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Super Lawyers Consumer Law Articles

What Is Consumer Law?

Keeping the marketplace for consumers

When Does a Car Qualify As a Lemon in California?

San Diego consumer attorney Richard M. Wirtz clarifies the state’s lemon laws

What Do I Need to Sue Someone for False Advertising?

What the consumer law says in California

What Do Fraudulent and Abusive Debt-Collection Practices Look Like?

Your first line of defense against debt-collection scams is knowing your debt top to bottom 

The CARES Act: Your Action Required

Can consumers still take advantage of the CARES Act?

Consumers' Rights When They Visit an Auto Mechanic

Defining deceptive and unlawful repair practices in New Jersey

How to Avoid Price-Gouging During the COVID-19 Crisis

Ohio attorneys on what consumers need to know during the pandemic

Avoiding Foreclosure in the Time of COVID-19

Ohio consumer attorneys offer advice to those unemployed because of coronavirus

When is Debt Collection Considered Abuse?

What Arizona laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act say about collection harassment

Here's How You Can Bust Retail Scammers in Missouri

The Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, and federal UDAP laws, protect consumers

Can I Take Legal Action if I'm Receiving Pervasive Robocalls?

How to protect yourself from illegal robocalls in California

What You Can Expect from a False Advertising Lawsuit in Kansas

The state’s consumer protection laws on deceptive business tactics

Can I Sue for Deception or False Advertising in Missouri?

How attorneys and the Merchandising Practices Act protect consumers

What to Do With Harassing and/or Scam Debt Collectors

Illegal collection happens more than you think; Missouri and Kansas attorneys offer their advice

What You Can Do About Those Annoying Robocalls

Florida attorneys' advice when robots, spoofers and scammers call

Should I Take Out a Payday Loan?

In Oklahoma, consumer attorneys advise to avoid them at all costs

Debt Collectors Won’t Stop Calling Me

What to do in Illinois if your phone won’t stop ringing

How to Defend Your Credit Score and Future

Check in periodically, and call a lawyer if something seems fishy

What to Do If Your Scholarship is in Jeopardy

Don’t panic and consider finding legal help

Can I Sue When Kickstarter Fails to Deliver?

How the Consumer Protection Act covers crowdfunding in Washington

There's an Error in My Credit Report

Washingtonians can fix errors with the FCRA

Wrong Information Reported to the CRAs?

Virginians must keep an eye on their credit reports

Can I Dispute Information in My Credit Report?

Colorado consumers must start with understanding the credit bureaus’ legal requirements

Filing an Automotive Breach of Warranty Lawsuit

Indiana car owners can sue a manufacturer if their vehicle is still under warranty

When Credit Bureaus Have the Wrong Info

What Texans should do when a company gives credit reporting agencies incorrect data

Your RV Has Its Own Warranty—and Legal Issues

Warranties, sales and lease fraud, and deceptive practices in Ohio

What is Fee-Shifting?

The growing trend among attorneys may save Ohioans a boatload in legal fees

Suing an Auto Dealer for Fraud

How Pennsylvania law protects car buyers, and how a lawyer can help

Disputing a Furnisher in a Credit Information Suit

California consumers should know the laws and obligations that protect them

Seeking Damages for Background Check or Credit Reporting Errors

A Florida attorney can help you secure punitive awards against consumer reporting agencies

What Can You Get for an Inaccurate Credit Report Lawsuit?

The damages Washington consumers can expect for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Is Your Vehicle a Lemon or Not Lived Up to its Warranty?

Illinois car owners should know the vehicle maker informal dispute resolution process

What If You Find Mistakes in Your Credit Report?

Get to know the laws consumer reporting agencies must follow

Make Sure Your Employer Follows the Law for Background Checks

What employees in New Jersey need to know about their records

What to Do If You Find Errors in a Credit Report

More than one in five Texans have them, but here’s where to seek help

How to Prove Your Car is a Lemon

Indiana vehicle owners must meet strict requirements or risk losing out on relief

Frustrated with a Vehicle Purchase?

Many Illinois automobile owners aren’t aware they may qualify for relief

How to Deal With Stolen Mail Packages

Legal tips to fight back against Minnesota porch pirates

Smart Speakers and the Violation of Our Civil Rights

Privacy rights in the age of automation and convenience

Gym Waivers and the Law

Who wins in the pound-for-pound legal battle with our favorite New Year’s resolution?

Your Options to Catch Up on Student Loan Delinquency

Specialized legal help can cut through the confusion

Resolving Student Loan Debt in Minnesota

Having a lawyer can help you through the morass

Stand Up to Debt Collectors' Harassing Calls

Consumer protection law pays you to pursue your rights

Making Lemonade from a Car Purchase Gone Wrong

Massachusetts’ Lemon Law protects new and used car buyers

How Mandatory Arbitration Clauses Impact Consumer Rights

The implications of the fine print and latest rule changes for Oregonians

When is a Collector of Debt Not a ‘Debt Collector’?

U.S. Supreme Court rules that purchasers of bad debts are not subject to FDCPA

Anything You Post Can and Will be Used Against You

The legal dos and don’ts of social media

Fighting Off Debt Collection Abuse

Five tips for Ohioans dealing with collectors

What the Lawsuit Means for Daily Fantasy

Will New York courts rule it's unsportsmanlike conduct?

Driving a Hard Bargain

Fighting fraud and deception at car dealerships in Florida

Your Rights at 10,000 Feet

What an airline legally can and can’t do when it overbooks

What Can You Do to Protect Your Data from ISPs?

Internet service providers can sell your personal information, so shield yourself  

Is Privacy Dead?

Or how we learned to stop worrying and love big data

Hacking and the Fear Beyond Data Theft

Issues for New York's individuals and companies and getting ahead of the problem

An Overview on Collections Law

Knowing the process and your rights can help you protect your assets

Collecting the Evidence

What to do if you’re a victim of identity theft in Minnesota

How to Make Payday Loans Work for you Instead of Against You

Avoiding problems with payday loans in Illinois

5 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft in Michigan

A consumer law attorney gives his tips

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