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Ron S. Doyle is a Colorado-based writer and editor whose work has appeared in 5280, BicyclingBackpacker, Psychology Today, Westword, and many more. He is currently the producer of The Narrators, an award-winning storytelling show and podcast in Denver. He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder and a master’s degree in communications from the University of Denver.

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What Makes a Childbirth Injury Malpractice?

Colorado attorneys explain what to do if a mother or child is a victim to a birth injury 

More than 60,000 babies are born every year in Colorado. For many families, it’s a stressful but exciting adventure—a whirlwind of physical and emotional challenges that brings a joyous addition to their world. Along the way, however, the mother and child must rely on others to assist them through the birthing process—doctors, nurses, midwives, and other licensed professionals—who can make mistakes with long-term consequences. Because most new parents have limited experience with …

Can I Sue a Sexual Abuser If They Weren’t Criminally Convicted?

Yes, you can: A look at the Colorado law allowing compensation for survivors of sexual abuse

In 2021, Colorado lawmakers passed Senate Bills 73 and 88, landmark legislation that: Eliminated the statute of limitations (time limit) for nonexpired claims of sexual abuse; and Opened a three-year filing window for survivors of sexual abuse that happened in 1960 or later. Before these state laws took effect, victims of sexual abuse, with some exceptions, had only six years from their eighteenth birthday in which to file civil claims against their abusers. The New Timeframes for Taking Legal …

What Matters in a Colorado Contested Custody Battle?

The deciding factors when parents fight for the kids

Even in ideal circumstances, a parenting plan is a constant juggling act. Who will take the kids to soccer practice on Tuesdays? Does that rash need medical attention? Are they mature enough to take driving lessons? But when parents split up and cannot agree on what’s best for their kids, or when a parent becomes a threat to a child’s wellbeing, a challenging situation can become a nightmare. Sometimes turning to the courts is the only option to custody disputes, so knowing how that system …

Map Your Digital Assets Before It's Too Late

Leaving your loved ones online access best prepares them in the event of your death

Think about your online footprint: bank accounts, credit cards, investment portfolios, life insurance policies, peer-to-peer payment service accounts, and, if inclined, cryptocurrency holdings. Then there are deeds, licenses and certificates. Don’t forget medical records and health-tracking services like Fitbit. Plus any online subscription service, such as Netflix, with a recurring payment. Not to mention the stuff with sentimental value. Your smartphone, laptop and social media accounts may …

Do I Need a Patent, Trademark, or Copyright?

The process and pitfalls of turning your big idea into a protected asset

It popped into your head one morning in the shower—the groundbreaking invention, the innovative restaurant concept, the perfect premise for a novel. You’ve found your million-dollar idea. So what happens next? To become intellectual property, an idea must solidify into an actual product, creative work, or brand identity that is distinguishable from what already exists. Intellectual properties fall primarily into three general categories: Patents; Trademarks; and Copyrights. Which is …

Master of the Midfield

Want a stadium built? Craig Umbaugh is your man

At the end of the 1980s, Denver was in distress. Its population had declined since 1970, with residents relocating to other cities or fleeing to the suburbs, while the city was facing one of its worst economic downturns. Attempting to transform the city and shock it out of its malaise, Mayor Federico Peña convinced the city council and metro-area taxpayers to approve enormous infrastructure projects like a downtown convention center and the Denver International Airport. After several years, …

The Educator, The Dealmaker & The Reformer

Contract law attorney John Moye is all three

In the early 1960s, Notre Dame’s campus radio station strived to play something for everyone. Broadcasting from the clock tower of O’Shag, the iconic O’Shaughnessy Hall at the center of campus, student radio broadcasters offered a mix of music, news, sports and the occasional radio drama—but the afternoon belonged to rock ‘n’ roll. The show was called “Topsy,” and the disc jockey was a wiry-framed, energetic teenager from Deadwood, S.D., who at a local commercial station went by …

Krendl’s Methods of Practice

As mentor and force of nature, Cathy Krendl has left a permanent mark on Colorado business law

Cathy Krendl rises from her seat at the table, walks over to the window of her conference room on the 53rd floor of the Republic Plaza Building, and raises a finger to the glass. As reference points along the skyline, she identifies the iconic Denver Art Museum, with its titanium exterior and wildly skewed angles, then the stately Wellington E. Webb Municipal Building. Just to the right, Krendl points to an old brick building—her destination—the former home of the University of Denver’s …

The Man from Cherry Creek North

Preservation, restoration and activism characterize Gary Jackson’s legacy

It’s a warm Saturday afternoon in the 1930s, and the sun settles atop the mountains surrounding Coal Creek Canyon. African-American families drive up the unpaved canyon road in automobiles or squeeze into the passenger cars of the California Zephyr, all headed for Winks Lodge—the crown jewel of the Lincoln Hills Country Club development and the country’s only black-owned resort community west of the Mississippi River. On a more recent warm Saturday afternoon, 66-year-old attorney Gary M. …

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