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Super Lawyers Adoption Articles

How to Adopt a Child 

An overview of the steps to legally adopt a child

Do I Need an Adoption Lawyer to Adopt?

Understanding the role of a lawyer in the adoption process

Second-Parent Adoption in Pennsylvania

What is it—and do you need it?

The Adoption Option

Florida attorney Erica Healey on opening your home to a child

What to Expect When You Expect to Adopt

The legal steps to take to grow your family in Colorado

How Do You Terminate Birth Parents' Rights?

It's a necessary step in the process for stepparents to adopt

Do I Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Adoption?

We ask an Oregon attorney about the risks

Should You Consider Adult Adoption?

An Indiana attorney discusses some legal considerations

First Steps in the Texas Adoption Process

Can I adopt even if I am single and don't make a lot of money?

The Legal Complexities of Adoption

Tips for building families in New York

The Pennsylvania Adoption Home Study Process

What do I need to know before I adopt a child?

What is Adoption Law?

Understanding the legal process

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