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4 Common Misconceptions Owners Have About Construction Laws

In Colorado, your rights probably aren’t what you think

Things to Do If You're Buying a Newly Constructed Home

How to protect yourself from legal trouble in Colorado

Why Condo and Homeowners Associations Need Attorneys

What lawyers offer and what to expect in Michigan

Can I Sue My Home Builder for Shoddy Workmanship?

Construction liability when weather causes damage based on defects

Why to Consider Title Insurance in Pennsylvania

Protecting against title failure and other financial risks in a real estate deal

Your Legal Defenses to Wrongful Eviction

A Connecticut attorney’s advice for tenants against the landlords that want them out

How Do I Make a Zoning Change or Exception?

A legal overview of re-zoning, variances and conditional use permits in Rhode Island

The Important Aspects of Business Relocation

Advice from Illinois real estate attorneys

How Do I Get My Property Listed on the National Register?

It’s a lengthy process for Minnesota property owners

How to Sell a Property and Defer Capital Gain Taxes

The ins and outs of a 1031 tax exchange in Upstate New York

What Laws Do Airbnb Hosts Need to Follow?

Minnesota real property owners must understand several layers of regulation

Can I Keep a Tenant’s Security Deposit?

Minnesota landlords face steep penalties if not cautious

How to Respond to a Rent Escrow Action

Minnesota landlords should ensure their properties aren’t at risk

How Do I Evict a Tenant in Minnesota?

Understanding the legal requirements is key for residential and commercial landlords

How to Redevelop Property in a NYC Historic District

Lawyers warn 'it's not for the faint of heart'

Can You Sue The Farmer Next Door?

What happens when an Arizona farmer doesn't want to sell their farm?

Can I Put a Stop to My Hoarder Neighbor?

The process of evaluating and taking legal action in Texas

Purchasing a Contaminated Property

In Arizona, business owners can protect themselves from liability

The Pros and Cons of TIF for a Developer

A tax increment financing primer for Louisiana business owners

How to Avoid Rent-to-Own Schemes in South Carolina

The ways to enter these kinds of contracts and avoid predatory landlords

The Dos and Don'ts of Moving Your Business

Real estate attorneys' tips on what to look for in a new space

Can My Tenant Land Me in Jail?

What Minnesota landlords need to look out for

A Legal Guide to Zoning Changes and Exceptions

How to apply for rezoning, variances and conditional use permits in Illinois

The Types of Commercial Leases in Massachusetts

What business owners should know about renting real estate

What Building Owners Can Do When Tenants Sublet on Airbnb

Landlords still have liabilities from short-term rentals in San Francisco

Does My Neighbor Have a Prescriptive Easement?

A legal overview of adverse possession for Kansas property owners

How Long Does it Take to Get Adverse Possession in Texas?

It varies depending on the trespasser’s actions 

Do I Need a Certificate of Appropriateness?

What developers in NYC’s historic districts need to know

What is Adverse Possession?

And how can it affect me in Colorado?

Oregon Supports Residential Beekeeping

But beware of local nuisance laws

Can the Government Buy My Property?

Yes, and here’s what to know about eminent domain in Arizona

Fencing Off Your Neighbors Can Be Illegal

When neighborly disputes build into malicious fences in Indiana

Taking Noise Nuisances Into Your Own Hands

How to deal with noisy neighbors in California when reason and police intervention aren’t …

How to Sell Your House Without an Agent

Consider hiring a real estate attorney instead

Real Estate Contract Options in Washington

Alternative financing arrangements can have advantages—and disadvantages

How to Legally Redevelop a Historic Property

Staying within the confines of the federal and state landmark rules in Ohio

How Do I Get Out of Home Ownership with My Ex-girlfriend or Boyfriend?

For unmarried partners living together in Minnesota, it’s best to plan ahead

Free Legal Advice for Twin Cities Landlords and Tenants

Housing court programs help low-income residents in Hennepin and Ramsey counties

Airbnb Fiascos and Other Tales of Short-Term Rental Woe

Proceed with caution before turning your property over to strangers

Beware of Rent Control Coming to Northern California

Rather than raising rent, landlords would be better off with a more cooperative approach

Does My Landlord Have to Fix My Refrigerator?

Massachusetts rentals may not require all that you think they do

Preparing to Rent in New York City

What to know before entering into the landlord-tenant relationship

Considering a Land Installment Contract in Ohio

Alternative financing arrangements can have advantages—and disadvantages

Untangling New York’s Super-Confusing Rent Regulations

It’s complicated, so let the experts tell you

Lessons Learned from the Florida Housing Market Crash

What to keep in mind, now that property values are looking up

Avoiding a Fence Dispute in Minnesota

Some rules to keep in mind

REAs Can Make or Break a Development Deal

Reciprocal Easement Agreements are crucial for commercial planning in Georgia

Fence Laws in Oregon

Eight tips to avoid/resolve a neighborly fence dispute

What a Nuisance!

What to expect if you challenge a neighbor under Georgia’s nuisance law

Should I Consider a Short Sale?

This option may be a good one for a foreclosure in California, but proceed with caution

Getting Out of a Timeshare Can Be Tricky

Legal steps you can take if you’re stuck in a Florida timeshare

Sick of Dealing with Security Deposits?

Surety bonds are the little-known option that could help

Steps to Take if You're Being Wrongfully Evicted in Texas

A landlord cannot just change the locks without warning

I Received a Notice of Foreclosure. Now What?

Illinois law provides several options to defend your home

When a Tree Falls in California

Your rights and legal responsibilities regarding trees on your property

Security Deposit Law in Maryland

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, protect your rights

Tenant Rights in New York City

Attorneys talk Renters v. Landlords

What to Know About Listing Your Apt on Airbnb

Considerations before you decide in NYC

Neighbor Rights During Construction in New York City

What to know and do if your use of property is interfered with

Rules on Fencing Property in Pennsylvania

Considerations for before you decide to build

AirBnB Rental Rules in Jersey City

What to know before you pay to sleep in someone’s home or on their couch

Investing in New York Real Estate

A guide of how to get your slice of the American pie

How New York Landmarks Get Protections

Will the death knell ring for historic buildings?

Surviving Reconstruction After the Hurricanes

Florida construction litigators break down what you can expect

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