers, loved ones, and more in California


The Rules to Legally Prescribing Medical Marijuana and CBD

What medical professionals in Florida must do to comply with regulations


Why to Consider Title Insurance in Pennsylvania

Protecting against title failure and other financial risks in a real estate deal


What a Gestational Carrier Arrangement Should Cover

Considerations for engaging in surrogacy or other assisted reproduction in Washington, D.C.


Taking a Second Mortgage vs. Filing for Bankruptcy

How a Chapter 13 filing could help your home equity credit in Washington, D.C.


If You’re Uninsured and Get in an Accident in Virginia

An attorney can protect your rights and help you settle the case


What If You Get in an Accident With an Uninsured Driver?

In South Carolina, an attorney can help you seek compensation through your own policy


What Does a Company Need for an IPO?

How to prepare your company for a launch into the stock market


How to Limit Injury Liability If You Work With Horses

New Jersey equine laws can protect you from financial risks


Trade Dress: What It Is and How to Protect Yours

An overview of what New Jersey and federal trademark laws say


Do I Pay the Attorneys as a Member of a Class Action?

How are lawyer fees and litigation costs settled in a New Jersey mass torts claim?


How to Sue an Insurance Company for Denying Coverage

Legal tips for arguing bad faith or breach of contract in Georgia


How Do You Win a Failure to Diagnose Case?

What must be established in Indiana medical negligence suits


Legal Ways to Lower Your Tax Burden in Illinois

Write-offs, exemptions, deferrals, credits, transfers, and other attorney advice


How to Seek Asylum in Ohio

What the laws say and how an immigration attorney can help


What is Considered “Operating” in a Drunk Driving Case in Ohio?

How does Ohio define operating a vehicle while under the influence (OVI)


Missouri’s Physician Gag Law: What Doctors Can’t Say

A legal overview for medical professionals


Choosing Chapter 128 Reorganization or Bankruptcy?

Unlike a bankruptcy filing, this Wisconsin statute gets you out of debt without a courtroom


Breach of Contract vs. Bad Faith: What is the Difference?

How these insurance lawsuits differ in Pennsylvania


Can They Take My Car After a DUI in New Mexico?

The strict penalties for being convicted of a DUI in New Mexico


How and Why to Opt Out of a Class Action Suit

File the paperwork, then your own lawsuit, perhaps with an Ohio attorney’s help


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