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Super Lawyers Custody & Visitation Articles

How to Get Child Custody

Understand the factors that go into getting custody of your child

What Matters in a Colorado Contested Custody Battle?

The deciding factors when parents fight for the kids

Can You Sue If Social Services Takes Your Kids?

What South Carolina attorneys look for in cases against DSS

What Happens When Your Ex Leaves the Country with Your Child?

How international custody battles are sorted in Florida

Common Misconceptions About Legal Custody

A Delaware attorney explains aspects of the law

Your Rights When You've Lost a Custody Battle

A Delaware attorney addresses some common misconceptions

How to Handle Custody That Cross Borders

International family law cases are on the rise; here's how they're resolved

What Kansas Courts Want in a Parenting Plan

A family law attorney’s tips for a solid child custody arrangement

Can I Get Visitation Rights If I’m Not a Parent?

How Virginia law views grandparent and other third-party child custody issues

Kids Have the Right to Their Own Custody Lawyers

Children over 10 have the right to counsel and a say in child custody matters in Minnesota

What Illinois Requires in Parenting Plans for Child Custody

How to draft a parenting plan to appease the Illinois state courts

How is Georgia Child Custody Decided?

Unmarried and divorced parents must understand Georgia law

How Does a Court Decide Child Custody Cases in Indiana?

The eight factors that a judge analyzes before awarding custody

How Is Child Custody Determined in Illinois?

Parents must understand the significant recent changes made to the law

Should I Get My Custody Agreement Signed By a Judge?

Unmarried parents with non-binding custody agreements put themselves at risk

Who Gets to Choose the Kids' School if the Parents are Unmarried?

It’s a difficult decision for the court to make with joint custody in Minnesota

How Do I Terminate Parental Rights?

Here’s how it works in Minnesota, but it’s quite difficult

Child Custody Considerations Under Texas Law

Joint custody is the default, but it all depends on the circumstances

Domestic Violence and Child Custody in Pennsylvania

‘Best interests of the child’ analysis explicitly requires assessment of abuse

How Dads Get Custody in NYC

Fathers fare well in New York custody battles in the 21st century

What is Birdnesting?

An innovative approach to child custody in Kentucky

The Effect of Moving on Child Custody in California

Move-away disputes can be among the most wrenching parents—and courts—face

How Does Pennsylvania Determine Child Custody?

Judges now consider 16 separate factors

We've Agreed to Joint Custody, But Now What?

How Rhode Island family courts decide placement, visitation and support

Modifying Child Custody Arrangements in Massachusetts

Why divorce doesn’t always end disagreements over parental rights

An Overview on Father's Rights Law

Your paternal rights and how to enforce them

What is Custody and Visitation Law?

Understanding your right to see your child

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