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Super Lawyers Animal Bites Articles

Who Is Liable for Animal Bites?

Understand your legal rights if an animal injures you

Can I Sue for Animal Bites?

Understand when and how to sue for an animal attack

What Do Lawyers Look For in a Dog-Bite Case in Georgia?

And if you’re a dog-bite victim, why it’s better to contact an attorney sooner rather than later

What to Know About Dog-Bite Cases in California

Be compassionate, make sure everyone is OK, and carry proper homeowners or renters insurance, says an animal law expert

What to Do in Pennsylvania If Your Child is Attacked by a Dog

Seek medical attention, then legal assistance for compensation

When Should I Sue Someone for a Dog Bite?

What the law says in Alabama

The Types of Compensation in a Dog Bite Lawsuit

From medical bills to mental anguish, and who is liable for it, in Texas

When Is a Georgia Pet Owner Liable for Injuries?

The state standards when a dog, cat, snake or livestock lashes out

Can I Get Money If a Dog Bites Me?

In North Dakota, if certain facts are in your favor, yes

When an Owner Isn't Liable for a Dog Bite

Maryland’s laws when a pet bites someone

Can I Sue When Someone?s Dog Bites Me?

The laws regarding dog bite cases in Nevada

The Dog Days of Litigation

Legal issues surrounding dog bites in New York City

What is Animal Bite Liability Law?

Victims injured by animals have legal options available

Washington State's Strict Liability for Dog Bites

Are owners responsible even if their dog has never bitten anyone?

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